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Rauf Klasra

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Dunya News
Phone# 042-35716770
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raufklasra1/timeline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/klasrarauf

Rauf Klasra's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Mad e Muqabil Thursday
Mad e Muqabil
Pakistan is on the verge of financial default. Politics in Punjab
Mad e Muqabil Wednesday
Mad e Muqabil
Why Fawad Chaudhry met the US ambassador? Would Zardari be able to save Punjab assembly?
Aapas Ki Baat 29-Nov
Aapas Ki Baat
In uniform, General Bajwa was the hero for PTI but after retirement why PTI is taking him as an..
Mad e Muqabil 29-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Imran Khan wants to dissolve Punjab assembly and Zardari announced to protect it
Breaking Point with Malick 29-Nov
Breaking Point with Malick
Legacy of General Bajwa, Imran Khan demands to new chief of army
Mad e Muqabil 24-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Has Asim Munir been appointed on a seniority base or other factors were also there?
Mad e Muqabil 23-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
General Bajwa blasted on Imran Khan in his last speech in GHQ
Mad e Muqabil 22-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
An important meeting between Asif Zardari and PM Shahbaz in the PM house.
Mad e Muqabil 21-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Deadlock between the government and the establishment on the issue of a new army chief.
Mad e Muqabil 16-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Imran Khan was ready to meat DG-C of ISI, Faisal Wavda has evidence about Arshad Sharif murder
Breaking Point with Malick 15-Nov
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the issue of Toshakhana case and the appointment of a new army chief
Mad e Muqabil 15-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Stunning revelations in the postmortem of Arshad Sharif
Mad e Muqabil 14-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Rauf Klasra hinted about a possible new army chief
Mad e Muqabil 10-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Brutal killing of Arshad Sharif and Imran Khan appeal to Chief Justice of Pakistan
Mad e Muqabil 9-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Discussion on the issues of a new army chief appointment and Imran Khan allegations
Mad e Muqabil 8-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Important progress in the investigation of Arhsad Sharif murder case?
Mad e Muqabil 7-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Exclusive discussion with interior minister Rana Sanaullah
Mad e Muqabil 3-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Imran Khan wounded in an attack in Wazirabad
Capital Talk 3-Nov
Capital Talk
Investigation after an attack on Imran Khan
Mad e Muqabil 2-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
After the establishment now supreme court is not happy on Imran Khan
Mad e Muqabil 1-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
This is war of nurve between the govt & PTI, Big claim by Maryam Nawaz
Mad e Muqabil 31-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Exclusive discussion with Faisal Wavda
Breaking Point with Malick 27-Oct
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the DG ISPR & DG ISI press conference
Mad e Muqabil 27-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
What would be the repercussions of the confrontation between Imran Khan & the establishment?
Mad e Muqabil 26-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
A stunning revelation of Faisal Wavda about Arshad Sharif murder.
Mad e Muqabil 25-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Would the culpit of Arshad Sharif murder ever be brought to the court of law?
Mad e Muqabil 24-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
What was the last message of Arshad Sharif to senator Anwer Baig
Mad e Muqabil 20-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Danger of disqualification of Imran Khan in Toshakhana reference
Mad e Muqabil 19-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Is Imran Khan going to take more tough decisions?
Off The Record 19-Oct
Off The Record
What is the main agenda of backdoor talk between the establishment and Imran Khan?
Mad e Muqabil 18-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Thousands of people have been jobless after the authority sealed an iconic Mall in Islamabad.
Mad e Muqabil 17-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Rupees 52 crores were spent on the recent by-polls.
Breaking Point with Malick 13-Oct
Breaking Point with Malick
Aggressive tone of Imran Khan and acquittal of Shahbaz & sons
Mad e Muqabil 13-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Azam Swati arrested, blasting speeches of Imran Khan
Mad e Muqabil 12-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
What happened to sugar inquiry commission finding?
Mad e Muqabil 11-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
What happened in the cabinet meeting? Fawad Chaudhry revealed
Mad e Muqabil 10-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
Nawaz Sharif broke the silence, Imran Khan criticizing intelligence agencies.
Mad e Muqabil 6-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
What is going to happen with Imran Khan in recent future?
Off The Record 6-Oct
Off The Record
Is PM Shahbaz Sharif gaining confidence day by day?
Breaking Point with Malick 4-Oct
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan.
Mad e Muqabil 4-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
How 8 banks make money by taking part in the speculation of the USD?
Mad e Muqabil 3-Oct
Mad e Muqabil
The government is preparing for a serious action against Imran Khan.
Breaking Point with Malick 29-Sep
Breaking Point with Malick
Hurdles in the return of Nawaz Sharif are being removed one by one.
Mad e Muqabil 29-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
A big day for PMLN, NAB failed to prove its case against Maryam Nawaz
Mad e Muqabil 28-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
What is going to come next?
Mad e Muqabil 27-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Who did make a recording of PM House?
Mad e Muqabil 26-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Ishaq Dar in & Miftah Ismail out, Leaked audio of PM House
Naya Pakistan 25-Sep
Naya Pakistan
Who did leak audio of official meetings and phone calls between PM and others?


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