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Orya Maqbool Jan

Orya Maqbool Jan

Profession: Columnists
Affiliation: Express News
Email: orya_m@yahoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Orya.Maqbool.Jan.UnOffici
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oryamaqbooljan

Orya Maqbool Jan's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Raaz o Niaz Wednesday
Raaz o Niaz
We want to conduct elections in the provinces and center altogether. Rana Sanaullah
Raaz o Niaz Tuesday
Raaz o Niaz
Would PTI be able to hold a rally at Minar-e-Pakistan?
Raaz o Niaz Monday
Raaz o Niaz
Would situation be get better after giving free hand to police?
Raaz o Niaz 16-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
What would be the next political strategy of Imran Khan?
Raaz o Niaz 15-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
Lahore police on mission to arrest Imran Khan
Raaz o Niaz 14-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
What direction the politics of Pakistan is heading to?
Raaz o Niaz 13-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
Who else taken Toshakhana gifts, stunning details revealed
Raaz o Niaz 9-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
The Russia-Ukraine war may engulf the world
Raaz o Niaz 8-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
Police violence against PTI workers in Lahore
Raaz o Niaz 7-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
Will IMF program be ever restored again? Why IMF putting tough conditions?
Raaz o Niaz 6-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
PPP is threatening to quit the PDM alliance
Mere Sawal 5-Mar
Mere Sawal
Islamabad police reached Zaman Park to arrest Imran Khan
Face to Face 5-Mar
Face to Face
Discussion on the today development in Zaman Park
Raaz o Niaz 2-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
How much is the PDM government serious about implementing the judgment?
Raaz o Niaz 2-Mar
Raaz o Niaz
Law minister and the attorney general refused to accept the verdict of the SC
Raaz o Niaz 28-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
What would be the ultimate end of legal cases against Imran Khan?
Raaz o Niaz 27-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
Why did 4 judges recuse from hearing? Any contempt proceeding against Maryam Nawaz
Raaz o Niaz 23-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
Who is the authority to issue election date after the dissolution of the assemblies?
Raaz o Niaz 22-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
How challenging the Jail Bharo movement is for the government?
Raaz o Niaz 21-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
Big changes in the NAB, Who did put pressure on chairman NAB?
Raaz o Niaz 20-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
Malicious campaign against honorable judges
Breaking Views with Malick 16-Feb
Breaking Views with Malick
Discussion on the current developing political scenario of Pakistan.
Raaz o Niaz 15-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
The economic policy of Ishaq Dar destroyed the economy
Raaz o Niaz 14-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
What would be the possible consequences of ECP delaying implementing the LHC judgment?
Raaz o Niaz 13-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
PTI is considering to launch protect constitution movement
Raaz o Niaz 9-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
Can Pakistan control US Dollar as Turkia did?
Raaz o Niaz 8-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
Undemocratic behavior of the PDM government
Raaz o Niaz 7-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
The PDM government is using delay tactics for the election in KPK & Punjab?
Raaz o Niaz 6-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
Which actions turned Musharraf boom into downfall?
Raaz o Niaz 2-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
The PDM government wants to get Imran Khan disqualified before general election
Raaz o Niaz 1-Feb
Raaz o Niaz
Is a new political party being formed? PMLN caught by internal differences
Raaz o Niaz 31-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
After the new conditions of IMF, how would this PDM government be able to give any relief?
Raaz o Niaz 30-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
More increase possible in the petroleum prices after the arrival of IMF delegation.
Raaz o Niaz 26-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
Political future of PMLQ, how necessary dialogue between political forces
Raaz o Niaz 25-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
A strong message has given to PTI by arresting Fawad Chaudhry
Raaz o Niaz 24-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
Who is responsible for the electricity blackout? PTI white-washed from the national assembly
Raaz o Niaz 23-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
ECP appointed Mohsin Raza Naqvi as caretaker CM Punjab
Face to Face 22-Jan
Face to Face
What is the new narrative of PMLN? Maryam Nawaz return
Raaz o Niaz 19-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
Cross-border attack on Pakistani forces at Iran border
Raaz o Niaz 18-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
Shahbaz Sharif was reluctant to take vote of confidence
Raaz o Niaz 17-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
The government and the opposition are not serious for the caretaker setup in Punjab
Raaz o Niaz 16-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
Which party does have capacity to solve the problems of Karachi?
Raaz o Niaz 11-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
An impact of global war on the economy and changing world scenario
Raaz o Niaz 10-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
Plan to minus Imran Khan from the politics and other issues
Raaz o Niaz 9-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
Who is responsible for flour crisis in Pakistan?
Raaz o Niaz 5-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
Who attacked Imran Khan? PDM government failed to control inflation
Harf-e-Raaz 4-Jan
Who is responsible for the economic destruction in Pakistan
Raaz o Niaz 3-Jan
Raaz o Niaz
White paper of PTI against the PDM government


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