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Rauf Klasra

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Dunya News
Phone# 042-35716770
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raufklasra1/timeline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/klasrarauf

Rauf Klasra's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Mad e Muqabil Tuesday
Mad e Muqabil
Is Transparency international a fraud? What is the past of Adil Gilani?
Mad e Muqabil Monday
Mad e Muqabil
How many more resignations are ready?
Mad e Muqabil 20-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
Pakistan once again on the target of terrorists.
Mad e Muqabil 19-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
Is Presidential system being brought in Pakistan?
Mad e Muqabil 18-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
Why is Maryam Nawaz hopeful from the new leadership of the ISI?
Mad e Muqabil 17-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
PTI government is in trouble in SC, Who saved CM Buzdar in the inquiry report of Murree tragedy..
Mad e Muqabil 13-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
Has forward block been formed in PTI? NDMA responsible for Murree tragedy.
Off The Record 12-Jan
Off The Record
Has victim accepted deal in Usman Mirza case?
Mad e Muqabil 11-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
The situation is going out of PM Khan control, In-house change is on the card.
Mad e Muqabil 10-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
Incompetency of the Punjab government caused tragedy in Murree.
Mad e Muqabil 7-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
Is the civil-military leadership still on the same page?
Off The Record 6-Jan
Off The Record
Next three months are very important. PM Iman Khan
Mad e Muqabil 5-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
The establishment rebutted any talk with Nawaz Sharif
Mad e Muqabil 4-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
Election commission report on foreign funding case is bombshell for PTI
Mad e Muqabil 3-Jan
Mad e Muqabil
Tax directory of the parliamentarian and the Govt new campaign against judiciary.
Mad e Muqabil 30-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
An impact of mini-budget, Why was Shahbaz Sharif absent?
Mad e Muqabil 29-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Nuclear assets are on stake as economy of Pakistan is not too good
Off The Record 29-Dec-21
Off The Record
Discussion on the overall scenario in 2021
Mad e Muqabil 28-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Former DG FIA Bashir Memon in trouble
Mad e Muqabil 27-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Did Establishment guarantee next Govt to PPP?
Mad e Muqabil 23-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Tend is being changed in Punjab, PM Khan visited Lahore
Mad e Muqabil 22-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Serious tension among ministers in the cabinet meeting
Mad e Muqabil 21-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Did the establishment step back from supporting PTI?
Mad e Muqabil 20-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Asif Zardari admitted contact with Establishment. PTI defeat in KPK
Mad e Muqabil 16-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Wajihuddin is standing on his words, Horrible facts about TTP & TLP
Mad e Muqabil 15-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
After many years Nawaz Sharif phoned Pervez Elahi to inquire health of Chaudhry Shujaat
Mad e Muqabil 14-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Thousands of people are out for protest in Baluchistan
Mad e Muqabil 13-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
A trouble period of Shahbaz & Hamza has begun?
Mad e Muqabil 9-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Why was PM Khan unaware of Mudasser Naro disappearance.
Off The Record 9-Dec-21
Off The Record
What is going on in the political houses of Islamabad?
Mad e Muqabil 8-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Transparency international incompetency of the PTI Govt.
Mad e Muqabil 7-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Rana Shamim confirmed his affidavit, Will NAB take action against judges?
Mad e Muqabil 6-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Incompetency of the petroleum ministry revealed in the cabinet meeting.
Mad e Muqabil 2-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Those who were very close to PM Khan are now against him.
Mad e Muqabil 1-Dec-21
Mad e Muqabil
Saudi Arab gave Pakistan US 3 billion on extremely tough conditions
Mad e Muqabil 30-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
Rana Shamim forgot own affidavit in IHC, Why next months are very important?
Mad e Muqabil 29-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
PTI government surrendered before the IMF, Another petrol bomb is about to fell on the people o..
Sawal Yeh Hai 28-Nov-21
Sawal Yeh Hai
Alleged videos of both PMLN & PPP buying votes in NA-133
Mad e Muqabil 25-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
Too many crises for the PTI government, Why was Hammad Azhar giving ministry
Off The Record 25-Nov-21
Off The Record
Captain Safdar says there are many videos available, petrol crisis
Mad e Muqabil 24-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
Maryam Nawaz admission about controlling media ads.
Mad e Muqabil 23-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen in big trouble after deal with IMF
Off The Record 23-Nov-21
Off The Record
Discussion on the leaked audio of Saqib Nisar and its impact on the legal cases of Sharif famil..
Mad e Muqabil 22-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
Would PMLN be able to get any benefit out of Saqib Nisar audio?
Mad e Muqabil 18-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
A release of Saad Rizvi was part of that hidden agreement.
Mad e Muqabil 17-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
The opposition failed to create cracks within the ruling party.
Mad e Muqabil 15-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
Revelation of former Chief Judge GB shattered the politics of Pakistan.
Mad e Muqabil 10-Nov-21
Mad e Muqabil
PM Khan has given assurance to SC about appropriate action against responsible APS tragedy.


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