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News Talk

News Talk

Anchor: Yashfeen Jamal
Channel: Neo News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Debates

News Talk Talk Show Program - All episodes
News Talk 19-Apr-20
News Talk
How to avoid fear and disappointment at time of Pandemic?
News Talk 18-Apr-20
News Talk
Exclusive discussion with Ahsan Iqbal of PMLN
News Talk 17-Apr-20
News Talk
Are we taking the right decisions under the current scenario?
News Talk 12-Apr-20
News Talk
14 people died due to COVID19 in Pakistan in a single day.
News Talk 11-Apr-20
News Talk
What will be the political scenario of Pakistan after April 25?
News Talk 5-Apr-20
News Talk
Inquiry report of sugar & flour crises, poor seeking food & financial aid
News Talk 4-Apr-20
News Talk
COVID19 cases increasing in Pakistan day by day
News Talk 3-Apr-20
News Talk
COVID19 exposure in Pakistan, some good news and some are bad
News Talk 27-Mar-20
News Talk
NAB Court issued a nonbailable warrant of former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Talk 22-Mar-20
News Talk
Why two standard of response against corona by Sindh & Federal governments.
News Talk 21-Mar-20
News Talk
Pakistan international airline suspends all international flights for 14 days.
News Talk 20-Mar-20
News Talk
Clouds of fear everywhere in the world due to COVID19
News Talk 15-Mar-20
News Talk
Corona cases increased to 52 in Pakistan. Are we in danger?
News Talk 14-Mar-20
News Talk
Establishing new provinces is the need for Pakistan
News Talk 13-Mar-20
News Talk
An arrest of media house owner, important meeting on Corona
News Talk 8-Mar-20
News Talk
What are the agenda & objectives of Aurat March?
News Talk 7-Mar-20
News Talk
Rule of mafias & rumors about crises after crises.
News Talk 6-Mar-20
News Talk
Discussion on Aurat March and its controversial slogans
News Talk 1-Mar-20
News Talk
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Talk 29-Feb-20
News Talk
After a 20 years of war, US & Afghan Taliban signed peace agreement
News Talk 28-Feb-20
News Talk
PMLN fought against dengue during their time of power, PTI facing a challenge of Coronavirus.
News Talk 23-Feb-20
News Talk
PM Khan unrealistic claim about different climates of Pakistan
News Talk 22-Feb-20
News Talk
Flour & sugar crises, when will responsibles be revealed?
News Talk 21-Feb-20
News Talk
Who is speaking truth: Attorney General or Law Minister?
News Talk 16-Feb-20
News Talk
No serious investigation will be done on flour & sugar crises
News Talk 15-Feb-20
News Talk
Problems of private universities in Pakistan
News Talk 14-Feb-20
News Talk
Demand of article 6 proceeding against Maulana Fazal
News Talk 9-Feb-20
News Talk
Imran Khan announced plan to control current hike of inflation
News Talk 8-Feb-20
News Talk
PM Khan again took action against extreme inflation in the country
News Talk 7-Feb-20
News Talk
Why PTI government felling deep in the troubles?
News Talk 2-Feb-20
News Talk
PTI government vs its allies and opposition
News Talk 1-Feb-20
News Talk
Bilawal Bhutto offer to MQM, What is PMLN doing in Punjab?
News Talk 31-Jan-20
News Talk
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
News Talk 26-Jan-20
News Talk
Indian republic day, dirty face of Indian PM Modi & political scenario of Pakistan
News Talk 25-Jan-20
News Talk
Sindh politically more stable than other 3 provinces
News Talk 24-Jan-20
News Talk
Why PTI government rejected Transparency International report?
News Talk 19-Jan-20
News Talk
Buzdar future in Punjab is in danger, flour crises and allies issues
News Talk 18-Jan-20
News Talk
People eat more food in November, December. Sheikh Rashid talking on flour crises
News Talk 17-Jan-20
News Talk
Pakistan most populated provinc is being governed by incompetent man
News Talk 12-Jan-20
News Talk
Will MQM Pakistan now accept offer of PPP after leaving federal cabinet
News Talk 11-Jan-20
News Talk
PMLN Deceived Its Voters, is it true or not?
News Talk 10-Jan-20
News Talk
Rana Sanaullah big challenge to PTI government
News Talk 5-Jan-20
News Talk
Pakistan role in the region to defuse tension between Iran & America
News Talk 4-Jan-20
News Talk
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
News Talk 3-Jan-20
News Talk
Why international laws say about US strike on Iranian military commander
News Talk 29-Dec-19
News Talk
Opposition can be seen at no where still claiming against PTI government
News Talk 28-Dec-19
News Talk
Changes in the NAB laws, opposition rejected NAB ordinance
News Talk 27-Dec-19
News Talk
Exclusive discussion with PPP leader Rehman Malik


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