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Mubashir Luqman Programs & Videos
Khara Sach Yesterday
Khara Sach
What NAB going to do in next 6 days?
Khara Sach 18-Mar
Khara Sach
Info Minister differences with MD PTV
Khara Sach 15-Mar
Khara Sach
Sitara e Imtiaz to actress Mehwish Hayat, New Zealand terror attack
Khara Sach 14-Mar
Khara Sach
NAB in action, two prominent ministers in Punjab are in the radar of NAB
Khara Sach 13-Mar
Khara Sach
Who will bring police reform in Punjab
Khara Sach 12-Mar
Khara Sach
Many big fishes of Pakistan are on the radar of NAB
Khara Sach 11-Mar
Khara Sach
India continued violation on line of control
Kashmala Tearing in Live Show 9-Mar
Kashmala Tearing in Live Show
Kashmala Tariq crying in live show. Watch video
Khara Sach 8-Mar
Khara Sach
International women day special show.
Khara Sach 7-Mar
Khara Sach
How will Pakistan respond India in case of another retaliation
Khara Sach 6-Mar
Khara Sach
Recent tension between India & Pakistan put Kashmir dispute on world table again
Khara Sach 5-Mar
Khara Sach
Modi next strike might come through sea, PM Imran still wants peace
Khara Sach 4-Mar
Khara Sach
India, Israel joint plan to attack Pakistan with ballistic missiles
Off The Record 22-Jan
Off The Record
Discussion on media mishandling by PTI government
Live With Moeed Pirzada 17-Jan
Live With Moeed Pirzada
How was Mian Saqib Nisar performance in last two years
Mubashir Luqman Admiring PTI Govt 17-Jan
Mubashir Luqman Admiring PTI Govt
Mubashir Luqman Admiring PTI Government
Khara Sach 27-Dec-18
Khara Sach
How will be 2019 for Pakistan?
Khara Sach 26-Dec-18
Khara Sach
What Islam says about superstitions
Khara Sach 25-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Separate state is an old demand of Sikh community in India.
Will HC Again Suspend NS Sentence 25-Dec-18
Will HC Again Suspend NS Sentence
Will high court again suspend Nawaz Sharif sentence?
Khara Sach 24-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Reality of dream in Islam & online Istekhara
Khara Sach 20-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive discussion with CM Baluchistan
Khara Sach 19-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Should Basant be taken as religious issue?
Khara Sach 18-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Punjab government decided to celebrate Basant in February
Khara Sach 17-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Asif Ali Zardari slipping toward jail, that is why he is giving such statements
Why Did Dr. Amir Marry 2nd Time? 14-Dec-18
Why Did Dr. Amir Marry 2nd Time?
Why did Amir Liaquat marry 2nd time? Listen his reply in this video
Khara Sach 13-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Future of PMLN as political party & PTI government
Khara Sach 12-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive discussion with finance minister Asad Umar
Khara Sach 11-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Who will be next target of NAB after arrest of Khawaja brothers
Khara Sach 10-Dec-18
Khara Sach
NAB vs Bureaucracy, how long this will go?
Tonight With Moeed Pirzada 10-Dec-18
Tonight With Moeed Pirzada
How to solve an issue of public account committee chairmanship
Khara Sach 6-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Pakistan is paying price today for not constructing DAMs
Khara Sach 5-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Discussion on Falling economy of Pakistan and its reasons
Khara Sach 4-Dec-18
Khara Sach
Discussion on poor condition of government hospitals
Khara Sach 29-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive interview of Asad Umar
Khara Sach 28-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Indian PM refused to attend SAARC conference in Pakistan
Khara Sach 27-Nov-18
Khara Sach
What are the solution of problems facing by Pakistan
Khara Sach 26-Nov-18
Khara Sach
How far state should go against those challenging its writ?
Khara Sach 22-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Theft of electricity on its peak in Sindh
Khara Sach 21-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Talk With Dr. Tahir ul Qadri on Prophet Life
Khara Sach 20-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa statement after PM Imran response to Trump statement
Khara Sach 19-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Pakistan was not involved in 9/11 incidents but still it fought war on terror from front line.
Khara Sach 15-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Exchange of harsh language between Fawad Ch & Mushahid Ullah in Senate
Khara Sach 14-Nov-18
Khara Sach
State helpless in front of violent lawyers in Punjab
Khara Sach 13-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Why PTI government is in opposition mood?
Khara Sach 12-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Another PIA plane slipped on runway in Panjgur, Baluchistan
Breaking Views with Malick 10-Nov-18
Breaking Views with Malick
Extension in Shahbaz remand and Verdicts of NAB references against Nawaz are coming closer.
Khara Sach 8-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Will PTI government ever create consensus with opposition in national assembly?
Khara Sach 7-Nov-18
Khara Sach
How much positive PM Imran Khan visit of China was?
Khara Sach 6-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Zardari & Nawaz will be in jail soon, PM China visit and its outcome
Khara Sach 5-Nov-18
Khara Sach
Trade deficit of Pakistan and possible Chinese financial aid
Khara Sach 1-Nov-18
Khara Sach
People of Pakistan in serious trouble from last 48 hours
Khara Sach 31-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Why Bureaucracy not cooperating with PTI government?
Khara Sach 30-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Smog is causing problem again in Pakistan
Khara Sach 29-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Reality in Israeli plane landing in Pakistan
Khara Sach 25-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Corruption is every where in Pakistan, Voices of NRO
Khara Sach 24-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Imran Khan succeeded in his mission of Saudi Arab
Khara Sach 23-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Discussion on economic crises of Pakistan and effort from PTI government
Khara Sach 22-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive interview of Jehangir Khan Tareen
Khara Sach 18-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Tension between US & Saudi Arab on Jamal Khashogi disappearance issue.
Khara Sach 17-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Is PM Imran Khan being told everything about economy?
Khara Sach 16-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Scandal of illegal recruitment in civil aviation.
Khara Sach 15-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Discussion on new Islamabad Airport corruption scandal
Khara Sach 11-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Exposing practices of fake Aamil, Pir and Clerics
Khara Sach 10-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Discussion on minorities issues in Pakistan
Khara Sach 9-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive discussion with Senior columnist/analyst Hassan Nisar
Khara Sach 8-Oct-18
Khara Sach
How PTI Punjab government will deal with corrupt elements?
Khara Sach 4-Oct-18
Khara Sach
How much more rupee will fell against dollar? Exclusive interview of Dr. Fehmida Mirza
Khara Sach 3-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive discussion with speaker Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervez Elahi
Khara Sach 2-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Heap of taxes have been imposed on layman by PTI government
Khara Sach 1-Oct-18
Khara Sach
Discussion on PTI government performance in all fields.
Khara Sach 27-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Nepotism & cronyism destroyed Pakistan International Airline
Khara Sach 26-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Discussion on NAB performance in in last few month
I Hardly Survived in PIA Plane. Faiz 26-Sep-18
I Hardly Survived in PIA Plane. Faiz
10 days ago I hardly survived in PIA plane said by Faiz-ul-Hassan Chohan
Khara Sach 25-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Shaheen Airline to play over billion of civil aviation
Khara Sach 24-Sep-18
Khara Sach
All promises, claims made by PTI before election proven false
Khara Sach 19-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Nawaz, Maryam & Captain Safdar released, Is PTI government really turning Pakistan into state o..
Khara Sach 18-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Is finance minister Asad Umar going against promises made by Imran Khan?
Khara Sach 17-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Why we require national consensus on water reservoir issues
Khara Sach 13-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Previous government left nothing for new government to run country economy
Khara Sach 12-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Building new DAMs are necessary to live in near future in Pakistan
Khara Sach 11-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Whole civil, military leadership expressed their grief on death of Kulsoom Nawaz.
Khara Sach 10-Sep-18
Khara Sach
PTI determine for across the board accountability
Khara Sach 6-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Nation paying tribute to its martyrs today.
Khara Sach 5-Sep-18
Khara Sach
School teaches itself involved in drugs selling to students.
Khara Sach 4-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Every one student out of 10 in our educational centers is drugs addicted.
Khara Sach 3-Sep-18
Khara Sach
Corruption of Billions of Rupees done in the construction of new Islamabad Airport.
Khara Sach 30-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
Khara Sach 29-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Organized malicious campaign has been launched against Imran Khan.
Khara Sach 28-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Question mark on black sheep exist in NAB
Khara Sach 27-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Short circuits & PMLN were two allies to protect Sharif reputation.
Khara Sach 20-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Saleem Safi claim that former PM Nawaz paid all expenditure of PM House from his pocket is fal..
Khara Sach 16-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Discussion on downfall of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz
Khara Sach 15-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive program with Abid Boxer
Khara Sach 14-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar on current political scenario of Pakistan.
Khara Sach 13-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Why Punjab police is about the law?
Khara Sach 9-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Alleged corruption in Pakistan Cricket Board. Defeat in election put many leaders in depression..
Khara Sach 8-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Opposition protest was not impressive show. Mehmood Khan will be new CM KPK
Khara Sach 7-Aug-18
Khara Sach
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar in today show.


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