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Muhammad Tallal Chaudry

Address: Faisalabad., Punjab
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Muslim League N
Phone# 0300-8666651

Muhammad Tallal Chaudry's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
On The Front 5-Jun
On The Front
What are the hurdles in the release of PTI chairman? A new cases ready to be registered against..
Nadeem Malik Live 15-May
Nadeem Malik Live
IHC accepted bail of PTI chairman in 190 millions GBP case.
Naya Pakistan 29-Dec-23
Naya Pakistan
Political parties are not happy over series of relief to PTI from the judiciary.
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 2-Nov-23
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
How political parties taking the election date announced by ECP
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 25-Oct-23
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
PPP declared Nawaz Sharif a Ladla Plus, Situation in Gaza
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 2-Oct-23
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Imran Khan wife Bushra Bibi claimed that his husband life is in danger in jail.
Naya Pakistan 30-Sep-23
Naya Pakistan
PMLN has changed its position on the issue General Bajwa & Faiz accountability.
Naya Pakistan 17-Sep-23
Naya Pakistan
Justice Qazi Faez Isa has become the new Chief Justice of Pakistan
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 15-Sep-23
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
The outgoing Chief Justice of Pakistan put many politicians in big trouble.
Naya Pakistan 8-Sep-23
Naya Pakistan
Who is running away from election? PPP is criticizing the chief election commissioner
Nadeem Malik Live 7-Aug-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Uncertainty about the general election despite the conviction of the PTI chairman
Tallal Chaudhry Media Talk 21-Jul-23
Tallal Chaudhry Media Talk
PMLN leader Tallal Chaudhry media talk
Naya Pakistan 9-Jul-23
Naya Pakistan
Who triggered the social media campaign against the army chief?
Nadeem Malik Live 24-May-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Jehangir Khan Tareen has become important player under the current scenario.
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain 11-May-23
Red Line With Syed Talat Hussain
Big relief for Imran Khan from Bandial Court, National Security Committee
Breaking Views with Malick 19-Apr-23
Breaking Views with Malick
Would the supreme court be able to step back from its firm stance?
Naya Pakistan 8-Apr-23
Naya Pakistan
Who is taking benefit of division in the supreme court?
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 4-Apr-23
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
How would the government react on the verdict of supreme court.
Dusra Rukh 2-Apr-23
Dusra Rukh
Possibility of constitutional crisis could become severe
Mere Sawal 18-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan could be arrested before Wednesday, What will happen in the next few days?
Naya Pakistan 4-Feb-23
Naya Pakistan
Would Imran Khan be arrested or disqualified?
Aapas Ki Baat 10-Jan-23
Aapas Ki Baat
Possibility of governor rule in Punjab
On The Front 6-Oct-22
On The Front
People are dying due to post-flood troubles and Imran Khan demanding new election
Mere Sawal 2-Oct-22
Mere Sawal
The final call of Imran Khan turned into a missed call
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 22-Aug-22
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
The government is planning to arrest Imran Khan after Shahbaz Gill.
Naya Pakistan 19-Aug-22
Naya Pakistan
How much truth in the claim of Imran Khan about torture on Gill?
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 12-Aug-22
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Who is behind the transcript of Shahbaz Gill?
On The Front 11-Aug-22
On The Front
Initial investigation report of a malicious campaign against Pakistan Army.
Mere Sawal 5-Aug-22
Mere Sawal
Who will rescue Imran Khan from disqualification this time?
Nadeem Malik Live 3-Aug-22
Nadeem Malik Live
The government decided to put Imran Khan and other party leaders name on the ECL
Aapas Ki Baat 26-Jul-22
Aapas Ki Baat
Another big day in the history of Pakistani politics
Nadeem Malik Live 7-Jul-22
Nadeem Malik Live
By-election in Punjab and other issues
On The Front 5-Jul-22
On The Front
What is in the video of Imran Khan? Could Hamza announce any relief before the by-election?
Mere Sawal 2-Jul-22
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan vs Maryam Nawaz in the Punjab by-election
On The Front 27-Jun-22
On The Front
Is Ishaq Dar really coming back to Pakistan?
Night Edition 26-Jun-22
Night Edition
PTI is going to show his power in Islamabad
On The Front 22-Jun-22
On The Front
Imran Khan criticizing Pakistan Army on their neutral role
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 18-Jun-22
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Discussion on the issues of load shedding, inflation and FATF removal
Mere Sawal 17-Jun-22
Mere Sawal
Who deserves credit for the FATF outcome?
Nadeem Malik Live 19-Apr-22
Nadeem Malik Live
How did former PM Imran Khan use state institutions against the opposition?
On The Front 14-Apr-22
On The Front
Is Imran Khan misleading the nation on the issue of the US conspiracy?
Nadeem Malik Live 4-Apr-22
Nadeem Malik Live
Serious allegation on the opposition.
On The Front 30-Mar-22
On The Front
Is PM Khan ready to surrender? Who the government is looking for help?
Nadeem Malik Live 21-Mar-22
Nadeem Malik Live
Can deviant members of the PTI be disqualified for a life?
To The Point 16-Mar-22
To The Point
Chaudhry Pervez Elahi stunning interview and then explanation
Kal Tak 14-Mar-22
Kal Tak
The government is confident as far as the vote of no-confidence concerned.
Nadeem Malik Live 7-Mar-22
Nadeem Malik Live
PM Khan threatening the opposition, Aleem Khan joined the Tareen group.
On The Front 1-Mar-22
On The Front
What is inside of PM Khan & Chaudhry Brothers meeting?


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