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Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami

Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: Dunya News

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Nuqta e Nazar 15-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
The government has taken big decision to ban PTI and to proceed article 6 against PTI leaders.
Think Tank 14-Jul
Think Tank
The government party will sit in a huddle after the judgment from SC
Naya Pakistan 14-Jul
Naya Pakistan
The government and state have decided they will not let Imran Khan come out of the jail.
Nuqta e Nazar 11-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
Chief Justice of Pakistan hosted full court meeting twice in 48 hours.
Nuqta e Nazar 10-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
Martyrdom of PAK army officers, This week is very important regarding SC proceeding.
Nuqta e Nazar 9-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
Good news for the protected consumers of the electricity. SC reserved judgment
Nuqta e Nazar 8-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
PM Shahbaz announced a historic package for the farmers of Baluchistan
Nuqta e Nazar 4-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
High rate of electricity may trigger a massive public demonstration.
Nuqta e Nazar 3-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
PM Shahbaz meets with Russian President Putin, High rate of electricity
Nuqta e Nazar 2-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
CJs of LHC & SHC nominated for SC, First time a lady judge will take charge as CJ LHC
Nuqta e Nazar 1-Jul
Nuqta e Nazar
This budget has nothing for the poor. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Samaa Debate 30-Jun
Samaa Debate
Exclusive discussion with senior journalist Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami
Nuqta e Nazar 27-Jun
Nuqta e Nazar
Imran Khan appeal against the conviction in the Nikah case rejected
Nuqta e Nazar 26-Jun
Nuqta e Nazar
PTI is demanding the release of Imran Khan before sitting with the government.
Nuqta e Nazar 5-Jun
Nuqta e Nazar
No difference in Imran Khan and other politicians, Indian election results
Nuqta e Nazar 3-Jun
Nuqta e Nazar
is the Cypher case judgment a vidication of Imran Khan narrative?
Aik Din Geo Ke Saath 2-Jun
Aik Din Geo Ke Saath
Exclusive show with senior journalist Mujeeb Ur Rehman Shami
Nuqta e Nazar 30-May
Nuqta e Nazar
NAB amendment case proceeding in the supreme court and exchange of remarks between SC & ik
Nuqta e Nazar 29-May
Nuqta e Nazar
Khawar Maneka distrust on the judge hearing Nikah case of Imran Khan
Nuqta e Nazar 28-May
Nuqta e Nazar
The progress of Pakistan snatched by a group of five. Nawaz Sharif
On The Front 27-May
On The Front
Why Chairman PTI considering himself Sheikh Mujeeb of today?
Nuqta e Nazar 27-May
Nuqta e Nazar
An important meeting among interior Minister, CM KPK and Energy Minister
Nuqta e Nazar 22-May
Nuqta e Nazar
Turkish media raising questions on the use of old helicopter caused the death of the Iranian Pr..
Nuqta e Nazar 20-May
Nuqta e Nazar
The US & Israel are silent on the mysterious death of the Iranian President
Nuqta e Nazar 13-May
Nuqta e Nazar
The demand of the grand dialogue under the banner of reconciliation
Nuqta e Nazar 8-May
Nuqta e Nazar
The agitational politics is taking its position in Pakistan, What should do now?
Nuqta e Nazar 15-Feb-24
Nuqta e Nazar
Umar Ayub vs Shahbaz Sharif for Prime Ministership
Nuqta e Nazar 14-Feb-24
Nuqta e Nazar
PPP, MQM, BAP and IPP announced to support PMLN for PM election.
Nuqta e Nazar 13-Feb-24
Nuqta e Nazar
Political meetings on its peak to claim the majority to form a govt.
Nuqta e Nazar 12-Feb-24
Nuqta e Nazar
PMLN gets simple majority in Punjab in the election. Country-wide protest on the election resul..
Dunya News Election Transmission 6-Feb-24
Dunya News Election Transmission
Dunya News election transmission with Kamran Shahid
Nuqta e Nazar 31-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
Judgement after judgement against PTI chairman Imran Khan.
Nuqta e Nazar 30-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
PTI announced to challenge sentence in the Cypher case in IHC
Nuqta e Nazar 29-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
What are the important points in the manifesto of PMLN?
Nuqta e Nazar 25-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
Is any political party in position to make the government after the election?
Nuqta e Nazar 24-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
Political parties & leaders are in the ground to show their power
Nuqta e Nazar 23-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
Nawaz Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto rallies in Punjab, Proceeding in the SC
On The Front 22-Jan-24
On The Front
Election debate between senior journalist and young generation.
Nuqta e Nazar 16-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
The government formed a JIT after malicious social media campaign against SC judges.
Nuqta e Nazar 10-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
What is the reality in the PTI allegations on ECP about biased treatment?
Nuqta e Nazar 4-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
The recent political history of Pakistan and the future scenario
Nuqta e Nazar 3-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
What option does PTI has if it could not be able to get back its election symbol?
Nuqta e Nazar 2-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
7 member bench of SC raised important questions in life-time disqualification case.
Nuqta e Nazar 1-Jan-24
Nuqta e Nazar
Another year has gone but Pakistan could not be able to get rid of political instability.
Think Tank 31-Dec-23
Think Tank
Would the election 2024 be able to bring any change in Pakistan?
Think Tank 30-Dec-23
Think Tank
The nomination papers of PTI chairman have been rejected from all constituencies.
Nuqta e Nazar 28-Dec-23
Nuqta e Nazar
Why is not PMLN starting its political campaign for the election 2024?
Nuqta e Nazar 27-Dec-23
Nuqta e Nazar
Police action against Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Bilawal Bhutto announced party manifesto.


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