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Reema Omar
Report Card Tuesday
Report Card
PTI is in big trouble due to harsh decisions, Speaker accepted 43 more resignations of PTI MNAs
Report Card Monday
Report Card
Electricity blackout and PTI allegations on caretaker CM Punjab Mohsin Naqvi
Report Card 17-Jan
Report Card
Why are the politicians criticizing the current system?
Report Card 16-Jan
Report Card
What would be the next plan of Imran Khan? local body election in Sindh
Report Card 2-Jan
Report Card
Discussion on the challenges for Pakistan in 2023
Report Card 26-Dec-22
Report Card
Is Imran Khan statement on his audio leaks logical?
Report Card 20-Dec-22
Report Card
Pervez Elahi is no more CM Punjab now. Rana Sanaullah
Report Card 19-Dec-22
Report Card
Can Chaudhry Pervez Elahi leave Imran Khan? Will Punjab assembly be dissolved on Friday?
Report Card 13-Dec-22
Report Card
Are NAB amendments NRO-2? Women role in the politics
Report Card 12-Dec-22
Report Card
Afghan forces attacked the civilian population in Pakistan with heavy artillery
Report Card 6-Dec-22
Report Card
The federal government has sealed Centaurus Mall after AJK PM disgraceful press conference
Report Card 5-Dec-22
Report Card
Are the statements of Chaudhry Pervez Elahi and Munis Elahi proving Imran Khan wrong?
Report Card 28-Nov-22
Report Card
PTI in a hurdle to consult dissolution of the KPK & Punjab assembly.
Report Card 22-Nov-22
Report Card
An appointment of a new army chief has become a main agenda of the PDM govt.
Report Card 1-Nov-22
Report Card
I have no care if martial law is imposed. Imran Khan
Report Card 31-Oct-22
Report Card
Imran Khan tweet about bloodshed in the long march
Report Card 24-Oct-22
Report Card
The killing of anchor Arshad Sharif, no relief for Imran Khan from IHC
Report Card 18-Oct-22
Report Card
Can establishment put any pressure on the coalition government on the demand of Khan?
Report Card 17-Oct-22
Report Card
Can Imran Khan get his demand accepted after historic win in by-polls?
Report Card 11-Oct-22
Report Card
President Alvi statement stunned everyone in the PTI.
Report Card 10-Oct-22
Report Card
Is Maryam Nawaz rightly criticizing Imran Khan? Nawaz Sharif media talk.
Report Card 4-Oct-22
Report Card
Discussion on the remarks of CJP about life time disqualification.
Report Card 27-Sep-22
Report Card
Federal government announced to take strict action against VC of GCU
Report Card 26-Sep-22
Report Card
Alleged audio leaks and strange logic of good governance from the Govt
Report Card 22-Sep-22
Report Card
Deadlock between the government and the Punjab government.
Report Card 20-Sep-22
Report Card
Threatening phone calls to PTI members and counter strategy of Imran Khan
Report Card 19-Sep-22
Report Card
Division in PTI is a big danger for Imran Khan
Report Card 13-Sep-22
Report Card
Another U-Turn from Imran Khan on the issue of relation with the US.
Report Card 12-Sep-22
Report Card
Why is PTI reluctant to disclose meetings with the American officials?
Report Card 6-Sep-22
Report Card
Why is the PDM horrified by PTI power shows?
Report Card 23-Aug-22
Report Card
The federal government & PTI governments in Punjab & KPK registering cases each other.
Report Card 22-Aug-22
Report Card
Contempt of court proceeding against Imran Khan.
Report Card 2-Aug-22
Report Card
PTI took funds from foreigners. ECP announced verdict.
Report Card 6-Jul-22
Report Card
Election commission summoned CM Punjab over electricity relief.
Report Card 21-Jun-22
Report Card
NAB amendments and moral position of the current government
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 1-Jun-22
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Supreme Court gives 7 days toe Govt to submit detail report on PTI long march
Report Card 30-May-22
Report Card
What should Pakistan do on the issue of Israel?
Report Card 24-May-22
Report Card
The government decided not to allow PTI Long March to reach in Islamabad.
Report Card 16-May-22
Report Card
Imran Khan recorded video after assassination threat.
Report Card 10-May-22
Report Card
Discussion on the current political instability in Pakistan.
Report Card 9-May-22
Report Card
Is Pakistan really heading toward civil war?
Report Card 19-Apr-22
Report Card
Formation of the federal cabinet and PPP reservations
Report Card 18-Apr-22
Report Card
Statements against the national institutions from PM Khan
Report Card 5-Apr-22
Report Card
How true an allegation of an international conspiracy.
Report Card 4-Apr-22
Report Card
Political & constitutional crisis, All eyes are on Supreme Court
Report Card 29-Mar-22
Report Card
Should PM Khan share letter with the opposition in the parliament?
Report Card 28-Mar-22
Report Card
PMLQ announced support for the government
Report Card 22-Mar-22
Report Card
Is Moussavi apology to Nawaz Sharif a clean chit for Sharif?


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