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Khawar Ghumman

Khawar Ghumman

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: 92 News

Khawar Ghumman's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
How bigger challenge PTI long march is for the Shahbaz government?
Think Tank 21-May
Think Tank
How much reality in the news of Imran Khan arrest?
Think Tank 20-May
Think Tank
Is Fawad Chaudhry rightly demanding resignation from Hamza Shahbaz?
Think Tank 15-May
Think Tank
Dangers to Imran Khan life but why?
Think Tank 14-May
Think Tank
Talking about Imran khan words in their speech about NEUTRALS
Think Tank 13-May
Think Tank
Discuss the current political situation and president no-confidence vote
Think Tank 8-May
Think Tank
Why is ISPR having to warn over malicious campaign against the Army?
Think Tank 7-May
Think Tank
Sheikh Rashid irresponsible statement about bloody long march
Think Tank 6-May
Think Tank
Why is PTI & PMLN holding public rallies?
Think Tank 1-May
Think Tank
What would be the political scenario of Pakistan after Eid?
Think Tank 29-Apr
Think Tank
Condemnable incident in Masjid-e-Nabvi PBUH
Think Tank 24-Apr
Think Tank
Economy or Imran Khan, which is the bigger challenge for Shahbaz Sharif?
Think Tank 23-Apr
Think Tank
Why didc Imran Khan demand the resignation of the Chief Election Commissioner?
Think Tank 22-Apr
Think Tank
No evidence of international conspiracy was found. NSC
Think Tank 17-Apr
Think Tank
What does want to remove Imran Khan from the current political scenario
Think Tank 16-Apr
Think Tank
Why did the police enter in the Punjab assembly?
Think Tank 15-Apr
Think Tank
What is the future of PTI in the foreign funding case?
Think Tank 9-Apr
Think Tank
Could PM Khan get popularity of past again?
Think Tank 8-Apr
Think Tank
A last day of PM Imran Khan government
Think Tank 1-Apr
Think Tank
Why did ally parties leave the government?
Think Tank 25-Mar
Think Tank
Why is the government concentrating on public rallies rather trying to bring their members back
Think Tank 19-Mar
Think Tank
Have the allies settled their issues with the government?
Think Tank 18-Mar
Think Tank
What is going on in Islamabad?
Think Tank 13-Mar
Think Tank
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan.
Think Tank 12-Mar
Think Tank
PM Khan got aggressive after the vote of no-confidence.
Think Tank 6-Mar
Think Tank
Can the opposition and the government sit together to talk on the early elections?
Think Tank 5-Mar
Think Tank
Is everything going to change soon?
Think Tank 4-Mar
Think Tank
PMLQ has got key position under the current scenario.
Think Tank 27-Feb
Think Tank
What are the demands of Russia? PPP vs PTI long march
Think Tank 26-Feb
Think Tank
The war could be spread all over the West?
Think Tank 25-Feb
Think Tank
What did Pakistan achieve from PM Khan visit to Russia?
Think Tank 20-Feb
Think Tank
Maulana Fazal will meet Asif Zardari tomorrow
Think Tank 18-Feb
Think Tank
PPP or PMLN, what is the first priority of the Tareen group?
Think Tank 13-Feb-22
Think Tank
What would allies get if they leave for PTI government?
Think Tank 11-Feb-22
Think Tank
Tareen group is active again, Who is target this time?
Think Tank 6-Feb-22
Think Tank
Attacks on the security forces, what is the message?
Think Tank 5-Feb-22
Think Tank
Shahbaz Sharif & Asif Ali Zardari united again.
Think Tank 4-Feb-22
Think Tank
What are the behind objectives of recent terror attacks?
Think Tank 29-Jan-22
Think Tank
Why was the opposition defeated in the senate?
Think Tank 28-Jan-22
Think Tank
New wave of terrorism in Pakistan, what are the objectives
Think Tank 23-Jan-22
Think Tank
How effective interacting people on live phone calls.
Think Tank 22-Jan-22
Think Tank
How much reality in the government claim of economic growth
Think Tank 15-Jan-22
Think Tank
Would the govt be able to implement on national security policy?
Think Tank 14-Jan-22
Think Tank
What is the real reason for differences within the PTI?
Think Tank 9-Jan-22
Think Tank
Can responsible for Murree tragedy be held accountable?
Think Tank 8-Jan-22
Think Tank
The sad incident in Murree, Who is responsible?
Think Tank 7-Jan-22
Think Tank
Foreign funding case and Opposition demand of PM resignation.
Think Tank 2-Jan-22
Think Tank
Whose with PPP going to sign a deal


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