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Report Card

Report Card

Anchor: Absa Komal
Channel: Geo News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Hassan Nisar
Others: Saleem Safi

Report Card Talk Show Program - All episodes
Report Card Thursday
Report Card
What are the re4asons of increased corruption during PTI first one & harlf year
Report Card Wednesday
Report Card
Is the government rightly blaming media for spreading false news regarding flour crises?
Report Card Tuesday
Report Card
Fawad Chaudhry statement about CM Punjab, Ban on Sarmad Khosat movie
Report Card Monday
Report Card
Severe flour crises across the country, PMLN offer to PMLQ
Report Card 18-Jan
Report Card
Clear division within PTI on the issue of governance in Punjab
Report Card 17-Jan
Report Card
Fawad Chaudhry anti Buzdar letter to PM Khan is actually a charge sheet against PM itself
Report Card 16-Jan
Report Card
PEMRA action against ancor Kashif Abbasi over Wada boot act
Report Card 15-Jan
Report Card
Opposition supported army act bill by kissing army boot. Faisal Wada
Report Card 14-Jan
Report Card
Is PTI ministers criticism on Nawaz for visiting restaurant justified?
Report Card 13-Jan
Report Card
Lahore High Court today verdict on Musharraf appeal
Report Card 11-Jan
Report Card
Fawad ch says clashes in PMLN, what is the part of other countries is the attack on an aeroplan..
Report Card 10-Jan
Report Card
Rana Sanaullah blasting speech in the national assembly
Report Card 9-Jan
Report Card
Fawad Chaudhry critizied counsel of Islamic ideology
Report Card 8-Jan
Report Card
Supreme Court grilled NAB over arresting people without proper investigation
Report Card 7-Jan
Report Card
What PMLN will get in result of supporting army act?
Report Card 6-Jan
Report Card
Pakistan will not take any side in Iran, US dispute
Report Card 4-Jan
Report Card
Middle East scenario after US strike on Iranian powerful military commander
Report Card 3-Jan
Report Card
PMLN unconditional support for army act, Iranian military commander killed in US strike
Report Card 2-Jan
Report Card
Is parliament losing its importance? PMLN announced unconditional support for army act.
Report Card 1-Jan
Report Card
Division in MQM Pakistan on Bilawal Bhutto offer
Report Card 31-Dec-19
Report Card
How was year 2019 for government & opposition of Pakistan
Report Card 30-Dec-19
Report Card
Who will be major beneficiary of the new NAB ordinance?
Report Card 28-Dec-19
Report Card
Will with NAB ordinance PTI government took U turn on the issue of across the board accountabil..
Report Card 27-Dec-19
Report Card
PMLN decided to register case new DG FIA Wajid Zia
Report Card 26-Dec-19
Report Card
Detail verdict of Rana Sanaullah bail petition, PM speech in Jehlum
Report Card 25-Dec-19
Report Card
Shehryar Afridi responded on Rana Sanaullah bail
Report Card 24-Dec-19
Report Card
Rana Sanaullah bail is a big slap on the face of PTI government
Report Card 23-Dec-19
Report Card
An arrest of Ahsan Iqbal, protest in India against anti Muslim citizen bill
Report Card 21-Dec-19
Report Card
PMLN is playing a safe game. Pervez Rashid
Report Card 20-Dec-19
Report Card
Asif Saeed Khosa to retire as CJP today, Musharraf treason case verdict
Report Card 18-Dec-19
Report Card
Objection raised by Musharraf lawyers & federal government on verdict
Report Card 16-Dec-19
Report Card
Supreme court directed PTI government to bring constitutional amendment for COAS extension
Report Card 14-Dec-19
Report Card
Is Media really not covering lawyers?
Report Card 13-Dec-19
Report Card
Police failed to arrest PM Khan nephew upon violence in PIC
Report Card 12-Dec-19
Report Card
Attack on Punjab Institute of Cardiology & black listing of Rao Anwaar
Report Card 11-Dec-19
Report Card
Huge violence in Lahore after lawyers group attack on PIC
Report Card 10-Dec-19
Report Card
World reaction on controversial anti Muslim bill passed by the Indian parliament
Report Card 9-Dec-19
Report Card
Should Govt Allow Maryam Nawaz to Go Abroad?
Report Card 7-Dec-19
Report Card
Maryam Nawaz seeking permission for UK travel from LHC
Report Card 6-Dec-19
Report Card
KP Govt Decision About BRT Case Verdict
Report Card 5-Dec-19
Report Card
Will Shahbaz Sharif answer Shahzad Akbar 18 questions
Report Card 4-Dec-19
Report Card
Ashiyana housing scheme, General Musharraf offers court to take his statement from his hospital..
Report Card 3-Dec-19
Report Card
NAB order to cease Shahbaz Sharif asset, appointment of chief election commissioner
Report Card 2-Dec-19
Report Card
Is PM Khan rightly praising CM Punjab Usman Buzdar?
Report Card 30-Nov-19
Report Card
Treason allegations on students protesting for their rights
Report Card 29-Nov-19
Report Card
Parliamentary committee to interview new appointee judges of high courts
Report Card 28-Nov-19
Report Card
Supreme Court asked parliament to resolve army chief service extension issue
Report Card 27-Nov-19
Report Card
PTI government incompetency in the handling critical issues


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