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On The Front

On The Front

Anchor: Kamran Shahid
Channel: Dunya News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Talk Show
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnTheFrontwithKamranShahid
Twitter: https://twitter.com/frontlinekamran

On The Front is a talk show in which all the latest development in Pakistan’s politics and other current issues are discussed. The show is presented on Dunya News in its prime time broadcasting. Kamran Shahid who is son of famous Pakistani film and drama actor named Shahid. On The Front is presented with typical theme in which 2 to 4 guest are invited for thoughtful discussion on latest happening inside and outside Pakistan. The show has presented marathon transmission during sit in of PTI and PAT in Islamabad with several experts. The host Kamran Shahid was also the first person who in his talk show disclosed the hidden report of the judicial commission on Model Town killing. Malnutrition of Sindh district Thar was also first time exposed in this show. Kamran Shahid fearlessly has exposed many misconduct of the Punjab provincial government.

Dunya News exclusively broadcasts On The Front with Kamran Shahid from every Monday to Thursday at 08:03pm. This show is considered to be Dunya News Live best effort in genres of current affair. Dunya News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel of Pakistan. It was launched on December 1, 2008 with headquarter located in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel is owned by famous celebrity Mian Aamir Mehmood who is also the chief editor of Daily Dunya Newspaper and also is the former mayor of the city of Lahore. Dunya news generally telecasts, news bulletin, talk shows and other entertainment and infotainment based programs in its 24 hour a day broadcasting. Dunya news also presents various other talk shows including Nuqta-e-Nazar, Siasat Hai Ya Sazish, Ikhtilafi Note, Kab, Kaisay aur Kyun and Khabar Yeh Hay. Geo News, ARY News, Express News and Samaa News are the other channels of its kind.

Kamran Shahid hosts On The Front on Dunya News. He was born in Lahore in 1973. He is a son of famous Pakistani film actor/artist Shahid. Kamran Shahid started his anchoring career with Express News Live hosting a talk show called Front Line there. Now he is one of the most updated and energetic journalist, anchor person of Dunya News.  

On The Front Talk Show Program - All episodes
On The Front Wednesday
On The Front
Imran Khan tried to establish connection with a new army chief via President Alvi
On The Front Tuesday
On The Front
Who planned to challenge an appointment of a new army chief in the Supreme Court?
On The Front Monday
On The Front
What options the PDM government have if PTI really get out of the system?
On The Front 24-Nov
On The Front
Exclusive interview of interior minister Rana Sanaullah
On The Front 23-Nov
On The Front
Would Imran Khan continue fight with the military institution even after the COAS appointment?
On The Front 22-Nov
On The Front
Exclusive discussion with Faisal Wada
On The Front 21-Nov
On The Front
Imran Khan is making the appointment of a new army chief controversial.
On The Front 17-Nov
On The Front
Imran Khan finally called off Jihad against the mighty US
On The Front 16-Nov
On The Front
Complete postmortem report of Arhsad Sharif murder, Toshakhana case
On The Front 15-Nov
On The Front
Nawaz Sharif first demand to a new army chief will be elimination of his cases. Imran Khan
On The Front 14-Nov
On The Front
History of Imran Khan U-Turns, Imran Khan also ashamed on his visit to Russia
On The Front 10-Nov
On The Front
The alleged torture on Arshad Sharif changed the dimension of the investigation of his assassin..
On The Front 9-Nov
On The Front
Eye-opening facts about the murder of Arshad Sharif
On The Front 8-Nov
On The Front
Why was Imran Khan looking helpless before the CNN anchor?
On The Front 7-Nov
On The Front
Is the Punjab government in danger after Pervez Elahi refused to obey Imran Khan order?
On The Front 3-Nov
On The Front
PTI announced to register FIR against Interior Minister, PM and a military officer
On The Front 2-Nov
On The Front
Who misleaded the supreme court on May 25th violence case?
On The Front 1-Nov
On The Front
Why is Imran Khan terming the current scenario of Pakistan as it was in East Pakistan before Dh..
On The Front 31-Oct
On The Front
Why Imran Khan is a darling of Indian media at the moment.
On The Front 27-Oct
On The Front
Exclusive discussion with Faisal Wada
On The Front 26-Oct
On The Front
The long march of Imran Khan is against the establishment rather than the government.
On The Front 25-Oct
On The Front
ISPR strong reaction after Imran Khan allegation
On The Front 24-Oct
On The Front
Discussion on the brutal killing of Arshad Sharif
On The Front 20-Oct
On The Front
Imran Khan on the verge of disqualification in Tashakhana reference.
On The Front 19-Oct
On The Front
Has Imran Khan postponed plan of sit-in? Why is not Imran Khan giving date for long march?
On The Front 18-Oct
On The Front
Despite popularity Imran Khan begging to the establishment and Nawaz Sharif for early election
On The Front 17-Oct
On The Front
If my demands are not accepted then I will give long march call in October. Imran Khan
On The Front 13-Oct
On The Front
Those who gave NRO to the Sharif family are traitors. Imran Khan
On The Front 12-Oct
On The Front
Why could not Imran Khan prove anything against Shahbaz Sharif during his tenure of 4 years?
On The Front 11-Oct
On The Front
Did President Alvi distance himself from the narrative of Imran Khan?
On The Front 10-Oct
On The Front
Does the government know about PTI planning for the long march?
On The Front 6-Oct
On The Front
People are dying due to post-flood troubles and Imran Khan demanding new election
On The Front 4-Oct
On The Front
Exclusive interview of Finance Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar
On The Front 3-Oct
On The Front
Why is Imran Khan targeting the military leadership in his speeches?
On The Front 29-Sep
On The Front
Clean Chit to Maryam Nawaz, Why did NAB fail to give any evidence against her?
On The Front 28-Sep
On The Front
The whole narrative of Imran Khan exposed after his audio leaks.
On The Front 27-Sep
On The Front
PM Shahbaz Sharif admitted his voice in the audio leaks
On The Front 26-Sep
On The Front
Imran Khan speech at GC university, PTI goons harassed Maryam Aurangzeb in London.
On The Front 22-Sep
On The Front
Is Imran Khan still in danger of disqualification?
On The Front 21-Sep
On The Front
How will the government deal with Imran Khan in Islamabad?
On The Front 20-Sep
On The Front
Imran Khan is afraid of taking names of Mr X and Mr Y. Maryam Nawaz
On The Front 19-Sep
On The Front
Nawaz, Shahbaz meeting and the appointment of a new army chief.
On The Front 15-Sep
On The Front
Can an economic crisis be overcome by a new election?
On The Front 14-Sep
On The Front
Discussion on the conomy of Pakistan.
On The Front 12-Sep
On The Front
Will the government accept Imran Khan suggestion of giving extension to the current COAS?
On The Front 9-Sep
On The Front
What does Imran Khan want? Why is not he tendering unconditional apology?
On The Front 7-Sep
On The Front
What is fear to Imran Khan on the appointment of the new Army Chief?
On The Front 6-Sep
On The Front
Is the Popularity of Imran Khan damaging him?


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