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Khara Sach

Khara Sach

Anchor: Mubashir Luqman
Channel: Aap News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Debates

Khara Sach is based on an intriguing one on one talk show filled with edgy questions and ground realities. The show is about to expose the worst face of the politician in front of nation. Khara Sach is presented by famous anchor Mubashir Lucman who was hosting previously Khari Baat Lucman Ke Saath on Dunya News channel. Mubasher Lucman is back with its new talk show Khara Sach on ARY News after being suspended by Dunya News after the leakage of controversial insight video of his show where he along with another co-host was allegedly fixed interviewing famous contractor Malik Riaz on his issue with the son of that time Chief Justice of Pakistan.  After being shifted to ARY News, he learnt much to his past experience and re-organized himself for new beginning on ARY News. Most of the time he has produced a show with full of hidden facts about day’s top story. And for this, he has been threatened by the hidden forces more than once. In-fact many criminal cases has been launched against him to malign him and to teach him a lesson. But still he is delivering his show with a same style of presenting hidden facts which he thinks are the actually reality.

Khara Sach broadcasts on ARY News every Monday to Thursday at 10:03pm and repeat telecasts on next day at 01:03pm. ARY News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel from Pakistan available both on cable and satellite. ARY News live was launched on September 26, 2004 with headquarter located in Karachi, Pakistan. ARY News is a part of ARY Digital Network which is subsidiary of ARY Group. ARY is a shorter version of the name of Abdul Razzaq Yaqoob who was the owner of the group. ARY News live generally broadcasts news, hourly based headline news, talk shows and many other programs based on social issues. Apart from Khara Sach ARY News also broadcasts Off The Record, Sawal Yeh Hai and Ab Tak. These are also the  top rated talk shows based on current political and national issues. ARY News channel is known as a critics of the current government. The channel is competing with many other top news channel including Geo News, Express News, Dunya News, Aaj News and Samaa News.

Khara Sach Talk Show Program - All episodes
Khara Sach Wednesday
Khara Sach
Would Punjab assembly be dissolved or vote of no-confidence will come?
Khara Sach 17-Oct
Khara Sach
Exclusive interview of TLP Chief Saad Rizvi
Khara Sach 29-Sep
Khara Sach
Rumors of videos after audios, Big relief to Maryam Nawaz
Khara Sach 27-Sep
Khara Sach
Exclusive show with famous astrologists.
Khara Sach 19-Sep
Khara Sach
ECP reserved verdict of Toshakhana case, Zardari stay in Lahore.
Khara Sach 13-Sep
Khara Sach
Imran Khan new proposal and other issues.
Khara Sach 30-Aug
Khara Sach
Exclusive show from Dera Ghazi Khan
Khara Sach 29-Aug
Khara Sach
Religious parties are leading in the relief work.
Khara Sach 18-Aug-22
Khara Sach
Imran Khan is trying to become a champion of free media.
Khara Sach 17-Aug-22
Khara Sach
Is Imran Khan trying to confront the state?
Khara Sach 11-Aug-22
Khara Sach
Shahbaz Gill statement put PTI & Imran Khan in big trouble.
Khara Sach 3-Aug-22
Khara Sach
PTI is in deep trouble after the judgment of ECP
Khara Sach 1-Aug-22
Khara Sach
Imran Khan could b disqualified on telling lie in ECP.
Khara Sach 19-Jul-22
Khara Sach
Confrontation between the coalition government and PTI
Khara Sach 13-Jul-22
Khara Sach
Exclusive show on the issues of transgenders.
Khara Sach 6-Jul-22
Khara Sach
Corruption stories of Chaudhry brothers in Punjab
Khara Sach 28-Jun-22
Khara Sach
Corruption stories of the PTI government.
Khara Sach 23-Jun-22
Khara Sach
Discussion on the narrative of attacking institution and international conspiracy.
Khara Sach 22-Jun-22
Khara Sach
Imran Khan new series of allegations against national institutions
Khara Sach 21-Jun-22
Khara Sach
Why Imran Khan angry with journalists?
Khara Sach 20-Jun-22
Khara Sach
Religious groups vs political parties in Karachi
Khara Sach 15-Jun-22
Khara Sach
Discussion on the corruption scandals of the PTI government.
Khara Sach 2-Jun-22
Khara Sach
Imran Khan keeps threatening the state.
Khara Sach 1-Jun-22
Khara Sach
Former CM Punjab is in contact with PMLN
Khara Sach 31-May-22
Khara Sach
Is PTI promoting a narrative of hate?
Khara Sach 24-May-22
Khara Sach
PTI long march has become Imran Khan vs Rana Sanaullah
Khara Sach 19-May-22
Khara Sach
Maryam Nawaz public rallies vs Imran Khan power shows
Khara Sach 18-May-22
Khara Sach
The economy could not be brough on track by political slogans.
Khara Sach 17-May-22
Khara Sach
The verdict of SC has changed the whole political scenario.
Khara Sach 11-May-22
Khara Sach
Maryam Nawaz Jalsa in Swabi and London meeting
Khara Sach 26-Apr-22
Khara Sach
Another terror attack on Chinese citizens in Pakistan.
Khara Sach 25-Apr-22
Khara Sach
63 PTI members refused to confirm their resignations.
Khara Sach 20-Apr-22
Khara Sach
First meeting of the federal cabinet and upcoming challenges.
Khara Sach 19-Apr-22
Khara Sach
Issues between PPP & PDM on constitutional positions
Khara Sach 18-Apr-22
Khara Sach
Exclusive talk with former finance minister Ishaq Dar.
Khara Sach 14-Apr-22
Khara Sach
PTI narrative about the US conspiracy behind political change in Pakistan was fiction. DG ISPR
Khara Sach 4-Apr-22
Khara Sach
Big political & constitutional crisis in Pakistan
Khara Sach 29-Mar-22
Khara Sach
Aleem Khan or Pervez Elahi, who will become a new CM?
Khara Sach 28-Mar-22
Khara Sach
Division within the PMLQ after Pervez Elahi settlement with the government.
Khara Sach 24-Mar-22
Khara Sach
Few days left to end the big game, Khan is still full of confidence.
Khara Sach 23-Mar-22
Khara Sach
What possible action PM Khan could take before the 28th March?
Khara Sach 22-Mar-22
Khara Sach
Can disgruntled members be disqualified?
Khara Sach 17-Mar-22
Khara Sach
A big setback to the PTI government, Ministers are using abusive language
Khara Sach 16-Mar-22
Khara Sach
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan
Khara Sach 15-Mar-22
Khara Sach
D-Chowk will be a new battlefield between the opposition and the Govt.
Khara Sach 14-Mar-22
Khara Sach
Exclusive interview of Maulana Fazal Ur Rehman
Khara Sach 9-Mar-22
Khara Sach
The opposition is heading forward smoothly
Khara Sach 8-Mar-22
Khara Sach
A tough time has begun for the government.


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