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Khabar Yeh Hay

Khabar Yeh Hay

Anchor: Uzma Numan
Channel: Dunya News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Haroon-ur-Rasheed
Others: Habib Akram

Khabar Yeh Hai is known for an analysis based talk show in which all the latest and top stories of the day before are discussed. The format of the show is about to provide the viewers an analysis along with inside facts. Uzam Nauman who works in Dunya TV as a news caster hosts this show along with Habib Akram and Senior Journalist Haroon Ur Rasheed. Uzma Nauman reads the news about most highlighted issue of the day and ask the analysts panel of Habib Akram and Haroon Ur Rasheed for make a thought full and incisive analysis. Many inside stories about malfunctions in the government bodies and irregularities in governments deals and tasks are disclosed in the show by the well updated panel of the analysts. Khabar Yeh Hai on airs at the time when other channels are repeat presenting the routine bulletin in the morning. Dunya News exclusively broadcasts the show on every Monday to Friday at 08:05am. It is an hourly based talk show. In the previous format of the show Rauf Klasra and Saeed Qazi were participated in the show as an analyst and Shazia Zeeshan hosted the show. They all three now migrated to other news channels.

Dunya News exclusively broadcasts Khabar Yeh Hai in its morning transmission. The show is presented at the time when other channels of same genres either are showing routine bulletin or repeating the show of previous day. Dunya News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel of Pakistan. It was launched on December 1, 2008 with headquarter located in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel is owned by famous celebrity Mian Aamir Mehmood who is also the chief editor of Daily Dunya Newspaper and also is the former mayor of the city of Lahore. Dunya news generally telecasts, news bulletin, talk shows and other entertainment and infotainment based programs in its 24 hour a day broadcasting. Dunya news also presents various other talk shows including On The Front, Siasat Hai Ya Saazish, Ikhtilafi Note, Kab, Kaisay aur Kyun and Nuqta e Nazar. Geo news, ARY news, Express news and Samaa news are the other channels of its kind.

Khabar Yeh Hay Talk Show Program - All episodes
Khabar Yeh Hay 8-Apr-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
PSP decided to spread its protest in all over Sindh
Khabar Yeh Hay 7-Apr-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Load shedding, Garbage and street crimes are major issues of People of Karachi.
Khabar Yeh Hay 31-Mar-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Tension in Karachi after police arrested jamate Islami leaders
Khabar Yeh Hay 25-Mar-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Exclusive talks with Hamid Saeed Kazmi, former federal minister for religious affairs
Khabar Yeh Hay 24-Mar-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Gilani disowned letter showing by media claiming PM granted authority to Haqqani for issuing ou..
Khabar Yeh Hay 18-Mar-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Youm e Tasees of MQM, Farooq Sattar released after brief detention
Khabar Yeh Hay 11-Mar-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Should reforms in Madressah necessary to eradicate sectarian terrorism?
Khabar Yeh Hay 10-Mar-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Mayor Karachi campaign of clean Karachi, Conflict between Javed Latif and Murad Saeed.
Khabar Yeh Hay 3-Mar-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Exclusive discussion with IG Punjab on security situation in Punjab.
Khabar Yeh Hay 26-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Reformation of military courts and all parties conference called by PPP
Khabar Yeh Hay 24-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Exclusive discussion with Mualana Fazal Ur Rehman.
Khabar Yeh Hay 19-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Visiting D.I khan and knowing people political mood.
Khabar Yeh Hay 18-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Exclusive talks with Pervez Khattak, CM of KPK on current situation in country
Khabar Yeh Hay 17-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
What ever actions Pakistani government is taking are enough to overcome current on slot of terr..
Khabar Yeh Hay 12-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Assumptions about supreme court possible decision in Panama case.
Khabar Yeh Hay 11-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
It it correct decision of PCB to take action against players?
Khabar Yeh Hay 10-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Exclusive Discussion with PSP chairman Mustafa Kamal.
Khabar Yeh Hay 5-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Exclusive discussion with Ameer e Jamate Islami on Kashmir day.
Khabar Yeh Hay 4-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
What is the big issue of Pakistan?
Khabar Yeh Hay 3-Feb-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
PM inaugurated Karachi-Hyderabad M9 motorway, Madrisa reform program.
Khabar Yeh Hay 28-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
U Turn of PPP on current political scenario
Khabar Yeh Hay 27-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Fight in national assembly, Campaign against General (r) Raheel and Panama hearing.
Khabar Yeh Hay 22-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Imran Khan speech in Kasur Jalsa, FATA reforms, PPP political future in Punjab.
Khabar Yeh Hay 21-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Bomb attach in Parachinar vegetable market resulting casualties
Khabar Yeh Hay 20-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Panama hearing, PPP political campaign in Punjab and Army Chief visit to Karachi.
Khabar Yeh Hay 15-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
PTI jalsa in DG Khan, response from PMLN leaders.
Khabar Yeh Hay 14-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Fast judicial system needed in Pakistan to deal with current challenge of extremism and terrori..
Khabar Yeh Hay 13-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Opposition parties opposing extension for military courts.
Khabar Yeh Hay 8-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
PTI Jalsa in Bahawalpur, KPK government launched advertisement campaign of their development wo..
Khabar Yeh Hay 7-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
Appointment of chief General (retd) Raheel Sharif as commander of the Saudi-led 39-nation milit..
Khabar Yeh Hay 6-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
PTI yet to present any evidence in supreme court, Pakistan Railway in trouble.
Khabar Yeh Hay 1-Jan-17
Khabar Yeh Hay
New Chief Justice of Supreme Court formed 5 members bench for Panama leaks case.
Khabar Yeh Hay 30-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
PPP revealed its plan for public interaction on Panama issue.
Khabar Yeh Hay 25-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Former President Asif Ali Zardari met with Dr. Asim today. Personality of Founder of Pakistan.
Khabar Yeh Hay 24-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Asif Zardari not satisfy on the performance of lawyers on Dr. Asim case
Khabar Yeh Hay 23-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Asif Ali Zardari return and Rangers action in Karachi.
Khabar Yeh Hay 18-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Asif Ali Zardari announced his return on 27th December, 2016.
Khabar Yeh Hay 17-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Interior Minister decided to challenge SC report on Quetta carnage
Khabar Yeh Hay 10-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
An Independent investigation required for PIA plane crash to avoid such incident in future.
Khabar Yeh Hay 9-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Panama case postponed till January 2017, New promotions in Pakistan Army.
Khabar Yeh Hay 4-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Undiplomatic behavior with Sartaj Aziz in India during Heart of Asia conference.
Khabar Yeh Hay 3-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Pakistan Judicial system needs reforms
Khabar Yeh Hay 2-Dec-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Bilawal trying to stand PPP again on its feet in Punajb.
Khabar Yeh Hay 27-Nov-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Challenges for new Pak Army Chief, Regional countries want to be a part of CPEC.
Khabar Yeh Hay 26-Nov-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Gen Qamar Bajwa belongs to Baloch Regiment selected as new Army Chief
Khabar Yeh Hay 25-Nov-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Retirement of General Raheel & appointment of new army leader.
Khabar Yeh Hay 20-Nov-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
PTI looking for new lawyer while PPP waiting for new opportunities.
Khabar Yeh Hay 19-Nov-16
Khabar Yeh Hay
Who is next Lawyer of PTI on Panama issue after Hamid Khan?


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