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Meher Abbasi Programs & Videos
News Eye 11-Apr
News Eye
Extreme economic crises of Pakistan its solution
News Eye 10-Apr
News Eye
Will PMLN support PPP to topple PTI government
News Eye 9-Apr
News Eye
Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman again on mission to unite opposition
News Eye 8-Apr
News Eye
Relief for Hamza Shahbaz from Lahore High Court
News Eye 4-Apr
News Eye
What is problem of PPP: 18th amendment or NAB cases
News Eye 3-Apr
News Eye
After salary issue now Punjab government under fire due to purchase of new vehicles
News Eye 2-Apr
News Eye
5 accused were absconder in fake accounts case, 2 arrested, 3 still out of reach
News Eye 1-Apr
News Eye
Huge increase in petroleum prices, high inflation & dollar rates
News Eye 28-Mar
News Eye
PM Imran Khan on mission to change poor life by giving them cheap homes
News Eye 27-Mar
News Eye
Will former PM Nawaz accept plea bargain offer?
News Eye 26-Mar
News Eye
Nawaz Sharif got bail, Shahbaz Sharif name excluded from ECL
News Eye 25-Mar
News Eye
Bilawal Bhutto train march and fake accounts cases on PPP leadership
News Eye 21-Mar
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
News Eye 20-Mar
News Eye
Many important documents regarding NAB cases against PPP leadership disappeared
News Eye 19-Mar
News Eye
Nawaz bail plea, NAB appearances of PPP core leadership
News Eye 18-Mar
News Eye
NAB under criticism from all side except ruling party.
News Eye 14-Mar
News Eye
Embarrassing act of members Punjab assembly
News Eye 13-Mar
News Eye
Bilawal threat of long march & road protest
News Eye 12-Mar
News Eye
How can terrorism be eliminated with nonfunctional NACTA
News Eye 11-Mar
News Eye
Political consequences of Bilawal meeting with Nawaz
Breaking Views with Malick 8-Mar
Breaking Views with Malick
Why PM Khan criticized Bilawal Bhutto English speech in national assembly
News Eye 7-Mar
News Eye
Nawaz Sharif health condition, Opposition vs Government
News Eye 6-Mar
News Eye
Mini budget approved by national assembly, Nawaz medical condition
News Eye 5-Mar
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with foreign minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi
News Eye 4-Mar
News Eye
Discussion on OIC joint declaration and Pakistan boycott
News Eye 28-Feb
News Eye
Discussion on joint session of the parliament and policy statement from PM
News Eye 27-Feb
News Eye
Pakistan still wants peace despite current escalation
News Eye 26-Feb
News Eye
Attack on Balakot to detract from Pulwama attack
News Eye 25-Feb
News Eye
PPP protest after arrest of Agha Siraj Durrani
News Eye 19-Feb
News Eye
Pakistani lawyers presented evidence in International court of justice against Kulboshan
News Eye 14-Feb
News Eye
Release of Shahbaz Sharif, Supreme Court finished proceeding of memgate case
News Eye 13-Feb
News Eye
Will Saudi Crown Prince stay in PM House or University?
News Eye 12-Feb
News Eye
Discussion on rumors of NRO and strong denial from PM
News Eye 11-Feb
News Eye
Exclusive show on Irshad Ranjhani murder in Karachi
News Eye 7-Feb
News Eye
Why opposition not happy over arrest of Aleem Khan?
News Eye 6-Feb
News Eye
Supreme Court announced verdict of Faizabad sit-in
News Eye 5-Feb
News Eye
Kashmir solidarity day special show.
News Eye 4-Feb
News Eye
Politics is being done on the issue of NRO & Nawaz health condition
News Eye 31-Jan
News Eye
Annoyed allied creating problem for PTI government
News Eye 30-Jan
News Eye
Discussion on Bilawal threat of long march and counter threat from PTI leaders.
News Eye 29-Jan
News Eye
PMLN motion for South Punjab & Bahawalpur Provinces
News Eye 28-Jan
News Eye
Who is threatening families of Sahiwal incident?
News Eye 22-Jan
News Eye
UAE approved $ 3 billion loan for Pakistan
News Eye 21-Jan
News Eye
Change of PTI need change itself, Sahiwal incident
News Eye 17-Jan
News Eye
Retirement of Mian Saqib Nisar, Criticism over judiciary
News Eye 16-Jan
News Eye
Supreme Court issued detail verdict of fake accounts case
News Eye 15-Jan
News Eye
Opposition conditioned support to military courts with relief in accountability
News Eye 14-Jan
News Eye
Supreme Court maintained Nawaz bail order in Avan Field reference
News Eye 10-Jan
News Eye
Current economic crises & package from IMF
News Eye 9-Jan
News Eye
Now PTI is not happy with NAB after opposition parties
News Eye 8-Jan
News Eye
If CM Sindh should resign over allegation then why not PM itself over using KPK helicopter
News Eye 7-Jan-19
News Eye
Bilawal Bhutto & Murad Ali Shah names removed from ECL
News Eye 3-Jan-19
News Eye
Should federal minister use such harsh language that used by Faisal Wada
News Eye 2-Jan-19
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid
News Eye 1-Jan-19
News Eye
PPP demanded resignation of CM KPK to counter PTI
News Eye 31-Dec-18
News Eye
Who will rule in Sindh? Chief Justice angry on rumors of governor rule in Sindh
News Eye 27-Dec-18
News Eye
PPP is being pressurized by JIT report to undone 18th amendment
News Eye 26-Dec-18
News Eye
An attempt to disrupt peace of Karachi with the murder of Ali Raza Abidi
News Eye 25-Dec-18
News Eye
Relationship between Omni Group and Zardari Group
News Eye 24-Dec-18
News Eye
Finally Maryam Nawaz broke silence and start tweeting again.
News Eye 20-Dec-18
News Eye
Opposition planing for joint action in case of leadership arrest
What PPP Will Do if AAZ Arrested 20-Dec-18
What PPP Will Do if AAZ Arrested
What PPP decided to do if Asif Zardari is arrested? Meher revealed in live show.
News Eye 19-Dec-18
News Eye
Will Nawaz Sharif go to mail or to Raiwind on December 24?
News Eye 18-Dec-18
News Eye
Political strategy of PPP & PMLN in case of arrest of their leadership
News Eye 17-Dec-18
News Eye
Opposition getting emotional now. Will Zardari shake hand with Nawaz?
News Eye 13-Dec-18
News Eye
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry
News Eye 10-Dec-18
News Eye
An important cabinet meeting to review ministers performance
News Eye 6-Dec-18
News Eye
Asif Ali Zardari series of harsh statement against PTI government
News Eye 5-Dec-18
News Eye
Azam Swati political future is in danger as CJP determine to make him example
News Eye 4-Dec-18
News Eye
Why deadlock on the issue of Public Account Committee Chairmanship?
News Eye 3-Dec-18
News Eye
PM Imran put all burden of Rupee fall on state bank of Pakistan
News Eye 29-Nov-18
News Eye
PM Imran speech on 100 days completion of his government
News Eye 28-Nov-18
News Eye
If India moves one step we will move two steps toward each other. PM Imran Khan
News Eye 27-Nov-18
News Eye
Is PTI government really backing NAB against opposition?
Petrol Prices Will Decrease Soon 27-Nov-18
Petrol Prices Will Decrease Soon
Petrol prices will decrease soon in Pakistan. Humyaun Akhter Khan
News Eye 26-Nov-18
News Eye
Discussion on PTI 100 days performance & future strategies
Meher Breaks Big About Zardari 23-Nov-18
Meher Breaks Big About Zardari
Meher Bukhari told difference in respect earned by Imran Khan as state head and Zardari
News Eye 22-Nov-18
News Eye
Opposition wanted to topple my government from day one. Imran Khan
News Eye 21-Nov-18
News Eye
Is the future of the country in Medina welfare state?
How Media React On IK tweet 21-Nov-18
How Media React On IK tweet
How International Media React On Imran Khan Response To Trump
News Eye 20-Nov-18
News Eye
Pakistan is an important ally of US, Military to military relationship will remain as it is. Pe..
News Eye 19-Nov-18
News Eye
PTI government performance in 100 days after coming into powers
Night Edition 16-Nov-18
Night Edition
Nawaz Sharif disassociated himself from Qatari letters in NAB Court
News Eye 15-Nov-18
News Eye
Assassination of Tahir Dawar and failure of state organizations
News Eye 14-Nov-18
News Eye
Royal protocol of President of Pakistan destroying PTI claims about simplicity
News Eye 13-Nov-18
News Eye
Government claim of getting clue of 700 billion money laundering
News Eye 12-Nov-18
News Eye
Power game in Punjab, NAB proceeding & Hearing of NAB appeal in supreme court
News Eye 8-Nov-18
News Eye
Are Nawaz Sharif & Maryam Nawaz going back to Adiala?
News Eye 7-Nov-18
News Eye
Politics of allegations, IMF delegation in Pakistan
PMLN Leader Angry on CJP in 7-Nov-18
PMLN Leader Angry on CJP in
PMLN leader angry on Chief Justice of Pakistan in live TV show.
News Eye 6-Nov-18
News Eye
Can state establish its writ with crackdown, arrests and legal proceeding?
News Eye 5-Nov-18
News Eye
PM Imran Khan back from China visit, State action against protesters
News Eye 1-Nov-18
News Eye
PM Imran should have taken parliament into confidence on current law & order situation before l..
News Eye 31-Oct-18
News Eye
Zardari played brilliant political card today in national assembly
News Eye 30-Oct-18
News Eye
Opposition vs government in today session of national assembly
News Eye 29-Oct-18
News Eye
Nawaz looks not ready to participate in APC, Will Zardari still take part in APC?
News Eye 25-Oct-18
News Eye
PMLN continues protest outside Punjab Assembly
News Eye 24-Oct-18
News Eye
Opposition should forget about NRO. PM Imran Khan
News Eye 23-Oct-18
News Eye
Saudi Arab agreed to give Pakistan US 3 billion


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