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Nuqta e Nazar

Nuqta e Nazar

Anchor: Ajmal Jami
Channel: Dunya News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami

Nuqta e Nazar is a talk show based on daily current and political issues of Pakistan. The show is presented on Dunya News from every Monday to Thursday at 7.00pm. Currently Ajmal Jami is hosting the show and all famous and most experienced journalist of Pakistan Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami participates in the show as a expert analyzer. He is also the chief editor of Daily Pakistan newspaper. Nuqta e Nazar is one of the most watched talk show presenting by Dunya news.

Dunya News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel of Pakistan. It was launched on December 1, 2008 with headquarter located in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel is owned by famous celebrity Mian Aamir Mehmood who is also the chief editor of Daily Dunya Newspaper and also is the former mayor of the city of Lahore. Dunya news generally telecasts, news bulletin, talk shows and other entertainment and infotainment based programs in its 24 hour a day broadcasting. Dunya TV also presents various other talk shows including On The Front, Siasat Hai Ya Sazish, Ikhtilafi Note, Kab, Kaisay aur Kyun and KhabarYeh Hay. Geo news, ARY news, Express news and Samaa news are the other channels of its kind.

Nuqta e Nazar is currently hosting by Ajmal Jami along with Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami who is the most experienced and well known journalst of Pakistan and also highly respected. It will not wrong if it is said that the show is only popular due his deep, logical and knowledge full analyses of Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami on daily top stories and issues. Habib Akram was previously hosting this show but for some reason he was shifted to host Dunay news other talk show. The theme of Nuqta e Nazar does not allow inviting any guest in the show but occasionally concerned personality may invite in the show on phone call or video call for some time.

Meray Mutabiq of Geo News, Khabar Se Agay of Express News, Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath of Aaj News are the other talk shows of its kind presented on other channels

Nuqta e Nazar Talk Show Program - All episodes
Nuqta e Nazar Wednesday
Nuqta e Nazar
Bilawal Bhutto political activity in Punjab, Keamari gas leakage
Nuqta e Nazar Tuesday
Nuqta e Nazar
What is the reason behind the mysterious silence of PMLN?
Nuqta e Nazar Monday
Nuqta e Nazar
Discussion on the issue of an escape of Ehsan Ullah Ehsan
Nuqta e Nazar 13-Feb
Nuqta e Nazar
Turkish president Erdogan visit of Pakistan
Nuqta e Nazar 12-Feb
Nuqta e Nazar
This relief package is actually a economic murder of the people of Pakistan.
Nuqta e Nazar 11-Feb
Nuqta e Nazar
Discussion on the proceeding of the national assembly
Nuqta e Nazar 10-Feb
Nuqta e Nazar
Issued settled between PTI government & PMLQ
Nuqta e Nazar 6-Feb
Nuqta e Nazar
Lahore High court grants bail to Hamza Shahbaz in Ramazan Sugar mill case
Nuqta e Nazar 5-Feb
Nuqta e Nazar
What options Pakistan have to support oppressed Kashmiris?
Nuqta e Nazar 4-Feb
Nuqta e Nazar
PM Khan successful visit to Malaysia, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi openly expressing reservations
Nuqta e Nazar 3-Feb
Nuqta e Nazar
Senators salary bill rejected by the majority, PMLQ issues with PTI
Nuqta e Nazar 30-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
Nuqta e Nazar 29-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
PMLN trying to bring Chaudhry Nisar back in the party
Nuqta e Nazar 28-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Chief Justice of Pakistan grilled Sheikh Rashid in today proceeding.
Nuqta e Nazar 27-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
PM has given shut up call to all anti-Buzdar elements within PTI
Nuqta e Nazar 23-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
PM government failed to stop corruption in Pakistan
Nuqta e Nazar 22-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
PM Khan invited Trump to visit Pakistan, Trump once again offered mediation on Kashmir
Nuqta e Nazar 21-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
CM Punjab Usman Buzdar future in deep trouble
Nuqta e Nazar 20-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Severe flour crises in new Pakistan, Was this change promise by Khan?
Nuqta e Nazar 16-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Appointment of new DG ISPR, PEMRA action against ARY News show.
Nuqta e Nazar 15-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Faisal Wada yesterday act opened new debate
Nuqta e Nazar 14-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Shehryar Khan Afridi challenged Rana Sanaullah in national assembly
Nuqta e Nazar 13-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Lahore high court declared special court unconstitutional
Nuqta e Nazar 9-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Changing in the NAB laws is a big test of PTI government
Nuqta e Nazar 8-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
U Turn from PMLN & PPP surprised everyone in Pakistan
Nuqta e Nazar 7-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
National Assembly passed army chief service extension bill
Nuqta e Nazar 6-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Pakistan in danger of internal instability after US, Iran tension
Nuqta e Nazar 2-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Opposition & government are coming closer for army act
Nuqta e Nazar 1-Jan
Nuqta e Nazar
Government & opposition are coming closer at the beginning of new year
Nuqta e Nazar 31-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Changing in NAB laws, another big decision by PTI government
Nuqta e Nazar 30-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Opposition will also be benefited by new NAB ordinance
Nuqta e Nazar 26-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Is media trial of ANF really being done? Rana Sanaullah press talk
Nuqta e Nazar 25-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Shehryar Khan Afridi stunning press conference
Nuqta e Nazar 24-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Big relief for PMLN and Lahore High Court approved Rana Sanaullah bail
Nuqta e Nazar 23-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Ahsan Iqbal arrested by NAB in Narowal sports complex corruption case
Nuqta e Nazar 19-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Musharraf should be hang at D Chowk, Detail verdict
Nuqta e Nazar 18-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Death sentence to Pervez Musharraf and its impact on Pakistani politics
Nuqta e Nazar 17-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Pakistan Army reaction on special court verdict
Nuqta e Nazar 16-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Discussion on Army Chief extension case detail verdict issued by supreme court
Nuqta e Nazar 12-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Police in action against lawyers involved in violence in PIC
Nuqta e Nazar 11-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Lawyers terrorism in Punjab Institute of Cardiology
Nuqta e Nazar 10-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Cabinet opposed permission of abroad travel to Maryam Nawaz
Nuqta e Nazar 9-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Talking about the National Assembly Session
Nuqta e Nazar 5-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
New corruption scandal of opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif
Nuqta e Nazar 4-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Shahbaz Sharif press conference in London
Nuqta e Nazar 3-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Zardari seeking relief on medical ground from court
Nuqta e Nazar 2-Dec-19
Nuqta e Nazar
Moody indicates stable Pakistan economy after PM Khan one & half year.
Nuqta e Nazar 28-Nov-19
Nuqta e Nazar
General Bajwa will remain Army Chief for the next 6 months


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