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Qutab Online

Qutab Online

Anchor: Syed Bilal Qutab
Channel: Samaa TV
Duration: 40 m
Type: Religious
Email: qutbonline@samaa.tv
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qutbonline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bilalqutab

Qutab Online is an interesting mixture of religious and philosophical contents. Qutab Online actually addresses various principles of Islam with deep knowledge. The program highlights teaching of Islam in a right way. It also focuses on the multitude problems of society and its impact on the lives of individuals. Qutab Online also incorporates queries from live audience and take live calls. Encouraging intelligent dialogues on sensitive religious subjects the show caters various topics to help eradicate misconceptions that prevail in the minds of many people. Qutab Online provides solutions based on religion of many problems shared by the viewers of it. The show broadcasts on samaa news every Wednesday to Friday at

Qutab Online is presented on samaa news every Wednesday to Friday. This is unique production of samaa news, no other news channel shows this type of program which cater the need of Islamic knowledge with traditional touch. Samaa tv has done it with great authority. Samaa tv is one of Pakistan's emerging news channel. It was launched in December 2007 with headquarter situated in Karachi, Pakistan. The channel generally presents news bulletin, talk shows, morning shows and other entertainment and infotainment based programs. Samaa news is highly watched channel in Pakistan among others including: express news, geo news, dunya news, news one, PTV News and dawn news. Qutab Online is a unique production, only the religious channels shows such programs to address laymen misconception related to religion.

Bilal Qutab has also visited many famous Saint's Shrines in the different parts of Pakistan and has met there sitting caretaker for spiritual discussions and problems. He has visited many religious personalities to gather useful information about the great religion of Islam.  By profession he is an architect and by passion he is an intellectual with great knowledge of religion. He also runs an architect firm in USA. Most of the time he conduct program on the  topic of Sufism where he provides useful information about one spiritual personality. He also takes live calls from viewers in his show in which he provides solutions to their spiritual and daily life based issues.

Qutab Online Talk Show Program - All episodes
Qutab Online 7-Feb
Qutab Online
Can parents claim proportion in the earning of their children?
Qutab Online 23-Jan
Qutab Online
Answers of many questions on Islamic issues
Qutab Online 9-Jan
Qutab Online
Taking live calls of viewers in todayhow
Qutab Online 30-Dec-19
Qutab Online
Discussion on various religion based issues
Qutab Online 16-Dec-19
Qutab Online
Is infertility treatable disease?
Qutab Online 9-Dec-19
Qutab Online
is Pakistan make progress with the inflation?
Qutab Online 3-Dec-19
Qutab Online
Can Spirituality Cure Diseases?
Qutab Online 21-Nov-19
Qutab Online
Why the need bone Meru transplant?
Qutab Online 14-Nov-19
Qutab Online
Share your social problem with famous Islamic scholars in today show.
Qutab Online 13-Nov-19
Qutab Online
Talk with religious scholars by calling in the show today.
Qutab Online 8-Nov-19
Qutab Online
Taking live call of viewers in today show.
Qutab Online 7-Nov-19
Qutab Online
Reasons and solution of hair fall
Qutab Online 1-Nov-19
Qutab Online
Eid Milad Un Nabi PBUH special show.
Qutab Online 31-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Exclusive show on train incident in Rahim Yar Khan
Qutab Online 30-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Taking live calls of viewers in today show.
Qutab Online 17-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Discussing social issues with famous Islamic scholars
Qutab Online 16-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Today show topic is Child education & training
Qutab Online 11-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Young doctors once again on protest in KPK
Qutab Online 10-Oct-19
Qutab Online
How much effective losing weight by having surgery
Qutab Online 9-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Share your problems with famous Islamic scholars
Qutab Online 8-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Treatment of various diseases through reciting Quran
Qutab Online 7-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Birth of baby boy or baby daughter on desire is possible now
Qutab Online 4-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Wife killed her husband over minor issue
Qutab Online 3-Oct-19
Qutab Online
What is the best treatment of typhoid?
Qutab Online 2-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Share your problems with famous Islamic scholars in today show.
Qutab Online 1-Oct-19
Qutab Online
Answers of questions they belong to Spiritual matters
Qutab Online 30-Sep-19
Qutab Online
stone-heart father kills 2 of his innocent daughters for his second marriage
Qutab Online 26-Sep-19
Qutab Online
What does Islam say about hair transplant and makeup?
Qutab Online 19-Sep-19
Qutab Online
What is Lepers and the Treatment of Lepers
Qutab Online 9-Sep-19
Qutab Online
Muharram Ul Haram special show.
Qutab Online 2-Sep-19
Qutab Online
Special show on the life of Hazrat Imam Hussain R.A
Qutab Online 30-Aug-19
Qutab Online
An incident took place in one of Masrasa of Melsi ashamed every one.
Qutab Online 29-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Reasons & various treatments of acne
Qutab Online 27-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Types of Magic, visiting graveyard at night
Qutab Online 26-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Free treatment of infertility in today show.
Qutab Online 23-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Terrible story of 18 year old Amina murder in Lahore
Qutab Online 22-Aug-19
Qutab Online
What Islam says about making fake bill
Qutab Online 21-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Common domestic issues and its solutions
Qutab Online 20-Aug-19
Qutab Online
What if black magic goes wrong?
Qutab Online 19-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Man caught by police involved in 45 cases of young girls rape
Qutab Online 13-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Exclusive show on occupied Kashmir situation
Qutab Online 8-Aug-19
Qutab Online
What should be first food of new born baby?
Qutab Online 7-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Breakup of Nikkah and proposals and its reasons
Qutab Online 6-Aug-19
Qutab Online
How many types of Jinnat?
Qutab Online 2-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Rain destruction in Karachi and its causes
Qutab Online 1-Aug-19
Qutab Online
Serious side effects of face whitening creams
Qutab Online 31-Jul-19
Qutab Online
Reading Kalma but not giving it importance in life, what does it mean?
Qutab Online 30-Jul-19
Qutab Online
How long black magic can put an impact on human body


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