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Rauf Klasra

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Dunya News
Phone# 042-35716770
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raufklasra1/timeline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/klasrarauf

Rauf Klasra's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Khan is Standing Firm on the Issue Friday
Khan is Standing Firm on the Issue
Rauf Klasra latest vlong about Imran Khan position about the new DG ISI
Mad e Muqabil Thursday
Mad e Muqabil
What does PM want from the new DG ISI?
Breaking Point with Malick Thursday
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the Zardari case, DG ISI appointment and NAB ordinance
Mad e Muqabil Wednesday
Mad e Muqabil
Why PM is insisting on the DG ISI of his choice?
What is Going Between Civil, Military Wednesday
What is Going Between Civil, Military
Rauf Klasra braks latest about the issue of the NEW DG ISI
Mad e Muqabil Tuesday
Mad e Muqabil
A marathon meeting with the army chief and PM on the issue of the new DG ISI.
Off The Record Tuesday
Off The Record
First major difference betwen the PTI govt and the army leadership.
Mad e Muqabil Monday
Mad e Muqabil
Why did the opposition suddenly active again? What is going to happen?
Mad e Muqabil 7-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Why is the opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif silent on NAB ordinance?
Mad e Muqabil 6-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Outgoing DG ISI role in the national politics.
Mad e Muqabil 5-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
PM Khan announced an investigative commission on the Pandora Papers scandal.
Mad e Muqabil 4-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
The biggest revelation made by the Pandora papers
Breaking Point with Malick 4-Oct
Breaking Point with Malick
What would be the impact of Pandora papers on the politics of Pakistan?
Latest Vlog of Rauf Klasra 1-Oct
Latest Vlog of Rauf Klasra
Latest vlog of Rauf Klasra, talking about new revelations made by Fawad Chaudhry
Mad e Muqabil 30-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Maryam Nawaz new statement exposed more division in the PMLN.
Mad e Muqabil 29-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Pakistan may face new sanctions from the US after change in the Afghanistan.
Mad e Muqabil 28-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Khawaja Asif statement exposed differences in the Sharif family.
Mad e Muqabil 27-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Internal differences in Sharif family and other issues.
Off The Record 27-Sep
Off The Record
PMLN internal issues, possible alliance of PPP & PTI
Sawal Yeh Hai 26-Sep
Sawal Yeh Hai
War of narratives in PMLN, problems of transgenders in Pakistan.
Mad e Muqabil 23-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Flaws in the vaccination registration system in Pakistan.
Mad e Muqabil 22-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
The government exposed Indian conspiracy against Pakistan cricket.
Mad e Muqabil 21-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Many SAPM left the government in recent times.
Mad e Muqabil 20-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
The government decided to change criminal laws.
Mad e Muqabil 16-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
What is the reason behind the current hike in petroleum products?
Mad e Muqabil 15-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Why does not Joe Biden call PM Khan? PM has told the reason.
Mad e Muqabil 14-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Is Shaukat Tareen going to get a similar treatment to Hafeez Sheikh
Mad e Muqabil 13-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
The Government vs Journalists on the issue of PMDA
Mad e Muqabil 9-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
What was the offer rejected by the PDM?
Mad e Muqabil 8-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Whose video would possibly be leaked from PMLN?
Mad e Muqabil 1-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Maryam Nawaz befitting reply to Bilawal Bhutto
Mad e Muqabil 31-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Indian ambassador met the leadership of the Taliban in Qatar.
Mad e Muqabil 30-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Nawaz Sharif still threatening and Shahbaz is doing fire brigade work.
Mad e Muqabil 26-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
The US seeking help from Pakistan after blasts in Kabul.
Mad e Muqabil 25-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Unseen performance of CM Punjab, How Ashraf Ghani managed to take the US aided money with him?
Off The Record 25-Aug
Off The Record
Discussion on the division in the Supreme Court
Mad e Muqabil 24-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Ali Zaidi was out of control in a cabinet meeting,
Mad e Muqabil 23-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Violence against women has increased in Lahore
Mad e Muqabil 17-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Joe Biden held Ashraf Ghani responsible for all happened in Kabul.
Mad e Muqabil 16-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
The US trained Afghan forces surrendered before the Taliban without any clash
Mad e Muqabil 11-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
PDM leaders meeting and joint decllaration
COAS Latest Meeting with Journalists 11-Aug
COAS Latest Meeting with Journalists
Chief of the Army Staff important meeting with journalists
Mad e Muqabil 10-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Is the PDM going to unite again? PM Khan visit to Karachi
Mad e Muqabil 5-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Chief Justice of Pakistan in action over the desecration of the Hindu Temple in RYK
11th Hour 5-Aug
11th Hour
Exclusive discussion with senior anchors and analysts
Mad e Muqabil 4-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Who became hurdle for Sardar Tanvir & Barrister Sultan?
Mad e Muqabil 3-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Has Chaudhry Pervez Elahi exercising powers of Chief Minister Punjab?
Mad e Muqabil 2-Aug
Mad e Muqabil
Government io increase gas prices once again.


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