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Mir Hasil Bizenjo

Address: Khuzdar, Balochistan
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: National Party
Phone# 0300-9231347
Email: hasil.khan.bizenjo@senate.gov.pk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mir-Hasil-Bizenjo/1

Mir Hasil Bizenjo's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Faisla Aap Ka 21-Jan-20
Faisla Aap Ka
20 MPAs of PTI created new group in Punjab, Fawad Hassan Fawad bail
Capital Talk 8-Jan-20
Capital Talk
What should be Pakistan role in Iran, US conflict?
Mir Hasir Blasting Media Talk 10-Aug-19
Mir Hasir Blasting Media Talk
Mir Hasil Bizenjo blasting media talk
Face to Face 3-Aug-19
Face to Face
Exclusive discussion with Mir Hasil Bizenjo
ISPR Responded Bizenjo Statement 2-Aug-19
ISPR Responded Bizenjo Statement
DG ISPR responded Mir Hasil Bizenjo statement regarding ISI Chief
Capital Talk 30-Jul-19
Capital Talk
Exclusive discussion with opposition candidate for chairman senate Mir Hasil Bizenjo
Opposition Leaders in Senate Presser 19-Jul-19
Opposition Leaders in Senate Presser
Senate opposition leaders press conference
Tonight With Jasmeen 14-Jul-19
Tonight With Jasmeen
Daily Mail of UK exposed Shahbad Sharif badly
Jawab Den Iftikhar Ahmed K Sath 11-Jul-19
Jawab Den Iftikhar Ahmed K Sath
Mir Hasil Bizenjo is exclusive guest in today show.
News Wise 11-Jul-19
News Wise
Exclusive discussion with Mir Hasil Bizenjo
Jawab Den Iftikhar Ahmed K Sath 20-Jan-19
Jawab Den Iftikhar Ahmed K Sath
National Party Chief facing tough questions in today show.
Hum Sub 21-Nov-18
Hum Sub
Hasil Khan Bizenjo Exclusive Talk
Hum Sub 20-Nov-18
Hum Sub
Exclusive talk with BNP chief Mir Hasil Bizenjo
Apna Apna Gareban 4-Oct-18
Apna Apna Gareban
Exclusive discussion with National Party Chief Mir Hasil Bizenjo
Dusra Rukh 1-Sep-18
Dusra Rukh
How opposition is taking PTI government new policies?
Jawab Chahiay 30-Aug-18
Jawab Chahiay
Are government ministers showing positive behavior?
News Point With Asma Chaudhry 27-Aug-18
News Point With Asma Chaudhry
Senate passed resolution against blasphemy act done by dutch government
Jawab Chahiay 2-Aug-18
Jawab Chahiay
Discussion on current economic & political circumstances of Pakistan
Bizenjo Ran Away from Kashif Show 18-Apr-18
Bizenjo Ran Away from Kashif Show
Mir Hasil Bizenjo ran away from Kashif Abbasi show.
Naya Pakistan 6-Apr-18
Naya Pakistan
Election or selection; what will happen in 2018 election?
Awaam 2-Apr-18
Exclusive discussion with BNP Chief Mir Hasil Bizenjo
Mir Hasil Bizenjo Speech in Senate 12-Mar-18
Mir Hasil Bizenjo Speech in Senate
Mir Hasil Bizenjo Speech in Senate after election.
Aitraaz Hai 10-Mar-18
Aitraaz Hai
Imran Khan stood on his words of not to support PPP candidate for chairman senate election.
View Point 7-Mar-18
View Point
PMLN ready to support Raza Rabbani as Chairman Senate.
Capital Talk 25-Jan-18
Capital Talk
Too many fake news about Zainab case are being spread on social media
Sawal Se Agey 13-Jan-18
Sawal Se Agey
Exclusive discussion with Baluchistan national party Chief Mir Hasil Bizenjo
Capital Talk 9-Jan-18
Capital Talk
Future of PMLN in Baluchistan and resignation of Chief Minister
Faisla Aap Ka 9-Jan-18
Faisla Aap Ka
Who will be the next Chief Minister of Baluchistan?
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath 5-Jan-18
Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Sath
Extremism is increasing in our society, NAB proceeding and political development in Baluchistan..
Sawal Yeh Hai 5-Jan-18
Sawal Yeh Hai
The question iis who is the real darling of institutions?
Naya Pakistan 22-Dec-17
Naya Pakistan
American Vice President threat to Pakistan, Will Shahbaz act upon Nawaz advise after taking ove..
Dusra Rukh 4-Nov-17
Dusra Rukh
What is the real cause of stoppage of power plants Smog or circular debt?
Rubaru 28-Oct-17
No forward blog exists in PMLN, Ch. Nisar, Ex-Interior Minister of Pakistan
Faisla Aap Ka 4-Oct-17
Faisla Aap Ka
Are Nawaz, Zardar again getting closer again?
Capital Talk 28-Aug-17
Capital Talk
Deadlock between Pakistan and America after Trump threatening speech against Pakistan.
Doosra Rukh 25-Aug-17
Doosra Rukh
Nawaz Sharif wants national dialogue between all institutions
Rubaru 20-Aug-17
PPP jalsa in Kaghan Valley and Chaudhry Nisar press conference.
Rubaru 4-Aug-17
Finally PM Abbasi cabinet took oath today. News faces are also included in the cabinet
Doosra Rukh 4-Aug-17
Doosra Rukh
Many news faces in PM Abbasi cabinet.
Mir Hasil Bizenjo media talk 29-Jul-17
Mir Hasil Bizenjo media talk
Leader National Party Mir Hasil Bizenjo media talk.
Spot Light 24-Jul-17
Spot Light
Chaudhry Nisar refused to address press conference after Lahore Blast.
Doosra Rukh 21-Jul-17
Doosra Rukh
PM now showing confidence over court. Where is conspiracy now?
Rubaru 15-Jul-17
Chaudhry Nisar blasted in PMLN cabinet meeting.
Doosra Rukh 23-Jun-17
Doosra Rukh
Car bomb explosion in Quetta and two blasts in Parachinar
Sawal Yeh Hai 5-May-17
Sawal Yeh Hai
How JIT will complete its task in 60 days? Afghan shelling at Chaman border
Doosra Rukh 4-Mar-17
Doosra Rukh
PPP all parties conference did not produce any constructive outcome.
In Focus 17-Feb-17
In Focus
Terrorism again picking up roots in Pakistan.
In Focus 13-Jan-17
In Focus
Imran challenged government give him NAB control he will eliminate corruption in 3 months.


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