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Meri Jang

Meri Jang

Anchor: Noor ul Arfeen Siddiqui
Channel: BOL News
Duration: 42 m
Type: Debates

Meri Jang Talk Show Program - All episodes
Meri Jang Sunday
Meri Jang
Civil Aviation canceled the license of 44 pilots
Meri Jang 17-Dec-19
Meri Jang
No limit of injustice in Pakistan, Army unhappy over special court verdict
Meri Jang 10-Dec-19
Meri Jang
Nothing changed in PM Khan new Pakistan
Meri Jang 27-Nov-19
Meri Jang
PTI government totally failed in the issue of COAS service extension issue
Meri Jang 22-Nov-19
Meri Jang
Nawaz Sharif has gone from the hand of PTI government
Meri Jang 21-Nov-19
Meri Jang
PTI foreign funding case and delay tactics from ruling party
Meri Jang 20-Nov-19
Meri Jang
PM Khan set new example by taking pity on Nawaz Sharif
Meri Jang 16-Nov-19
Meri Jang
Sharif family should be thankful to PM Khan for medical NRO
Meri Jang 13-Oct-19
Meri Jang
Hassan Nisar Senior Analyst in an exclusive interview
Meri Jang 6-Oct-19
Meri Jang
The journey to democracy continues, but public situation is so critical
Meri Jang 25-Aug-19
Meri Jang
Many untold stories of MQM revealed
Meri Jang 24-Aug-19
Meri Jang
Who is responsible for economic failure?
Meri Jang 18-Aug-19
Meri Jang
Mayor Karachi is crying over not having powers to take any step
Meri Jang 11-Aug-19
Meri Jang
Joint session of the parliament created more differences between government & opposition
Meri Jang 4-Aug-19
Meri Jang
World will have to take notice of Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir
Meri Jang 28-Jul-19
Meri Jang
Asad Umar speaking in favor of Ishaq Dar policies, What is going on?
Meri Jang 27-Jul-19
Meri Jang
Who will win political world cup?
Meri Jang 21-Jul-19
Meri Jang
Bad conduct of one of the leading multinational company.
Meri Jang 20-Jul-19
Meri Jang
Why Pervez Khttak is out of reach of accountability
Meri Jang 13-Jul-19
Meri Jang
Is Sadiqabad train accident also a part of previous government negligence
Meri Jang 7-Jul-19
Meri Jang
Changed Pakistan or most suffered Pakistan
Meri Jang 6-Jul-19
Meri Jang
Political of revenge is being done in Pakistan
Meri Jang 29-Jun-19
Meri Jang
Will Modi and PM Khan ever meet?
Meri Jang 22-Jun-19
Meri Jang
Chartered of democracy, Maryam Nawaz press conference
Meri Jang 16-Jun-19
Meri Jang
Political strategy of PTI against opposition
Meri Jang 9-Jun-19
Meri Jang
Saute to martyrs of Pakistan Army
Meri Jang 8-Jun-19
Meri Jang
Poor of Sindh died but Bhutto still alive there
Meri Jang 1-Jun-19
Meri Jang
Butcher of Gujrat became Indian PM 2nd time
Meri Jang 26-May-19
Meri Jang
Bilawal Bhutto & Maryam Nawaz came out in favor of PTM
Meri Jang 25-May-19
Meri Jang
PTM maligning Pak Army on the issue of Farishta case
Meri Jang 18-May-19
Meri Jang
PTI government & PM Khan performance in last 9 months
Meri Jang 12-May-19
Meri Jang
Another embarrassment for PM Modi on his statement about his Army
Meri Jang 11-May-19
Meri Jang
Dream of across the board accountability in new Pakistan looks out of reality
Meri Jang 4-May-19
Meri Jang
Confrontation between PTI & Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz is increasing day by day.
Meri Jang 28-Apr-19
Meri Jang
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari lost connection with masses
Meri Jang 21-Apr-19
Meri Jang
PIT is in deep trouble after major reshuffle in the federal cabinet.
Meri Jang 31-Mar-19
Meri Jang
18th amendment, High inflation rate worrying new investors
Meri Jang 24-Mar-19
Meri Jang
Reality of Ghotki incident of two Hindu Girls
Meri Jang 10-Mar-19
Meri Jang
Controversial Aurat March on International Women day
Meri Jang 24-Feb-19
Meri Jang
Post Pulwama attack scenario and tension between Pakistan & India
Meri Jang 16-Feb-19
Meri Jang
Indian ex Army man vs Pakistani ex Army man in today show.
Meri Jang 9-Feb-19
Meri Jang
No NRO in new Pakistan. PM Khan
Meri Jang 27-Jan-19
Meri Jang
PM Khan happy with the performance of CM Punjab.
Meri Jang 12-Jan-19
Meri Jang
Mini budget of storm of inflation
Meri Jang 5-Jan-19
Meri Jang
Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and Rana Sanaullah verbal attack on each other
Meri Jang 23-Dec-18
Meri Jang
Nawaz political future will decided tomorrow
Meri Jang 15-Dec-18
Meri Jang
Why was Asif Ali Zardri so harsh in his speech in Hyderabad
Meri Jang 8-Dec-18
Meri Jang
Codes of conduct of journalism are being ignored.


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