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Mehmal Sarfraz

Mehmal Sarfraz

Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: Geo News

Mehmal Sarfraz's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Report Card 25-Jun
Report Card
Latest gallop survey and implementation of article 6
Report Card 24-Jun
Report Card
Imran Khan new allegations on the institutions
Report Card 22-Jun
Report Card
Imran Khan new campaign against neutral
Mere Sawal 18-Jun
Mere Sawal
FATF agreed to remove Pakistan from its greylist.
Report Card 17-Jun
Report Card
Shops will be closed at 9pm in all over Sindh
Faisla Aap Ka 19-May
Faisla Aap Ka
Can the Shahbaz government handle the current economic crisis?
Report Card 14-May
Report Card
is Imran khan demand to establishment for neutral is right or not?
Report Card 26-Apr
Report Card
Possible sit-in of PTI in Islamabad to get fresh election
To The Point 25-Apr
To The Point
Imran Khan call for sit-in in Islamabad. Deal with IMF
Report Card 25-Apr
Report Card
PTI announced to approach the supreme court against PM Shahbaz
Report Card 30-Mar
Report Card
Discussion on the letter gate and PM meeting with the senior journalists.
Report Card 24-Mar-22
Report Card
What about if PM Khan is expelled from the government?
Report Card 16-Mar-22
Report Card
National government but minus Imran Khan
Report Card 10-Mar-22
Report Card
Bilawal Bhutto serious allegations about the first lady.
Report Card 2-Mar-22
Report Card
Is PMLQ really with the government in this tough scenario?
Nasim Zehra @8:00 1-Mar-22
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan.
Report Card 24-Feb-22
Report Card
Noor Mukaddam case verdict, PM Khan visit to Russia
Dunya Kamran khan Ke Sath 23-Feb-22
Dunya Kamran khan Ke Sath
Would the opposition be succeeded in the vote of no-confidence?
Report Card 17-Feb-22
Report Card
Discussion on the future of the PTI government.
Report Card 16-Feb-22
Report Card
Journalist Mohsin Baig arrested.
Report Card 10-Feb-22
Report Card
Discussion on the Avenfield reference case in IHC
Report Card 3-Feb-22
Report Card
The government is targeting Nawaz Sharif over his viral video.
Report Card 2-Feb-22
Report Card
Are PPP & PMLN on same page on the issue of vote of no-confidence?
Report Card 27-Jan-22
Report Card
The real state of Medina also faced a difficulties in its first years. PM Khan
Report Card 26-Jan-22
Report Card
PTI position on the Transparency international report
Report Card 20-Jan-22
Report Card
Series of terror attacks in Pakistan
Report Card 19-Jan-22
Report Card
We can go with the PDM if they follow our strategy. Bilawal Bhutto
To The Point 17-Jan-22
To The Point
What is the reality in deal or relief?
Report Card 12-Jan-22
Report Card
Is the government serious for using the parliamentary platform to take key decisions?
Report Card 29-Dec-21
Report Card
Will Nawaz Sharif come back himself or the government will bring him back?
Report Card 23-Dec-21
Report Card
Will the opposition be able to give the govt a tough time?
Report Card 22-Dec-21
Report Card
Discussion on the reason behind PTI defeat in KPK
Report Card 17-Dec-21
Report Card
Who is right; Justice Wajihuddin or the Govt?
Report Card 16-Dec-21
Report Card
Is Pakistan gonna bankrupt? Fall od Dhaka
Report Card 15-Dec-21
Report Card
First official visit of Israeli PM to UAE
Report Card 9-Dec-21
Report Card
Rising differences between PPP & PMLN after by-election in Lahore.
Report Card 8-Dec-21
Report Card
Is incompetency of the PTI government reason for inflation in Pakistan?
Report Card 2-Dec-21
Report Card
Is the migration of Pakistanis abroad for jobs a success of this government?
Report Card 1-Dec-21
Report Card
Discussion on ivoting and EVMs and position of ECP
Report Card 26-Nov-21
Report Card
Islamabad High Court dismissed contempt of court petition against Maryam Nawaz & Shahid Khaqan
Report Card 25-Nov-21
Report Card
Leaked audio of Maryam Nawaz, people of Pakistan are losing hope over the government
Report Card 24-Nov-21
Report Card
Nawaz Sharif was removed by a grand conspiracy. Maryam Nawaz
Report Card 20-Nov-21
Report Card
Bringing Nawaz Sharif back is not possible?
Report Card 19-Nov-21
Report Card
Reasons of extremism in Pakistan, senate proceeding
Report Card 18-Nov-21
Report Card
Joint session proceeding and judges remarks in Maryam Nawaz case
Report Card 17-Nov-21
Report Card
Electoral reforms bill passed in the joint session of Parliament
Report Card 16-Nov-21
Report Card
Faisal Wawda put a serious allegations on Rana Shamim and his son.
Report Card 12-Nov-21
Report Card
A huge increase in the foreign debts of Pakistan


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