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Orya Maqbool Jan

Orya Maqbool Jan

Profession: Columnists
Affiliation: Express News
Email: orya_m@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Orya.Maqbool.Jan.UnOffici
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oryamaqbooljan

Orya Maqbool Jan's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Harf-e-Raaz Monday
War between Pakistan & India can not be ruled out
Cross Talk Friday
Cross Talk
What are the real objectives behind allies sudden distrust on PTI government
Harf-e-Raaz Thursday
Kashmir dispute, China & Russia also vocal on Kashmir issue
Harf-e-Raaz 15-Jan
Danger of 3rd world war, World is on the verge of destruction
Harf-e-Raaz 14-Jan
PTI government in serious trouble, big change is about to take place in Pakistan
Harf-e-Raaz 13-Jan
New Indian Army Chief threatening Pakistan
Face to Face 12-Jan
Face to Face
MQM Pakistan separated from federal cabinet, PPP again invited MQM
Cross Talk 11-Jan
Cross Talk
Differences in Govt Economic Team, Iran new strategies
Cross Talk 10-Jan
Cross Talk
No one in the national assembly differentiated with Rana Sanaullah stance
Harf-e-Raaz 9-Jan
Did America surrendered before Iran recent tension?
Taaron Se Karen Baatain 8-Jan
Taaron Se Karen Baatain
Couple of guests from media industry are part of today show.
Harf-e-Raaz 8-Jan
Iranian supreme leader announcedto attack Israeli city
Harf-e-Raaz 7-Jan
Iran set price of Trump head in response of Sulemani assassination
Harf-e-Raaz 6-Jan
Pakistan will not stand with Iran on dispute with US
News Talk 5-Jan
News Talk
Pakistan role in the region to defuse tension between Iran & America
Cross Talk 4-Jan
Cross Talk
What America wants to Pakistan and drone strike on Iranian military commander
Harf-e-Raaz 2-Jan
PM Modi trapped in own anti Muslims policies
Harf-e-Raaz 1-Jan
Preparation from war, US confused over Afghanistan
Harf-e-Raaz 31-Dec-19
Reviewing internal scenario of Pakistan & India in 2019
Harf-e-Raaz 30-Dec-19
Nuclear deterrence of Pakistan, Which country maligning Pakistan
Cross Talk 28-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on NAB ordinance issued by PTI government
Cross Talk 27-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Has PTI government surrendered before bureaucracy?
Harf-e-Raaz 26-Dec-19
Increased differences between Pakistan & Saudi Arab
Harf-e-Raaz 25-Dec-19
Are we living in real Iqbal & Jinnah Pakistan
Harf-e-Raaz 24-Dec-19
International conspiracy against Muslim women
Harf-e-Raaz 23-Dec-19
Modi falling into big troubles day by day
Face to Face 22-Dec-19
Face to Face
Musharraf detail verdict, Malaysian Islamic summit and protest in India
Cross Talk 21-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Sheikh Rashid enjoying liberty of speaking freely
Cross Talk 20-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Exclusive discussion with Orya Maqbool Jan
Harf-e-Raaz 19-Dec-19
Judiciary vs Army, what is going on in Pakistan
Night Edition 19-Dec-19
Night Edition
Justice Waqar Seth controversial note in detail verdict of Musharraf high treason case
Harf-e-Raaz 18-Dec-19
Status of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is in danger,protest in India.
Harf-e-Raaz 17-Dec-19
Death sentence to dictator Musharraf turned into big test of PTI government
Harf-e-Raaz 16-Dec-19
India will soon divided into many pieces?
Cross Talk 14-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Who will stop lawyers from doing unjustified?
Harf-e-Raaz 12-Dec-19
What is link between PTI government & lawyers?
Harf-e-Raaz 11-Dec-19
Bagram airbase attack and US forces helplessness
Harf-e-Raaz 10-Dec-19
Who is victorious between Taliban & America in Afghan war
Harf-e-Raaz 9-Dec-19
the rudeness of PTI government ministers and Imran Khan statements
Cross Talk 7-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Big huddle of PMLN in London to discuss future strategy
Harf-e-Raaz 5-Dec-19
PTI government fresh plan in Dr Afiya Siddiqui case
Harf-e-Raaz 4-Dec-19
Inside story of government of Punjab affairs
Harf-e-Raaz 3-Dec-19
What actually happened in UN on the issue of Kashmir?
Harf-e-Raaz 2-Dec-19
Orya Maqbool Jan takes PTI class of PTI government
Live With Nasrullah Malik 30-Nov-19
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Red or green revolution, Students protest
Cross Talk 30-Nov-19
Cross Talk
CM Punjab performance and Punjab bureaucracy
Harf-e-Raaz 28-Nov-19
American preparing for big war in the Middle East
Harf-e-Raaz 27-Nov-19
Imran Khan government is in serious danger


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