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Nusrat javed

Nusrat javed

Profession: Columnist and Analyst
Affiliation: BOL News

Nusrat javed's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Khabar Nashar 13-May
Khabar Nashar
The proceeding in the national assembly, Saudi Crown Prince is not coming in Pakistan.
Sahafi 13-May
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Khabar Nashar 9-May
Khabar Nashar
Why was Army forced to take aggressive position on May 9 tragedy?
Khabar Nashar 8-May
Khabar Nashar
Clash between lawyers and police in Lahore, One year to May 9 incidents
Sahafi 6-May
Exclusive discussion iwth PTI leader Hamid Khan on SC judgement.
Khabar Nashar 15-Feb
Khabar Nashar
Umar Ayub was nominated after message conveyed to IK through Shah Mahmood
Khabar Nashar 14-Feb
Khabar Nashar
Pakistan is heading toward July 4, 1977 type of circumstances,
Sahafi 14-Feb
Minus two has been happened, Even Maulana Fazal decided to sit in the opposition.
Sahafi 13-Feb
Bother Shahbaz Sharif & Nawaz Sharif are playing their last political inning.
Khabar Nashar 13-Feb
Khabar Nashar
Nawaz Sharif could only become PM if Independents of PTI decide to join PMLN.
Sahafi 12-Feb
A deadlock between PPP & PMLN, The future government is not looking stable.
Sahafi 6-Feb-24
Exclusive interview of former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Khabar Nashar 5-Feb-24
Khabar Nashar
MQM London silently placed his candidates for the election 2024
Khabar Nashar 31-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
What is going on with the chairman PTI Imran Khan? What would happen in the remaining case?
Sahafi 31-Jan-24
The interesting history of judge Mohammad Bashir, Election could be postpone in KPK & Baluchist..
Khabar Nashar 30-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
It would not be easy for Imran Khan to get rid of sentence in the Cypher case.
Khabar Nashar 29-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
Stand off situation in the Adayala Jail during the hearing of the Cypher case.
Sahafi 29-Jan-24
Hearing of journalists torture case in the supreme court.
Khabar Nashar 25-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
Foreign secretary press conference about Indian terror activity in Pakistan.
Sahafi 24-Jan-24
The trend of fake news before the election and Army Chief address
Khabar Nashar 24-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
Nawaz Sharif back on front foot again, PTI plan to put big power show on May 28
Sahafi 23-Jan-24
We will not let those who hijacked SC in the past. Chief Justice of Pakistan
Khabar Nashar 23-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
Nawaz Sharif on the streets of Lahore, Hearing of Qasim Suri disqualification case.
Sahafi 22-Jan-24
Exclusive discussion with Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar
Khabar Nashar 22-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
PMLN power show in Mansehra, Imran Khan troubles in the Cypher case.
Sahafi 16-Jan-24
Which party will win majority seats in Lahore? Is this city still a strong hold of PMLN?
Khabar Nashar 16-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
What actually happened in Adayala Jail, Election Survey in NA-250
Khabar Nashar 15-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
The performance of PTI lawyers put party in no man land
Khabar Nashar 10-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
The resignation of Justice Muzahir Akbar Naqvi, PTI vs ECP
Sahafi 10-Jan-24
PTI election symbol is back, May 9 incidents are still major trouble of PTI
Sahafi 9-Jan-24
Imran Khan arrested in GHQ attack case, Why MQM left NA-242 for Shahbaz Sharif?
Sahafi 9-Jan-24
Imran Khan arrested in GHQ attack case, Why MQM left NA-242 for Shahbaz Sharif?
Khabar Nashar 8-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
Eventually the lifetime disqualification has been over, Political survey in Multan.
Khabar Nashar 4-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
What is in the article of PTI Chairman published in The Economist?
Khabar Nashar 3-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
PTI threatening to get back its support to IMF if party is not allowed a level-playing field
Khabar Nashar 2-Jan-24
Khabar Nashar
What actually happened in the supreme court while the hearing the missing person case?
Sahafi 28-Dec-23
Shahbaz Sharif & Maulana Fazal are criticizing courts over providing relief to PTI
Sahafi 27-Dec-23
The assassinators of Benazir Bhutto are still alive but who care
Khabar Nashar 27-Dec-23
Khabar Nashar
16th death anniversary of Mohterma Benazir Bhutto and the arrest of Shah Mahmood
Khabar Nashar 26-Dec-23
Khabar Nashar
The demise of season diplomat of Pakistan, PHC verdict and DC Pindi detention order of SMQ
Sahafi 26-Dec-23
On-time election could boly be possible if PTI is deprived from its election symbol
Khabar Nashar 25-Dec-23
Khabar Nashar
Would PTI be able to get back its election symbol? An increase in the troubles of PTI
Sahafi 25-Dec-23
PTI announced to file petition in the Peshawar High Court against ECP verdict.
Sahafi 21-Dec-23
The impact of Army Chief visit to the US, Sardar Akhter Mengal instructions for the governor Ba..
Khabar Nashar 21-Dec-23
Khabar Nashar
Police action against Baloch protesters in Islamabad, PTI reached SC to get level-playing field..
Khabar Nashar 20-Dec-23
Khabar Nashar
What is the strategy of PTI to submit the nomination papers?
Sahafi 20-Dec-23
General pardon to the leader of banned outfit of Baluchistan
Khabar Nashar 19-Dec-23
Khabar Nashar
Suffen drop in the Stock Exchange, Bar Councils demanding the resignation of ECP Chief


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