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Mere Sawal

Mere Sawal

Anchor: Mansoor Ali Khan
Channel: Samaa TV
Duration: 40 m
Type: Debates

Mere Sawal Talk Show Program - All episodes
Mere Sawal Sunday
Mere Sawal
Budget 2023-24, Police is arresting PTI workers again
Mere Sawal Saturday
Mere Sawal
Exclusive show with economic expert about upcoming budget.
Mere Sawal 2-Jun
Mere Sawal
PTI women proved Imran Khan wrong that they are being harassed in jail.
Mere Sawal 28-May
Mere Sawal
Rana Sanaullah press conference vs Imran Khan tweet. who is speaking truth?
Mere Sawal 27-May
Mere Sawal
Who are PTI leaders ready to become witness of Imran Khan crime
Mere Sawal 26-May
Mere Sawal
Exclusive discussion with interior minister Rana Sanaullah
Mere Sawal 21-May
Mere Sawal
What is going to happen with Imran Khan on Tuesday?
Mere Sawal 20-May
Mere Sawal
Are PTI leaders in contact with PMLQ? The future political scenario of Pakistan.
Mere Sawal 13-May
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan has played last card, what is going to happen with Imran Khan in near future?
Mere Sawal 12-May
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan has vindicated after interference from the Supreme Court.
Mere Sawal 7-May
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan will be on container again, How will the Govt react?
Mere Sawal 6-May
Mere Sawal
What messaging is being done between SC and establishment?
Mere Sawal 5-May
Mere Sawal
Danger of institutional collision, How to bring down the political temperature?
Mere Sawal 30-Apr
Mere Sawal
The supremacy of the supreme court is at stake?
Mere Sawal 28-Apr
Mere Sawal
What would be the judgment of SC if no result comes out of dialogue?
Mere Sawal 15-Apr
Mere Sawal
The state and the government is on the same page
Mere Sawal 14-Apr
Mere Sawal
Is everything happening as per the pre-planned script?
Mere Sawal 9-Apr
Mere Sawal
Analyzing the one year rule of the PDM government
Mere Sawal 8-Apr
Mere Sawal
Has PM Shahbaz Sharif made mind for the disqualification?
Mere Sawal 7-Apr
Mere Sawal
Will the government file reference against the Chief Justice?
Mere Sawal 2-Apr
Mere Sawal
Boycott of a supreme court after the boycott of national assembly
Mere Sawal 1-Apr
Mere Sawal
Judicial & constitutional crisis damaging the face of the state.
Mere Sawal 31-Mar
Mere Sawal
Division in court after media, establishment, and society.
Mere Sawal 26-Mar
Mere Sawal
Maryam Nawaz vs Imran Khan, who is most suited to the state?
Mere Sawal 25-Mar
Mere Sawal
Supreme Court will hear election case again after ECP verdict.
Mere Sawal 24-Mar
Mere Sawal
Would the election be conducted in 2023? Is Imran Khan cursing himself over blunder?
Mere Sawal 19-Mar
Mere Sawal
The possibility of election in KPK & Punjab, Maryam Nawaz or Imran Khan?
Mere Sawal 18-Mar
Mere Sawal
Part 2 of exclusive interview of Maryam Nawaz
Mere Sawal 12-Mar
Mere Sawal
Exclusive talk with the parent of PTI worker Zill e Shah who died during PTI rally in Lahore.
Mere Sawal 5-Mar
Mere Sawal
Islamabad police reached Zaman Park to arrest Imran Khan
Mere Sawal 4-Mar
Mere Sawal
PTI or PMLN, Who is leading in Punjab?
Mere Sawal 3-Mar
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan says his life is in danger if he comes to appear in courts.
Mere Sawal 26-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
PTI Jail Bharo movement and Imran Khan popularity
Mere Sawal 25-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Flopped show of PTI Jail Bharo movement.
Mere Sawal 24-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Serious criticism on the Supreme Court judges, Future of election in KPK & Punjab
Mere Sawal 19-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Has the time come to arrest Imran Khan? What would be the counter strategy of the government?
Mere Sawal 18-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan could be arrested before Wednesday, What will happen in the next few days?
Mere Sawal 12-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan intensified allegations against General Bajwa.
Mere Sawal 11-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Culture of baseless allegations and the role of political leadership.
Mere Sawal 10-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Pakistan ready to accept all conditions of IMF
Mere Sawal 5-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
More possibility of political confrontation, Pervez Musharraf passed away.
Mere Sawal 4-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan announced new phase of his movement
Mere Sawal 3-Feb-23
Mere Sawal
History of poitical cases against opponents in Pakistan.
Mere Sawal 29-Jan-23
Mere Sawal
No democracy in the political parties, how it could be possible in the country
Mere Sawal 28-Jan-23
Mere Sawal
Is Imran Khan really in danger? Could he be arrested soon?
Mere Sawal 27-Jan-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan blamed Asif Zardari for planning and funding his murder.
Mere Sawal 22-Jan-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan onslaught on General Bajwa, Nawaz Sharif is trying to give his narrative another lif..
Mere Sawal 21-Jan-23
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan admitted investing Shaukat Khanum funds in a housing scheme


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