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Khabar Se Agey

Khabar Se Agey

Anchor: Nabila Sandhu
Channel: Express News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Political Analysis
Analyst: Ayaz Khan

Khabar Se Agey is a political analysis based show which presents on Express News. The show is first of Express News prime time transmission’s talk shows. Nabila Sindhu hosts this show who is also a news caster of Express News channel. Ayaz Khan who is familiar journalist/columnist and expert analysts participates in the show as an expert analyst. Ayaz Khan is also the editor of news cell of Express News channel and Daily Express newspaper. Nabila Sindhu anchors the show with latest updates in the local politics and in the region. She reads news headlines and asked Ayaz Khan to present his expert analysis. Some time according to the topic other guest is also invited for further analysis. Khabar Se Agey is broadcasts on Express News channel from every Monday to Thursday at 07:05pm with repeat telecasts at 08:05am on next day.

Express News starts its prime time transmission with Khabar Se Agey from Monday to Friday. Express News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel from Pakistan. It was launched on January 1, 2008 with headquarter located in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel is owned by Daily Express newspaper which is Pakistan’s 2nd largest news group. Express news presents news bulletin, breaking news, latest news, talk shows and various other entertainment and infotainment based programs. Kal Tak ,Takrar and @ Q with Ahmed Qureshi are  the other talk shows presented by Express News in its prime time transmission. Nuqta e Nazar, Pakistan at 7, News Plus and Power Lunch are the shows which broadcast on other news channel but have the same genres. Geo News, Duyna News, ARY News and Samaa News are the other news channels which are listing top with Express News.

Ayaz Khan is well known journalist and columnist. His column publishes on Urdu Daily Express Newspaper titled with Justaju. He has great experience of field journalism and also has great eye on Pakistan hot issues. He participates in Khabar Se Agey as an analyst who detailed the news red by host Nabila Sindhu. Ayaz Khan has past experience of criticizing the current ruling party over their bad governance issue. But he also admires the government for their people welfare projects.

Khabar Se Agey Talk Show Program - All episodes
Khabar Se Agey 25-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Brazil awarded their high ranked award to Army Chief of Pakistan, Danger of third world war.
Khabar Se Agey 24-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Prime Minister hot speeches in Gilgit and Jhang and reminding nation about his efforts.
Khabar Se Agey 23-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Famous writer, poet and intellectual Jameel-ud-Din Aali passed away.
Khabar Se Agey 18-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Nandipur Power Project audit report and 2nd phase of LB election.
Khabar Se Agey 17-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Local body election, political campaign will end tonight, which party will take that part of el..
Khabar Se Agey 16-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Relationship between Civil and Military leadership and Army Chief visit to America.
Khabar Se Agey 11-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
National Action Plan and governance of all governments after ISPR press release.
Khabar Se Agey 10-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
PTI once again crying on rigging on NA-122 By election and preparing for new protest.
Khabar Se Agey 9-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Iqbal day and the election of National Assembly Speaker.
Khabar Se Agey 4-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Why Reham Khan and Imran Khan too annoyed with media?
Khabar Se Agey 3-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz caught by internal division on the base of various conflicts.
Khabar Se Agey 2-Nov-15
Khabar Se Agey
Full of action local body election in Sindh and Punjab.
Khabar Se Agey 28-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Upcoming local body election and position of political parties as compare to independents.
Khabar Se Agey 27-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Prime Minister and Army Chief visited earth quack effected areas.
Khabar Se Agey 21-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Local government election in Sindh and Punjab.
Khabar Se Agey 20-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Indian extremists and their activities in India, No series between Indian and Pakistan. Shehrya..
Khabar Se Agey 19-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Regional peace is on stack after Hindu extremists increased violation in India against Muslims.
Khabar Se Agey 14-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
PTI and Imran Khan again crying for rigging in NA-122 by election.
Khabar Se Agey 13-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Once more time PTI submitted application to ECP against rigging in NA-122 By Poll.
Khabar Se Agey 12-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Pmln celebrating big win with minor margin.
Khabar Se Agey 7-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq contesting with Imran Khan whereas Imran Khan contesting with PM.
Khabar Se Agey 6-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
Bye election in NA-122, Who will win PMLN or PTI?
Khabar Se Agey 5-Oct-15
Khabar Se Agey
MQM troubles are lesser now or getting more worst for them.
Khabar Se Agey 30-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
PM farmers relief Package freeze by ECP. Imran Khan in Lahore.
Khabar Se Agey 29-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
PTI decided to arrange jalsa in Lahore on 9th October instead of in Islamabad.
Khabar Se Agey 28-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Mina incident of stampede victims have increased to 1100 deaths.
Khabar Se Agey 23-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Rumors about critical condition of Imran Khan relationship with Reham Khan.
Khabar Se Agey 22-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
More question marks on PMLN government performance.
Khabar Se Agey 21-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Afghanistan failed to prevent terrorists doing terrorism in Pakistan from its territory.
Khabar Se Agey 16-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Interior Minister press briefing and fake degree case which become cause of JI lost in by elect..
Khabar Se Agey 14-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Political issues or laymen issues: What is priority of the Government?
Khabar Se Agey 9-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Protests, sit-ins, strikes showing the incapacity of this PMLN government.
Khabar Se Agey 8-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
CEO Media Logic demanded 450 million rupees from Express media group.
Khabar Se Agey 7-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Pakistan Air Force day: Important meeting in Islamabad uner PM to bring reforms in Madaris.
Khabar Se Agey 2-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Aftab Iqbal first time on Express Screen after joining Express network.
Khabar Se Agey 1-Sep-15
Khabar Se Agey
Indian new propaganda on 1965 war. They think they won that war.
Khabar Se Agey 31-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
After today's Zardari statement can it be said that friendship between PMLN and PPP is going to..
Khabar Se Agey 26-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Imran Khan couldn't get hatrick in cricket but succeeded in politics.
Khabar Se Agey 25-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Army Chief visit to Karachi: Appreciated performance of law enforcement agencies and shown dete..
Khabar Se Agey 24-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Our civil and military leadership at least on one page on terrorism issue.
Khabar Se Agey 19-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Is government ready to fulfill MQM all demand? Ch. Nisar addressed in Rangers passing out cerem..
Khabar Se Agey 18-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Who attacked Rashid Godil? Was this inside job or someone else wants to disturb peace in Karach..
Khabar Se Agey 17-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Scarify of Shuja Khanzada will not be wasted. NA-19 even Reham Khan campaigning couldn't bring ..
Khabar Se Agey 12-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Was MQM really facing problems for playing their role in Parliament?
Khabar Se Agey 11-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
After media pick up the issue of Kasur sex scandal Government of Punjab wake up. JIT formed now..
Khabar Se Agey 10-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Kasur Sex Scandal: is this failure of Punjab Government or Society failed this time to protect ..
Khabar Se Agey 5-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
Javed Hashmi more revealing about his past experience in PTI.
Khabar Se Agey 4-Aug-15
Khabar Se Agey
PTI future in Parliament still not clear. In today's Assembly session no decision made.


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