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Saeed Qazi

Saeed Qazi

Date of Birth: 5-Jan-1962 (Age: 59 Years)
Address: Chakwal, Punjab
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Dunya News

Saeed Qazi's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Khabar Hai Today
Khabar Hai
What secrets Maryam Nawaz Have about Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed
Khabar Hai Monday
Khabar Hai
Who is requesting Maryam Nawaz & the opposition for dialogue from the Govt?
Khabar Hai 21-Jan
Khabar Hai
Exclusive discussion with Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan
Khabar Hai 20-Jan
Khabar Hai
Khan open challenge to the opposition
Khabar Hai 19-Jan
Khabar Hai
PDM rally in front of ECP was a flop show
Khabar Hai 18-Jan
Khabar Hai
Sword of disqualification hanging on the major political parties
Cross Talk 17-Jan
Cross Talk
Which Political party is in trouble due to foreign funding case
Khabar Hai 14-Jan
Khabar Hai
Who is next going to resign after Nadeem Afzal Chan?
Khabar Hai 13-Jan
Khabar Hai
After Panama, now Broadsheet exposed the corruption of Pakistani politicians
Khabar Hai 12-Jan
Khabar Hai
Maulana Fazal rejected DG ISPR offer for a long march in Pindi
Khabar Hai 11-Jan
Khabar Hai
We will entertain the opposition if they come to Pindi. DG ISPR
Sawal 9-Jan
Discussion on the PM visit to Quetta and post scenario
Khabar Hai 7-Jan
Khabar Hai
Politics on the dead bodies of Mach coal miners.
Khabar Hai 6-Jan
Khabar Hai
Anti-state slogans in Maulana rally in Bannu
Khabar Hai 5-Jan
Khabar Hai
Who will bring back US 150 billion looted money of the people of Pakistan?
Khabar Hai 4-Jan
Khabar Hai
The opposition stepped back from giving resignations.
Khabar Hai 31-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Maryam Nawaz not happy over her seniors
Khabar Hai 30-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
PM Khan has made his mind to arrest 200 big fish
Khabar Hai 29-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Arrests of big fish have begun? Khawaja Asif arrested by NAB
Khabar Hai 28-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Zardari is not on board with Maulana Fazal and Nawaz Sharif
Khabar Hai 24-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman threat to GHQ
Khabar Hai 23-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
The government ready to deal with the PDM sit-in with iron hands.
Khabar Hai 22-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
The government is preparing for the arrest of Maulana Fazal
Khabar Hai 21-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Nawaz Sharif is looking for a new hideout
Khabar Hai 17-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Discussion on secret videos of the Sheikh Rashid Ahmed.
Khabar Hai 16-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Israeli Lobby active in Pakistan, PM Khan is standing strong.
Khabar Hai 15-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Bilawal & Shahbaz are still not on the narrative of Maryam & Nawaz
Khabar Hai 14-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Maulana Fazal confessed division within the PDM.
Khabar Hai 10-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Sikh part of Indian army rebelled over farmers protest.
Khabar Hai 9-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Will the resignations of the opposition be a big gift for PM Khan?
Khabar Hai 8-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Politics of Maryam Nawaz will eventually break the PMLN
Khabar Hai 7-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Asif Zardari & Shahbaz Sharif not happy over solo flight of Maryam Nawaz.
Face to Face 6-Dec-20
Face to Face
PMLN Social Media convention in Lahore and PDM Jalsa in Lahore
92 At 8 6-Dec-20
92 At 8
Long march or resignation, PDM to decided on Tuesday.
Khabar Hai 3-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Shahbaz Sharif still in contact with the establishment
Khabar Hai 2-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
PM Imran Khan criticism on Nawaz & Zardari in GB
Khabar Hai 1-Dec-20
Khabar Hai
Which are the 3 resignations on the target of the PDM?
Khabar Hai 30-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
Who is doing politics on the issue of Israel?
Sawal 28-Nov-20
Political workers of the PDM occupied the rally ground in Multan.
Khabar Hai 26-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
Maryam Nawaz serious allegations on generals & judges
Khabar Hai 25-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
Why PM Khan visited Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain?
Khabar Hai 24-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
Will Nawaz Sharif come back for the funeral of her mother?
Khabar Hai 23-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
PDM leaders have crossed all limits of targetting the Pakistan army.
Khabar Hai 19-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
Maryam Nawaz angry over mishandling of Mohsin Dawar
Khabar Hai 18-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
Zardari congratulated the US on the successful operation against Usama Bin Laden.
Khabar Hai 17-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
PDM Ready for the confrontation with the government
Khabar Hai 16-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
Anit Corruption of Punjab initiated inquiries against several big names.
Khabar Hai 12-Nov-20
Khabar Hai
Maryam Nawaz asked the establishment to remove Khan government


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