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Mohammad Junaid

Mohammad Junaid

Date of Birth: 29-Nov-1984 (Age: 35 Years)
Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: News Caster
Affiliation: Geo News

Mohammad Junaid's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Capital Talk Thursday
Capital Talk
How to build national concensus in this time of crises?
Capital Talk Wednesday
Capital Talk
How to help badly affected laborer community by corona?
Capital Talk 31-Mar
Capital Talk
No other way than to stay home to get protection from COVID19
Capital Talk 30-Mar
Capital Talk
Still differences between federal and provinces on the issue of lockdown.
Capital Talk 26-Mar
Capital Talk
Opposition and the government are not united on the issue of corona
Capital Talk 25-Mar
Capital Talk
Differences between opposition and the government
Capital Talk 24-Mar
Capital Talk
Why PM still an opponent of lockdown in Pakistan despite serious exposure of corona.
Capital Talk 23-Mar
Capital Talk
The danger of corona exposure in rural areas where people do not know much about prevention
Capital Talk 19-Mar
Capital Talk
Discussion on corona exposure in Pakistan and its prevention
Capital Talk 18-Mar
Capital Talk
Is there no need to panic after PM address to the nation regarding the corona issue?
Capital Talk 17-Mar
Capital Talk
Should Pakistan be locked down now after an outbreak of corona in all provinces?
Capital Talk 12-Mar
Capital Talk
An arrest of Mir Shakeel by NAB is an attack on media.
Capital Talk 5-Mar
Capital Talk
A piece of interesting and unique information about a few cities in Pakistan.
Capital Talk 4-Mar
Capital Talk
Can opposition & government create a consensus on the issue of a layman.
Capital Talk 3-Mar
Capital Talk
What will happen if Nawaz Sharif really comes back?
Capital Talk 2-Mar
Capital Talk
Who is victorious in Afghan peace agreement?
Capital Talk 27-Feb
Capital Talk
Coronavirus reached Pakistan, what to do now?
Capital Talk 25-Feb
Capital Talk
Differences between PPP & PMLN increased in few days
Capital Talk 24-Feb
Capital Talk
Did PPP forget its past of regarding judges surveillance?
Capital Talk 19-Feb
Capital Talk
Opposition projecting a change in the month of March
Capital Talk 18-Feb
Capital Talk
Opposition plan of protest, Government hired British agency for Faez Issa family surveillance i..
Capital Talk 17-Feb
Capital Talk
Scattered opposition is planning for another round of protest
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 14-Feb
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
How much justified demand of article 6 proceeding against Maulana Fazal
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 13-Feb
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Bilawal Bhutto appearance before NAB Rawalpindi
Capital Talk 13-Feb
Capital Talk
Exclusive talk with Khawaja Asif & Jehangir Khan Tareen
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 12-Feb
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Government strategies to overcome current rate of inflation
Capital Talk 12-Feb
Capital Talk
Opposition & government bashing each other on the issue of inflation
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 11-Feb
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Will the relief package announced by the PTI government help already troubled people
Capital Talk 11-Feb
Capital Talk
How much this relief package announced by the government will help people?
Capital Talk 10-Feb
Capital Talk
Allies unhappy, ministers countering each other & opposition scattered
Capital Talk 6-Feb
Capital Talk
Can PPP alone run movement against inflation?
Capital Talk 5-Feb
Capital Talk
Special show on Kashmir solidarity day.
Capital Talk 4-Feb
Capital Talk
Discussion on the issue of Indian occupied Kashmir
Capital Talk 3-Feb
Capital Talk
Political instability and multiple crises in the country
Capital Talk 30-Jan
Capital Talk
Will Shahzad Akbar appear in London court against Shahbaz? PMLN future political plan
Capital Talk 29-Jan
Capital Talk
Trump announced controversial peace plan for Palestine
Capital Talk 28-Jan
Capital Talk
PM Khan will complete his term, why is Sheikh Rashid repeating this sentence on media?
Capital Talk 27-Jan
Capital Talk
Has everything settled between PTI government & MQM?
Capital Talk 23-Jan
Capital Talk
Why more corruption in PTI government as per transparency international
Capital Talk 22-Jan
Capital Talk
Exclusive show with German & Frensh diplomats in Pakistan
Capital Talk 21-Jan
Capital Talk
Exclusive discussion with minister for port & shipping Ali Zaidi
Capital Talk 20-Jan
Capital Talk
Flour crises and PMLQ issues with PTI government
Capital Talk 16-Jan
Capital Talk
Wada boot act, NAB opened new references against Nawaz & Zardari
Capital Talk 14-Jan
Capital Talk
Motion of no confidence is being prepared agaisnt PM Khan
Capital Talk 13-Jan
Capital Talk
Why allies leaving PTI government at this stage?
Capital Talk 9-Jan
Capital Talk
How a financially weak Pakistan could play mediation between Iran & other Arab states?
Capital Talk 8-Jan
Capital Talk
What should be Pakistan role in Iran, US conflict?
Capital Talk 7-Jan
Capital Talk
Has Nawaz Sharif changed his narrative? Army act bill approval


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