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Rasheed Safi
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
Is there any chance of Imran Khan release in the near future?
Think Tank Saturday
Think Tank
What does the nomination of Mehmood Khan Achakzai by Imran Khan indicate?
Think Tank Friday
Think Tank
Would this new government survive for 5 years? What is the future political scenario of Pakista..
Think Tank 24-Feb
Think Tank
Where is Mian Aslam Iqbal? Why did not he appear in the Punjab assembly?
Think Tank 4-Feb
Think Tank
PPP & PMLN are blaming each other for distributing money among the voters.
Think Tank 28-Jan
Think Tank
How successful PTI chairman call to his workers for demonstration on Sunday?
Think Tank 27-Jan
Think Tank
How pregmatic the manifesto of PMLN? The future of PTI?
Think Tank 26-Jan
Think Tank
Why is the political activity only seen in Punjab? A relief to PTI independents
Think Tank 20-Jan
Think Tank
Political parties are blaming each other rather sharing economic plan.
Think Tank 14-Jan
Think Tank
How would PTI run its political campaign after the judgement of SC?
Think Tank 13-Jan
Think Tank
Inter differences in PTI and the challenge of the election.
Think Tank 7-Jan
Think Tank
What is the alternate of the state issues other than the election?
Think Tank 31-Dec-23
Think Tank
Would the election 2024 be able to bring any change in Pakistan?
Think Tank 30-Dec-23
Think Tank
The nomination papers of PTI chairman have been rejected from all constituencies.
Think Tank 29-Dec-23
Think Tank
Why did the Election Commission of Pakistan changed the election schedule?
Think Tank 24-Dec-23
Think Tank
How would result-oriented the election of 2024 be? PTI will challenge ECP verdict
Think Tank 23-Dec-23
Think Tank
Would PTI be able to hold its position without its election symbol?
Think Tank 22-Dec-23
Think Tank
What is the role of the ECP to make the election transparent?
Think Tank 17-Dec-23
Think Tank
Would the Election Commission of Pakistan be able to conduct transparent election?
Think Tank 16-Dec-23
Think Tank
How political parties are preparing for the election in 2024?
Think Tank 15-Dec-23
Think Tank
Why did the Election Commission of Pakistan file late petition in the SC against LHC order?
Think Tank 10-Dec-23
Think Tank
How to overcome increasingly high inflation in Pakistan? No political party has any roadmap
Think Tank 9-Dec-23
Think Tank
Why major political parties are forced to create alliance?
Think Tank 8-Dec-23
Think Tank
Is IPP depending on PMLN in the election or PMLN is depending on it?
Think Tank 3-Dec-23
Think Tank
Why are the political parties not serious on the issues to Pakistan?
Think Tank 2-Dec-23
Think Tank
How serious political parties are on the issue of their manifesto/
Think Tank 1-Dec-23
Think Tank
Why is election schedule is necessary to make election environment.
Think Tank 26-Nov-23
Think Tank
No political party has solid strategy to tackle the current issues to Pakistan.
Think Tank 25-Nov-23
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif indirectly questioning the role of the previous establishment.
Think Tank 24-Nov-23
Think Tank
Could the coalition government be able to address the core issues of Pakistan?
Think Tank 19-Nov-23
Think Tank
Contradictions in the statement of Bilawal Bhutto & Asif Ali Zardari.
Think Tank 18-Nov-23
Think Tank
Why is America taking too much interest in the politics of Pakistan?
Think Tank 17-Nov-23
Think Tank
Small political parties are joining PMLN. PPP is not happy on how the state is facilitating PML..
Think Tank 12-Nov-23
Think Tank
How serious political parties are on the issue of election manifesto
Think Tank 11-Nov-23
Think Tank
The spoke person of ECP criticized the President on writing a letter to ECP Chief
Think Tank 10-Nov-23
Think Tank
Is every political party in position to launch its political campaign?
Think Tank 5-Nov-23
Think Tank
America opposed ceasefire in Gaza in Arab round table conference
Think Tank 4-Nov-23
Think Tank
Will all political parties take part in the electoral process?
Think Tank 3-Nov-23
Think Tank
ECP announces the election date. Are the political parties serious about the election>
Think Tank 29-Oct-23
Think Tank
PTI announced to contact other political parties from next week.
Think Tank 28-Oct-23
Think Tank
Why are the political parties not serious about the reconciliation?
Think Tank 27-Oct-23
Think Tank
How true the reservations of the President Alvi about the possibility of election in January?
Think Tank 22-Oct-23
Think Tank
Why are political parties not ready for giving each other space?
Think Tank 21-Oct-23
Think Tank
Has Nawaz Sharif learned a lesson from his past experiences?
Think Tank 15-Oct-23
Think Tank
Why do the political parties depend on the deal with the establishment to come in power?
Think Tank 14-Oct-23
Think Tank
How true the apprehensions of political parties about not being given level-playing field?
Think Tank 13-Oct-23
Think Tank
Is Nawaz Sharif coming back in the result of a deal with the current establishment?
Think Tank 8-Oct-23
Think Tank
Which are the states supporting Hamas? Maryam Nawaz rallies in Lahore


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