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Mazhar Abbas

Date of Birth: 24-Feb-1973 (Age: 46 Years)
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: ARY News
Facebook: 0302-8563595

Mazhar Abbas's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Talk Sunday
News Talk
Actions of molana fazal ur rehman in politics
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada Friday
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
What are the possible options Pakistan have regarding Kashmir dispute?
Report Card Friday
Report Card
Shahbaz Gill removal as spoke person Punjab
Report Card Thursday
Report Card
PPP refused to become practival part of JUI long march
Report Card 9-Sep
Report Card
Lady police constable who was slapped by lawyer decided to resign
Report Card 7-Sep
Report Card
Is minister science & technology rightly made fun of Indian failed moon mission?
Report Card 6-Sep
Report Card
Modi trapped under his own action in occupied Kashmir
Report Card 5-Sep
Report Card
Many big characters of fake accounts case become approver
Report Card 4-Sep
Report Card
PTI as like previous government trying its best to bypass parliament in important issues
Report Card 3-Sep
Report Card
Karachi need direct intervention of Bilawal Bhutto
Report Card 2-Sep
Report Card
ATM thief died under police custody in Rahim Yar Khan
Spot Light 21-Aug
Spot Light
Why Sindh government thinks Mayor Karachi statement is step toward civil disobedience
Report Card 20-Aug
Report Card
Can Maulana Fazal alone challenge PTI government?
92 At 8 19-Aug
92 At 8
Current security scenario demanded extension to Army Chief
Report Card 19-Aug
Report Card
Did PM make right decision by giving 3 years extension to army chief?
Nasim Zehra @8:00 18-Aug
Nasim Zehra @8:00
PTI government performance in first 12 months, Lock down in occupied Kashmir
Report Card 17-Aug
Report Card
Destruction due to raining in Karachi, Kashmir dispute in UN security counsel meeting
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 17-Aug
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
What role America can play to resolve Kashmir dispute
On The Front 13-Aug
On The Front
Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood accepted diplomatic failure
Report Card 10-Aug
Report Card
Federal cabinet approved no trade with India due to Kashmir situation
Nasim Zehra @8:00 10-Aug
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Media censorship in Pakistan
Breaking Point with Malick 9-Aug
Breaking Point with Malick
Maryam Nawaz arrest, Kashmir dispute and PTI ministers internal rift
Report Card 7-Aug
Report Card
Government of Pakistan decided to reduce diplomatic relation with India
Report Card 5-Aug
Report Card
Discussion on Indian step of removing occupied Kashmir special status.
Report Card 1-Aug
Report Card
What actually happened in the senate?
Report Card 30-Jul
Report Card
Maulana Fazal Ul Rehman playing religion card. Fawad Chaudhry
Nasim Zehra @8:00 28-Jul
Nasim Zehra @8:00
PTI government complaints over media and decision to form media courts
Breaking Point with Malick 27-Jul
Breaking Point with Malick
Restriction on media, new attacks on Pakistan army
Khara Sach 25-Jul
Khara Sach
Malfunction of Punjab government, cheating, corruption everywhere
News Wise 25-Jul
News Wise
Opposition on roads after one completed to general election 2018
On The Front 23-Jul
On The Front
PM Khan targeted Pakistani media in Washington
Nasim Zehra @8:00 14-Jul
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Daily Mail allegation of corruption on Shahbaz Sharif & family
Breaking Point with Malick 13-Jul
Breaking Point with Malick
More discussion on judge Arshad Malik video and affidavit
Faisla Aap Ka 4-Jul
Faisla Aap Ka
Drugs case against Rana Sanaullah Khan, NAB Chief today speech
News Wise 1-Jul
News Wise
After NAB now ANF after PMLN leaders
Sawal Yeh Hai 23-Jun
Sawal Yeh Hai
Budget 2019-20 & high rate of inflation
Breaking Point with Malick 22-Jun
Breaking Point with Malick
What Maryam Nawaz did today? Is she indirectly attacked army?
Nasim Zehra @8:00 21-Jun
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Discussion on various economic & political base issues
Night Edition 21-Jun
Night Edition
Division within ruling party and its impact on PTI future politics
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 15-Jun
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
Discussion on Punjab budget and allocation for energy sector
Khara Sach 14-Jun
Khara Sach
Discussion on PPP leadership future after arrest Zardari & Faryal?
Live With Nadia Mirza 14-Jun
Live With Nadia Mirza
Hearing of reference against Justice Qazi Faez Isa
Report Card 8-Jun
Report Card
PTI reaction on Shahbaz return announcement
Aitraaz Hai 8-Jun
Aitraaz Hai
Who will lead opposition movement against PTI government
Sawal Yeh Hai 7-Jun-19
Sawal Yeh Hai
After Nawaz Sharif now Zardari will be jailed soon
Report Card 6-Jun-19
Report Card
EID 2nd day special show
On The Front 4-Jun-19
On The Front
Once agains Pakistanis are divided on the issue of EID
News Wise 4-Jun-19
News Wise
NAB, economic crises & fear of opposition protest


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