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Mansoor Ali Khan

Mansoor Ali Khan

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: Express News

Mansoor Ali Khan's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Bolo With Talat Hussain Tuesday
Bolo With Talat Hussain
Which party will appoint a new army chief? What is going to happen in August?
Mere Sawal Sunday
Mere Sawal
Will the government go for a forensic of a leaked audio of Bushra Bibi?
Mere Sawal Saturday
Mere Sawal
Imran Khan vs Maryam Nawaz in the Punjab by-election
Mere Sawal 1-Jul
Mere Sawal
PTI and PMLN agreed on re-poll for CM Punjab election.
Mere Sawal 26-Jun
Mere Sawal
Pakistan could possibly get oil on credit from Saudi Arab.
Mere Sawal 24-Jun
Mere Sawal
Green signal from IMF, will this help Pakistan economy?
Meray Mutabiq 19-Jun
Meray Mutabiq
Country-wide protest on the call of Imran Khan
Mere Sawal 18-Jun
Mere Sawal
FATF agreed to remove Pakistan from its greylist.
Mere Sawal 17-Jun
Mere Sawal
Who deserves credit for the FATF outcome?
Mere Sawal 12-Jun
Mere Sawal
Is Imran Khan waiting for an unseen help?
Mere Sawal 11-Jun
Mere Sawal
What would be the PTI strategy after budget?
Mere Sawal 10-Jun
Mere Sawal
Is Budget 2022-23 people friendly?
Mere Sawal 5-Jun
Mere Sawal
Another audio leak, Will Nawaz Sharif ever come back?
Mere Sawal 3-Jun
Mere Sawal
Exclusive discussion with PMLN senior leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
To The Point 1-Jun
To The Point
Why cannot Pakistan buy a cheap price oil from Russia?
To The Point 31-May
To The Point
Political anarchy followed by legal action against the PTI leadership
To The Point 30-May
To The Point
Imran Khan vs PM Shahbaz Sharif
To The Point 25-May
To The Point
Could the government & PTI reach any agreement?
To The Point 23-May
To The Point
The government could possibly use force against Imran Khan
To The Point 18-May
To The Point
Political crisis in Punjab after the verdict of Supreme Court
To The Point 16-May
To The Point
Is a fresh election the only solution to get out of the trouble?
To The Point 11-May
To The Point
Key decisions of Pakistani politics are being done in London.
To The Point 10-May
To The Point
Is PMLN going to take big decision regarding the fresh election?
To The Point 9-May
To The Point
What direction the politics of Pakistan heading to?
To The Point 2-May
To The Point
Could Imran Khan really bring 2 million people in Islamabad?
To The Point 27-Apr
To The Point
Hamza Shahbaz oath taking & Imran Khan speech in Lahore
To The Point 26-Apr
To The Point
Chief Election Commissioner is a planted agent of PMLN. PTI blaming
To The Point 25-Apr
To The Point
Imran Khan call for sit-in in Islamabad. Deal with IMF
Breaking Point with Malick 21-Apr
Breaking Point with Malick
Can Imran Khan challenge new government by public gathering & sit-in?
To The Point 20-Apr
To The Point
Exclusive discusstion with Fawad Chaudhry
To The Point 19-Apr
To The Point
This assembly will complete its tenure. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
To The Point 18-Apr
To The Point
Delay in the oath-taking of Hamza Shahbaz, Toshakhana scandal
To The Point 13-Apr
To The Point
What Imran Khan can announce in Peshawar Jalsa.
To The Point 12-Apr
To The Point
An attack on Noor Alam Khan in the Marriot hotel.
To The Point 11-Apr
To The Point
Shahbaz Sharif took oath as a newly elected PM
To The Point 6-Apr
To The Point
Exclusive interview of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari
To The Point 5-Apr
To The Point
Punjab assembly adjourned till the 16th April
To The Point 4-Apr
To The Point
Stunning press conference from Aleem Khan
To The Point 30-Mar
To The Point
A big split in the government party.
To The Point 29-Mar
To The Point
What would happen after either the success or failure of the vote of no-confidence?
To The Point 28-Mar-22
To The Point
Could PM Khan survive after the support of PMLQ?
To The Point 23-Mar-22
To The Point
Should PM Khan go home now? How People are taking the current scenario?
To The Point 22-Mar-22
To The Point
Has the show-cause to deviant members worked?
To The Point 21-Mar-22
To The Point
PTI MNA Nusrat Wahid alleged PPP for offering her a big amount to change her loyalty.
Experts 17-Mar-22
Several PTI MNAs are in Sindh house, They are ready to support the opposition.
To The Point 16-Mar-22
To The Point
Chaudhry Pervez Elahi stunning interview and then explanation
To The Point 15-Mar-22
To The Point
What is the bigger challenge for the government, the opposition or the internal division?
To The Point 14-Mar-22
To The Point
PMLQ in a huddle with other ally parties to make a big decision.


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