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Mohammad Shoaib

Mohammad Shoaib

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: News Anchor
Affiliation: Samaa TV

Mohammad Shoaib's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Naya Din 14-Jan-20
Naya Din
Allies concerns and future PTI government, unavailability of of life saving medicines in Islama..
Naya Din 10-Jan-20
Naya Din
NAB action against Maryam Nawaz put Sharif family in new trouble
Naya Din 1-Jan-20
Naya Din
Beginning of 2020, new challenges and other scenario
Naya Din 30-Dec-19
Naya Din
Discussion on new NAB ordinance and reaction from opposition
Naya Din 28-Dec-19
Naya Din
Best of Naya Din
Naya Din 27-Dec-19
Naya Din
12th death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, Benefits of coffee in winter
Naya Din 25-Dec-19
Naya Din
Exclusive show on Quid Day & Christmas celebration
Naya Din 23-Dec-19
Naya Din
NAB Rawalpindi summoned Ahsan Iqbal in corruption scandal
Naya Din 16-Dec-19
Naya Din
5th martyrs anniversary of Army Public School
Naya Din 13-Nov-19
Naya Din
One after one poor decisions from PTI government
Naya Din 12-Nov-19
Naya Din
Extremely high prices of tomatoes, winter diseases
Naya Din 11-Nov-19
Naya Din
Azadi March will continue for few more days, Dog bites in Karachi
Naya Din 8-Nov-19
Naya Din
Cold wave across country, Maulana Azadi March
Naya Din 7-Nov-19
Naya Din
Maulana Azadi March & PTI strategies, rainy weather in Islamabad
Naya Din 4-Nov-19
Naya Din
Maulana Azadi March continue in Islamabad
Naya Din 3-Nov-19
Naya Din
Best of Naya Din
Naya Din 31-Oct-19
Naya Din
Looks like Maulana Azadi March flopped, Maulana big U Turn
Naya Din 30-Oct-19
Naya Din
How to make sure proper dumping of medical equipment & tools.
Naya Din 29-Oct-19
Naya Din
Maulana Azadi March entered in Punjab, Other political scenario
Naya Din 28-Oct-19
Naya Din
PTI leaders are criticizing Maulana Azadi March
Naya Din 24-Oct-19
Naya Din
How Hareem Shah entered in foreign office?
Naya Din 23-Oct-19
Naya Din
High rate of inflation worrying everyone from poor to rich
Naya Din 22-Oct-19
Naya Din
Preparation from both government & opposition for Azadi March
Naya Din 17-Oct-19
Naya Din
New wave of inflation taken people out of their homes to protest
Naya Din 16-Oct-19
Naya Din
Maulana Azadi March and PTi strategy
Naya Din 15-Oct-19
Naya Din
British Royal Couple in Pakistan, Maulan Azadi March
Naya Din 14-Oct-19
Naya Din
Royal couple visit of Pakistan and its objectives.
Naya Din 10-Oct-19
Naya Din
High rate of inflation, Gallup issued new survey of PTI government performance
Naya Din 9-Oct-19
Naya Din
Intensive fight between Uzma Bukhari & Faiz Ul Hassan Chohan
Naya Din 8-Oct-19
Naya Din
PM Khan visit of China and its importance
Naya Din 7-Oct-19
Naya Din
People are worry over extremely high rate of inflation.
Naya Din 4-Oct-19
Naya Din
People are extremely worry over history high inflation
Naya Din 3-Oct-19
Naya Din
Political scenario in Sindh, Maulana Azadi March and Pakistan vs Sri Lanka
Naya Din 2-Oct-19
Naya Din
Punjab police finally arrested accused of children murder in Choonian
Naya Din 2-Sep-19
Naya Din
Current situation in occupied Kashmir and reaction from world
Naya Din 30-Aug-19
Naya Din
Whole nation united today on Kashmir issue
Naya Din 28-Aug-19
Naya Din
Pakistan to introduce Pakistani version of Facebook
Naya Din 23-Aug-19
Naya Din
Is fund raised in the name of construction of new DAMs still available?
Naya Din 22-Aug-19
Naya Din
First year performance of PTI government
Naya Din 20-Aug-19
Naya Din
Which Pakistani film conquered the box office this EID?
Naya Din 8-Aug-19
Naya Din
Fawad Chaudhry emotional speech in the joint session of the parliament
Naya Din 7-Aug-19
Naya Din
Strong reaction from Pakistan military leadership over Indian atrocities in IOK
Naya Din 6-Aug-19
Naya Din
Mahira Khan vs Firdous Jamal
Naya Din 2-Aug-19
Naya Din
Preparation of an independent day & Eid
Naya Din 1-Aug-19
Naya Din
An increase in petroleum prices, Flood condition in Karachi
Naya Din 31-Jul-19
Naya Din
Two days rain destroyed whole system in Karachi
Naya Din 30-Jul-19
Naya Din
Colombian University made everyone surprised by its new research
Naya Din 26-Jul-19
Naya Din
UAE Mission of planting date tree on MAR


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