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Meher Abbasi

Meher Abbasi

Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Dawn News

Meher Abbasi's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Eye Friday
News Eye
Whose narrative will be surfaced in the PMLN after Shahbaz bail?
News Eye Thursday
News Eye
The opposition alliance is taking last breathe
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
Violent TLP banned by the government after loss of lives of 2 policemen.
News Eye 12-Apr
News Eye
An impact of PPP separation from the PDM
Off The Record 8-Apr
Off The Record
Nothing changed in the politics of Pakistan except faces
News Eye 31-Mar
News Eye
Discussion on the autonomy of the state bank of Pakistan
News Eye 30-Mar
News Eye
Discussion on the cabinet reshuffling & other issues.
News Eye 29-Mar
News Eye
Difference stance of PPP & PMLN damaged the PDM movement.
News Eye 25-Mar
News Eye
Why did NAB postpone Maryam Nawaz appearance?
News Eye 24-Mar
News Eye
Discussion on the future of the PDM
News Eye 23-Mar
News Eye
Exclusive show on Youm-e-Pakistan
News Eye 22-Mar
News Eye
PM should not underestimate the PDM strength. Maryam Nawaz
News Eye 18-Mar
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Eye 17-Mar
News Eye
Discussion on the future of the PDM alliance
News Eye 16-Mar
News Eye
Differences among PDM parties
News Eye 15-Mar
News Eye
A dialogue between the government and the opposition
News Eye 11-Mar
News Eye
Who threatened PMLN senators & Maryam Nawaz?
News Eye 10-Mar
News Eye
The PTI government facing embarrassment from all sides.
News Eye 9-Mar
News Eye
A big number of Pakistan children are suffering from malnutrition.
News Eye 8-Mar
News Eye
The majority of the opposition in the senate is a failure of the government.
News Eye 4-Mar
News Eye
Panic in the government after the defeat in the senate election.
News Eye 3-Mar
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
News Eye 2-Mar
News Eye
No confidence among the members of the government
News Eye 25-Feb
News Eye
A strong verdict issued by the ECP
News Eye 24-Feb
News Eye
The controversy of the Daska by-election Senate election
News Eye 23-Feb
News Eye
Names of disappeared POs in NA-75 revealed
News Eye 22-Feb
News Eye
PTI caught red-handed by doing rigging in the Daska by-election.
News Eye 18-Feb
News Eye
Discussion on the current political development before the senate election.
News Eye 17-Feb
News Eye
The presidential reference may put the PTI itself in trouble
News Eye 16-Feb
News Eye
Senate election by open ballot or secret ballot
News Eye 15-Feb
News Eye
Faisal Wavds might be disqualified that is why he wants a senate ticket
News Eye 11-Feb
News Eye
How to make the senate election transparent?
News Eye 10-Feb
News Eye
Why the opposition opposing the open ballot?
News Eye 9-Feb
News Eye
How can the government stop horse-trading?
News Eye 27-Jan
News Eye
Discussion on the Broadsheet scandal & PMLN reservations on the committee.
Off The Record 27-Jan
Off The Record
What will be the area of investigation for the Broadsheet inquiry committee?
News Eye 12-Jan
News Eye
PM Khan disappointed from the performance of the ministers.
Off The Record 6-Jan-21
Off The Record
Extrajudicial killing of Usama Satti & Mach incident
News Eye 5-Jan-21
News Eye
3 days to sit-in of the Hazara community. NAB lost case against Sharif family in UK.
11th Hour 5-Jan-21
11th Hour
PM Khan should himself go to address the grievances of the Hazara community.
11th Hour 4-Jan-21
11th Hour
11 coal miners of the Hazara community assassinated in Mach, Baluchistan.
News Eye 4-Jan-21
News Eye
The opposition agreed on participation in the senate election.
Breaking Point with Malick 3-Jan-21
Breaking Point with Malick
Future of the PDM, Police violence in Islamabad
News Eye 29-Dec-20
News Eye
Maulana Sherani new party with the name of JUI Pakistan.
News Eye 28-Dec-20
News Eye
Are all parties of the PDM on the same page?
News Eye 24-Dec-20
News Eye
Shahbaz, Durrani meeting in Jail & MQM issues with the PTI government.
News Eye 23-Dec-20
News Eye
PM Khan admission to not being prepared for the government.
News Eye 16-Dec-20
News Eye
We are fully ready to dissolve Sindh Assembly. Bilawal Bhutto


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