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Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan

Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan

Date of Birth: 29-Nov-1971 (Age: 48 Years)
Address: Kasur, Punjab
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz

Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Eye Wednesday
News Eye
Is PMLN really offering support to PMLQ in Punjab?
Off The Record Wednesday
Off The Record
Forward block of PTI seeking respect for CM Punjab
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada Tuesday
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
PMLN contacts PMLQ to topple Punjab government
Sawal Yeh Hai 18-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
PTI vs Allies, CM Punjab under serious criticism due to bad governance
News Talk 18-Jan
News Talk
People eat more food in November, December. Sheikh Rashid talking on flour crises
Nasim Zehra @8:00 17-Jan
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Consensus between opposition & government and new NAB references
Sawal 17-Jan
CM Buzdar future in Punjab, PMLN facing leadership crises
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 17-Jan
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
PTI government doing its best to keep its allies intact
Clash With Imran Khan 16-Jan
Clash With Imran Khan
More troubles for PM Khan as PMLQ gives a week deadline
Clash With Imran Khan 15-Jan
Clash With Imran Khan
Who was the real target of Faisal Wada to expose with army shoe?
To The Point 15-Jan
To The Point
Faisal Wada dragged into dirty conspiracy
News Eye 14-Jan
News Eye
MQM separation created serious trouble for PTI government
Ho Kya Raha Hai 14-Jan
Ho Kya Raha Hai
Allies expressing concerns, PTI ministers criticizing Nawaz visit of restaurant.
Sawal Yeh Hai 10-Jan
Sawal Yeh Hai
Zainab Alert Bill approved in national assebly
Power Play 9-Jan
Power Play
Possible amendment in the NAB laws after army act consensus
On The Front 9-Jan
On The Front
An approval of army act bill in the parlaiment and role of opposition parties
News Eye 8-Jan
News Eye
Senate proceeding for army act bills approval, Iran attack on US military bases in Iraq
In Focus 4-Jan
In Focus
Opposition, government & establishment are on the same page on the issue of army act.
Nadeem Malik Live 2-Jan
Nadeem Malik Live
Discussion on an amendment in army act and unconditional support announced by the opposition
Off The Record 1-Jan
Off The Record
Future of accountability process in the year 2020
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 31-Dec-19
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
Why opposition unhappy over NAB ordinance? Bilawal offer to MQM
News Eye 30-Dec-19
News Eye
Why opposition taking NAB amendment suspiciously
Kal Tak 30-Dec-19
Kal Tak
Bilawal Bhutto big offer to MQM Pakistan opened new debate
Faisla Aap Ka 30-Dec-19
Faisla Aap Ka
Voices of mother of NRO, Will opposition support government in the parliament
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 26-Nov-19
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
What is the reason behind supreme court today action against army chief service extension
Faisla Aap Ka 25-Nov-19
Faisla Aap Ka
Why PTI hesitant in foreign funding case?
Sawal Yeh Hai 24-Nov-19
Sawal Yeh Hai
Both government & opposition are in full confidence in foreign funding case
Aitraaz Hai 23-Nov-19
Aitraaz Hai
PTI foreign funding case & PM Khan statement regarding Nawaz Sharif illness
Sawal 22-Nov-19
PM Khan not only questioned Nawaz Sharif illness also ministers of Punjab & SKMH doctors
Clash With Imran Khan 21-Nov-19
Clash With Imran Khan
Is PM Imran Khan really under pressure of opposition?
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 21-Nov-19
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
PTI future in trouble as ECP decided to hear foreign funding case daily
Power Play 20-Nov-19
Power Play
PM Khan vs Chief Justice of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif medical treatment in London
Kal Tak 19-Nov-19
Kal Tak
Future of PTI narrative after Nawaz Sharif departure
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada 19-Nov-19
Hard Talk Pakistan With Moeed Pirzada
Nawaz left for London via air ambulance
Sawal 15-Nov-19
Khawaja Asif offered personal guarantee on behalf of Nawaz Sharif
On The Front 14-Nov-19
On The Front
Who is playing politics on the issue of Nawaz health?
Clash With Imran Khan 13-Nov-19
Clash With Imran Khan
What Maulana achieved in Plan A of his Azadi March?
Off The Record 13-Nov-19
Off The Record
Condition of surety bonds for removal of Nawaz from ECL
Ho Kya Raha Hai? 13-Nov-19
Ho Kya Raha Hai?
Blocking roads will not harm PTI government
To The Point 12-Nov-19
To The Point
NAB court rejected Zardari plea for transferring his case in Sindh
11th Hour 11-Nov-19
11th Hour
Is it necessary that whole cabinet will endorse Nawaz departure then he could go
Sawal Yeh Hai 8-Nov-19
Sawal Yeh Hai
Nawaz Sharif going London for treatment along with brother Shahbaz
Clash With Imran Khan 6-Nov-19
Clash With Imran Khan
Nawaz Sharif shifted to home from services hospital
To The Point 6-Nov-19
To The Point
Nawaz Sharif reached home after 6 months
Power Play 5-Nov-19
Power Play
No breakup in deadlock between government & opposition committees.
News Eye 5-Nov-19
News Eye
Will government accept Maulana demand of PM resignation?
Kal Tak 4-Nov-19
Kal Tak
PMLN & PPP are making their minds for participating in Maulana sit-in
Sawal Yeh Hai 25-Oct-19
Sawal Yeh Hai
Are PTI government & opposition about to reach to an agreement?


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