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Nawab Ali Wassan

Nawab Ali Wassan

Address: Khair pur, Punjab
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan People's Party
Phone# 0245-553287, 0300-8299699

Nawab Ali Wassan's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Nadeem Malik Live 3-Jul-19
Nadeem Malik Live
Who is next after Rana Sanaullah arrest
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 19-Jun-19
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Further increase in the prices of gas will double consumer bill
Kal Tak 9-May-19
Kal Tak
Did Pakistan really accepted all conditions of IMF?
Kal Tak 29-Apr-19
Kal Tak
DG ISPR described PM Imran Khan agenda. Bilawal Bhutto
Kal Tak 23-Apr-19
Kal Tak
Opposition criticized PM Imran Khan for his controversial statement in Iran.
News Beat 29-Mar-19
News Beat
How much workable eliminating poverty program introduced by PM Khan is?
Kal Tak 25-Feb-19
Kal Tak
Indo-Pak tension, Nawaz bail plea rejected in Islamabad Highh Court
Sawal 9-Jan-19
Statements from political leadership dividing our society
News Point 3-Jan-19
News Point
Asghar Khan case closed without any significant proceeding
Awaz 2-Jan-19
Political heat up between PPP & PTI after threat to Sindh government
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 14-Nov-18
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Government finished subsidy on electricity that will increase inflation
Takrar 24-Oct-18
I will not let any NRO be done. PM Imran Khan once again ruled out any chance of NRO
Kal Tak 8-Feb-18
Kal Tak
Kamran Tessori is the only cause of split in MQM Pakistan leadership.
Kal Tak 30-Jan-18
Kal Tak
Proceeding against Nawaz Sharif in three courts
Nadeem Malik Live 22-Nov-17
Nadeem Malik Live
Former PM Nawaz appearance in NAB court and offer to Zardari for unconditional dialogue.
Takrar 16-Oct-17
New claim of finance minister about economy of Pakistan
News Beat 18-Aug-17
News Beat
Zardari ruled out any chance of consensus with Sharifs
Takrar 16-Aug-17
Democracy is not in danger but Nawaz said by Zardari
Kal Tak 1-May-17
Kal Tak
All parties playing politics in Karachi instead of giving solutions
News Beat 7-Apr-17
News Beat
White paper from MQM Pakistan, People of Karachi are crying for clean water.
Nadeem Malik Live 29-Mar-17
Nadeem Malik Live
Ayan Ali and Dr. Asim bail are in result of deal between PPP and PMLN.
News Talk 28-Mar-17
News Talk
Increase in Inflation effecting people but government busy in either announcing or inaugurating..
Takrar 27-Mar-17
Is it too late for PMLN in Sindh and PPP in Punjab to get any political support?
Capital Talk 21-Mar-17
Capital Talk
Clash between two student groups in Punjab Unversity.
News Talk 13-Mar-17
News Talk
Press Conference from PMLN leaders indicate their frustration on upcoming decision of Panama c..
Seedhi Baat 7-Feb-17
Seedhi Baat
IG Sindh opened new debate after giving statement regarding 90s police operation.
News Talk 31-Jan-17
News Talk
Imran Khan angry on Qatari letter in supreme court.
Hum Dekhain Ge 8-Jan-17
Hum Dekhain Ge
Bilawal is acting chairman of PPP but decision power still in the hand of Zardari.
Faisla Aap Ka 19-Dec-16
Faisla Aap Ka
Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar was being heavily criticized in Supreme Court inquiry report o..
92 At 8 24-Oct-16
92 At 8
Another episode of sit-in in Islamabad.
News Beat 16-Sep-16
News Beat
Is accountability of politicians necessary to eradicate corruption from Pakistan?
Spot Light 5-Sep-16
Spot Light
PTI/PAT rallies in Rawalpindi and Lahore.
Capital Talk 5-Sep-16
Capital Talk
Khalistan campaign activist urge Pakistani parliamentarian to raise an issue of freedom of Indi..
Capital Talk 15-Aug-16
Capital Talk
Indian PM Mode told lie about Baluchistan in his speech today.
Kal Tak 3-Aug-16
Kal Tak
Reference against PM Nawaz in election commission.
Takrar 20-Jul-16
How much dangerous Imran protest campaign announcement for PM Nawaz is?
Kal Tak 14-Jul-16
Kal Tak
Azad Kashmir election, Violation in Indian occupied Kashmir.
Tonight With Moeed Pirzada 19-Jun-16
Tonight With Moeed Pirzada
Interior minister says Sindh government should investigate the issue of Dr. Asim leaked videos.
Tonight With Jasmeen 19-May-16
Tonight With Jasmeen
Parliamentary committee to finalized TORs of Panama commission.
Kal Tak 17-May-16
Kal Tak
Opposition finished boycott of Parliament.
Takrar 11-May-16
Why NAB not taking notice by himself on Panama issue? Imran Khan
Capital Live 9-May-16
Capital Live
PM not to rate opposition with terrorism.
Tonight With Jasmeen 18-Apr-16
Tonight With Jasmeen
PTI still alone on Raiwind march issue.
Tonight With Jasmeen 14-Apr-16
Tonight With Jasmeen
PPP not to support PTI on Raiwind march.
Kal Tak 31-Mar-16
Kal Tak
What are the priorities of Pmln government?
Nadeem Malik Live 15-Mar-16
Nadeem Malik Live
Questions raises both in Pakistan and UK on MQM taking fund from Indian RAW.
Hum Sub 15-Feb-16
Hum Sub
Parties are playing politics of early 90s.
Nadeem Malik Live 9-Feb-16
Nadeem Malik Live
PIA strike ended at last, Both Government and workers parties are responsible for the loss of P..


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