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Mazhar Abbas

Date of Birth: 24-Feb-1973 (Age: 49 Years)
Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: ARY News
Facebook: 0302-8563595

Mazhar Abbas's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Breaking Point with Malick Tuesday
Breaking Point with Malick
Imran Khan vs the establishment
On The Front 30-Jun
On The Front
Hamza Shahbaz will be elected as CM again tomorrow
Report Card 30-Jun
Report Card
Differences with in the PTI after LHC verdict
Off The Record 28-Jun
Off The Record
Discussion on the by-election in Punjab and preparation of the parties.
Report Card 22-Jun
Report Card
Imran Khan new campaign against neutral
Breaking Point with Malick 21-Jun
Breaking Point with Malick
NAB amendments and reaction from Imran Khan
Report Card 21-Jun
Report Card
NAB amendments and moral position of the current government
Report Card 18-Jun
Report Card
Who actually deserves credit for the success of FATF?
Off The Record 16-Jun
Off The Record
Why does every new government put responsibility of a worst economic scenario on the previous.
Breaking Point with Malick 8-Jun
Breaking Point with Malick
What is bigger danger for the Shahbaz government, Imran Khan or inflation?
Off The Record 6-Jun
Off The Record
Discussion on the future of a coalition government.
Aapas Ki Baat 2-Jun
Aapas Ki Baat
An increase in the petroleum products and current rate of inflation.
Awaz 2-Jun
The government is preparing to register treason case against Khan.
Faisla Aap Ka 1-Jun
Faisla Aap Ka
Supreme Court expressed disappointment on the contempt of his order regarding a long march.
Breaking Point with Malick 30-May
Breaking Point with Malick
How effective Part-2 of the PTI long march would be?
Off The Record 26-May
Off The Record
An offer from Shahbaz Sharif to Imran Khan
Faisla Aap Ka 23-May
Faisla Aap Ka
The coalition government decided to complete its term.
Breaking Point with Malick 18-May
Breaking Point with Malick
Political scenario after the verdict of Supreme Court.
In Focus 14-May
In Focus
What Decisions Were Made In London?
Report Card 14-May
Report Card
is Imran khan demand to establishment for neutral is right or not?
Breaking Point with Malick 10-May
Breaking Point with Malick
Why did Nawaz Sharif call his party leaders in London?
Report Card 10-May
Report Card
Discussion on the current political instability in Pakistan.
Report Card 6-May
Report Card
US conspiracy or conflict with the establishment, What is the reason behind Khan ouster
Breaking Point with Malick 2-May
Breaking Point with Malick
Is Pakistan heading toward social destruction?
To The Point 27-Apr
To The Point
Hamza Shahbaz oath taking & Imran Khan speech in Lahore
Breaking Point with Malick 26-Apr
Breaking Point with Malick
Imran Khan is getting ready for another sit-in in Islamabad.
Off The Record 25-Apr
Off The Record
Is Shahbaz Sharif also a selected PM?
Report Card 22-Apr
Report Card
The narrative of international conspiracy of Khan and the declaration of NSC meeting.
On The Front 21-Apr
On The Front
If Khan government was removed by the US then why is the establishment being blamed now?
Breaking Point with Malick 20-Apr
Breaking Point with Malick
Shahbaz Sharif government start vs Imran Khan street protest.
To The Point 18-Apr
To The Point
Delay in the oath-taking of Hamza Shahbaz, Toshakhana scandal
Report Card 15-Apr
Report Card
Tosha Khan gifts were sold in Dubai by Imran Khan
Report Card 14-Apr
Report Card
No reality in an international conspiracy & US demands of bases in Pakistan. DG ISPR
Report Card 13-Apr
Report Card
LHC verdict about election for CM in Punjab
Faisla Aap Ka 11-Apr
Faisla Aap Ka
Imran Khan out as PM, Shahbaz Sharif in
11th Hour 7-Apr
11th Hour
Supreme court verdict and future scenario
Report Card 30-Mar
Report Card
Discussion on the letter gate and PM meeting with the senior journalists.
Report Card 25-Mar-22
Report Card
Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz serious allegations on Banigala
Report Card 24-Mar-22
Report Card
What about if PM Khan is expelled from the government?
Breaking Point with Malick 22-Mar-22
Breaking Point with Malick
Future of the PTI disgruntled members is in the hand of SC
Report Card 18-Mar-22
Report Card
2 PTI MNA Lead attack on Sindh house.
Breaking Point with Malick 15-Mar-22
Breaking Point with Malick
PM Khan is in big trouble. Chaudhry Pervez Elahi
Report Card 14-Mar-22
Report Card
Political strategies from the opposition & the government
Aitraaz Hai 13-Mar-22
Aitraaz Hai
Is PTI facing threats from its own party?
Report Card 12-Mar-22
Report Card
PM Khan offered a dialogue to the opposition
Report Card 10-Mar-22
Report Card
Bilawal Bhutto serious allegations about the first lady.
Nasim Zehra @8:00 9-Mar-22
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Who is leading in the number game?
Breaking Point with Malick 8-Mar-22
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on the big political development


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