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Meri Jang

Meri Jang

Anchor: Noor ul Arfeen Siddiqui
Channel: BOL News
Duration: 42 m
Type: Debates

Meri Jang Talk Show Program - All episodes
Meri Jang 23-May
Meri Jang
Imran Khan is Ertugural of this era.
Meri Jang 22-May
Meri Jang
MQM Pakistan succeeded in getting one more ministry
Meri Jang 16-May
Meri Jang
Time for Jihad in hte way of Allah?
Meri Jang 9-May
Meri Jang
PM Khan is taking serious steps in favor of overseas Pakistanis.
Meri Jang 1-May
Meri Jang
People of Baldia rejected PTI in the by-election.
Meri Jang 25-Apr
Meri Jang
Pakistan could face a situation like in India.
Meri Jang 24-Apr
Meri Jang
India is completely in control of the Corona
Meri Jang 18-Apr
Meri Jang
What are the demands of Jehangir Khan Tareen?
Meri Jang 17-Apr
Meri Jang
4th finance minister in 3 years, PM Khan struggling to put economy on track
Meri Jang 11-Apr
Meri Jang
PMLN retains NA seat by winning re-election in the Daska.
Meri Jang 4-Apr
Meri Jang
PTI government tried to give NRO to Kulbhoshan
Meri Jang 28-Mar
Meri Jang
Why did not Joe Biden invite PM Khan on the climate summit?
Meri Jang 27-Mar
Meri Jang
Petroleum crises cost removal from job to Nadeem Babar
Meri Jang 21-Mar
Meri Jang
The Government did not take the Corona too seriously
Meri Jang 20-Mar
Meri Jang
Nawaz Sharif continues giving anti-state statements.
Meri Jang 14-Mar
Meri Jang
PMLN leadership should learn the message from the end of the founder of MQM
Meri Jang 7-Mar
Meri Jang
Imran Khan rewarding his each & every member
Meri Jang 6-Mar-21
Meri Jang
Members of parliament sold their consciousness
Meri Jang 14-Feb-21
Meri Jang
Gold of billion dollars which could be enough to pay all debts of Pakistan
Meri Jang 13-Feb-21
Meri Jang
A silent revolution heading in Pakistan.
Meri Jang 7-Feb-21
Meri Jang
How much majority the PTI government will get in the senate election?
Meri Jang 6-Feb-21
Meri Jang
Farmhouse of PTI leader demolished by the Sindh government
Meri Jang 31-Jan-21
Meri Jang
Discussion on the current political development
Meri Jang 30-Jan-21
Meri Jang
Corruption increased in the state of Medina of PM Khan.
Meri Jang 17-Jan-21
Meri Jang
Discussion on the incompetence and bad Governance of the PTI Govt
Meri Jang 10-Jan-21
Meri Jang
Talking too much about NRO PM Khan helpless before mafias & allies.
Meri Jang 9-Jan-21
Meri Jang
Victims of Mach incident defeated by PM ego
Meri Jang 26-Dec-20
Meri Jang
Discussion with Faiz-ul-Hassan Chohan
Meri Jang 12-Dec-20
Meri Jang
Sheikh Rashid became Interior minister under the PM Imran Khan.
Meri Jang 6-Dec-20
Meri Jang
2nd wave of COVID19 in Pakistan, the opposition vs the state.
Meri Jang 5-Dec-20
Meri Jang
Modi snatched Kashmir and our PM has no interest.
Meri Jang 29-Nov-20
Meri Jang
Discussion on the PM Khan ambitions and reality.
Meri Jang 28-Nov-20
Meri Jang
The government expelled 4500 workers of Pakistan Steel Mill.
Meri Jang 21-Nov-20
Meri Jang
Lollypop in the name of Karachi circular train.
Meri Jang 1-Nov-20
Meri Jang
Ameer-e-JI announced a march toward Islamabad
Meri Jang 31-Oct-20
Meri Jang
Changing dimensions of Pakistani politics
Meri Jang 11-Oct-20
Meri Jang
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
Meri Jang 10-Oct-20
Meri Jang
Exclusive discussion with Ahsan Iqbal
Meri Jang 4-Oct-20
Meri Jang
A chapter about Prophet Mohammad PBUH removed from the English book
Meri Jang 3-Oct-20
Meri Jang
Nawaz Sharif is trying to become Altaf Hussain 2 in London
Meri Jang 27-Sep-20
Meri Jang
A danger of COVID19 new wave in Pakistan
Meri Jang 26-Sep-20
Meri Jang
PM Khan open challenge to the opposition
Meri Jang 20-Sep-20
Meri Jang
Ailing Nawaz Sharif spoke powerfully
Meri Jang 19-Sep-20
Meri Jang
The opposition is trying to react on the defeat in the parliament
Meri Jang 13-Sep-20
Meri Jang
Will educational institutions open after September 15?
Meri Jang 12-Sep-20
Meri Jang
The motorway incident and other political issues
Meri Jang 29-Aug-20
Meri Jang
The tussle for power in Karachi made it a helpless city
Meri Jang 23-Aug-20
Meri Jang
Pakistan Army came out to rescue flooded Karachi


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