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Nusrat javed

Nusrat javed

Profession: Columnist and Analyst
Affiliation: BOL News

Nusrat javed's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Khabar Nashar Thursday
Khabar Nashar
What happened in IHC during the hearing of Al-Azizia reference against Nawaz Sharif?
Sahafi Thursday
Al-Azizia steel mill case, Nawaz Sharif wants IHC to hear case on merit
Sahafi 5-Dec
What is the significance of Maneka servant Lateef statement in IK Nikah case?
Sahafi 4-Dec
Why both MQM & PMLN are criticizing Sindh Election Commissioner?
Khabar Nashar 30-Nov
Khabar Nashar
Daniyal Aziz vs Ahsan Iqbal, PPP huge rally in Quetta.
Khabar Nashar 29-Nov
Khabar Nashar
Will a new chairman PTI strong enough to run the party affairs?
Sahafi 29-Nov
Nawaz Sharif gets acquittal in Avenfield reference made by the NAB
Khabar Nashar 28-Nov
Khabar Nashar
Special court ordered to run the Cypher case trial in the Adayala jail.
Sahafi 28-Nov
Possible delay in the election, Precious gift to General Raheel.
Sahafi 27-Nov
Panama trial has been exposed, apprehensions about election.
Sahafi 23-Nov
Discussion on the proceeding of Bahria Town case in Supreme Court.
Khabar Nashar 22-Nov
Khabar Nashar
Imran Khan and Shah Mahmood to appear in judicial complex on Nov 28
Sahafi 22-Nov
New development in the Baluch students disappearance case.
Khabar Nashar 22-Nov
Khabar Nashar
A ceasefire between Israel & Hamas, The proceeding in the Supreme Court.
Sahafi 21-Nov
The Cypher trial will be restart from zero, Same judge will hear the case.
Khabar Nashar 20-Nov
Khabar Nashar
Asif Zardari expressed full confidence on ECP, Is PMLN going to amend 18th amendment?
Sahafi 20-Nov
Will PMLN really undo 18th amendment if it comes in power?
Khabar Nashar 16-Nov
Khabar Nashar
What happened in the Cypher case hearing in the IHC? President Alvi latest interview.
Sahafi 16-Nov
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan, Maulana Fazal reservations
Khabar Nashar 15-Nov
Khabar Nashar
What did Nawaz Sharif gain in Baluchistan? How PPP is seeing all this development?
Sahafi 15-Nov
Will Nawaz Sharif, Faiz Hameed & Saqib Nisar appear in the commission?
Khabar Nashar 14-Nov
Khabar Nashar
Nawaz Sharif visit to Baluchistan, Relief to PTI chairman in the Cypher case.
Sahafi 14-Nov
Establishment role in the politics of Baluchistan, Resolution against SC judgement.
Khabar Nashar 13-Nov
Khabar Nashar
Nawaz Sharif should have gone to KPK first than to Baluchistan.
Sahafi 13-Nov
PMLN is going to form an alliance with BAP in Baluchistan.
Khabar Nashar 9-Nov
Khabar Nashar
Would Nawaz Sharif be able to become PM for the 4th time?
Sahafi 6-Nov
Rumor about contact between Nawaz Sharif & Asif Ali Zardari.
Sahafi 2-Nov
Exclusive discussion with Chairman Privatization Board Fawad Hassan Fawad.
Khabar Nashar 31-Oct
Khabar Nashar
How many Afghan families left Pakistan till to date? Nawaz Sharif political activities.
Khabar Nashar 30-Oct
Khabar Nashar
PTI delegation meets JUI Chief, An issue of illegal Afghan residents.
Khabar Nashar 26-Oct
Khabar Nashar
Rapid fire relief to Nawaz Sharif. Why it happens only with Nawaz Sharif?
Sahafi 25-Oct
How PTI used public funds in social media campaign? why PMLN is silent on the issue of the elec..
Sahafi 24-Oct
U-Turn from NAB did not amuse the Islamabad High Court
Khabar Nashar 24-Oct
Khabar Nashar
Nawaz Sharif appearance in the IHC and remarks from judges
Khabar Nashar 23-Oct
Khabar Nashar
How was PMLN power show in Lahore? Situation in Gaza
Sahafi 23-Oct
Civilian trial in the military court annulled, Indictment of Imran Khan & Shah Mahmood
Sahafi 19-Oct
What will Nawaz Sharif say to its workers at Minar-e-Pakistan
Khabar Nashar 19-Oct
Khabar Nashar
Why is Nawaz Sharif landing in Islamabad? The Cypher case
Sahafi 18-Oct
Nawaz Sharif legal team is active in getting protective bail for him
Khabar Nashar 17-Oct
Khabar Nashar
PTI delegation meets President Arif Alvi, Situation in Gaza
Sahafi 17-Oct
The possible sequence of events on the return of Nawaz Sharif
Sahafi 16-Oct
Discussion on the impact of Farrukh Habib press conference on the PTI chairman
Sahafi 12-Oct
Different between the action of Gen Musharraf & Gen Bajwa
Khabar Nashar 12-Oct
Khabar Nashar
Mohammad Bin Salman is active in making a ceasefire between Israel & Palestine.
Sahafi 11-Oct
Supreme Court declared the parliament a master of roaster
Khabar Nashar 11-Oct
Khabar Nashar
Historic verdict of Supreme Court in practice & procedure act case
Sahafi 10-Oct
What is the current policy of PMLN about Gen (r) Bajwa & Gen (r) Faiz?
Sahafi 9-Oct
Notices issued to Gen (r) Bajwa & Gen (r) Faiz, Imran Khan in trouble


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