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Kashif Abbasi

Date of Birth: 10-Dec-1974 (Age: 47 Years)
Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Tv Anchor
Affiliation: ARY News
Phone# 0300-8567286
Email: kash_ki@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OTRPK
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kashifabbasiary
Kashif Abassi is not only a journalist but also a very famous host and anchorperson as well. He hosts the current affairs talk show Off the Record on ARY News. He did his graduation in Barani Institute of Information Technology at Rawalpindi. Abbasi has interviewed with many notable politicians as well government officials in his show. He is known for asking brave questions. He married with famous journalist and female anchorperson Meher Bukhari in 2011. He belongs to a journalist family in this sense. Meher is very aggressive and talented female journalist like Abbasi. But, she was involved in conducting a planted interview on the request of Malik Riaz (symbol of property tycoon). Abbasi later hosted a special transmission on his show to unveil the truth about this controversy. Off the Record with Kashif Abbasi is based on current affairs and political happenings of day in the country. The format of this show consists of a panel based on 3 guests, belongs to different political parties. A topic wise discussion was carried out in this show. The topic is based on some critical and crucial issue which needs to be discussed. Abbasi remains unbiased during the whole discussion and always stands to the right side of the story. He puts hard questions to expose the truth. His style of expressing the things is very excellent. He looks busy to remain engage his guests with his hard questions. He has discussed Panama issue thoroughly in his show and took authentic review over it from renowned lawyers and political personalities. He is also invited as analyst on different TV shows to give his expert opinion on particular critical issue. He looks very committed to his professional work. He gathers information at every aspect relating to the topic before conducting a show. So, he never feels hesitation while discussing the topic as he has full command over the topic. Off the Record with Kashif Abbasi is telecast at ARY News from Monday to Thursday at 8:05 pm. It is again telecast on very next day on ARY News.

Kashif Abbasi's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Off The Record Wednesday
Off The Record
Why is PM Khan unhappy with the media?
Off The Record Tuesday
Off The Record
Corruption Perception Index revealed that corruption increased in Pakistan.
Off The Record Monday
Off The Record
Discussion on the resignation of Shahzad Akbar and other issues.
Off The Record 20-Jan
Off The Record
Lahore blast and current rate of inflation
Off The Record 19-Jan
Off The Record
Is PMLN ready for the no-confidence motion?
Off The Record 18-Jan
Off The Record
Who is actually a candidate of PM in PMLN?
Off The Record 17-Jan
Off The Record
Rumors about Nawaz Sharif deal and new claim of the govt.
Off The Record 13-Jan
Off The Record
Exchange of harsh words between PM Khan and defense minister Pervez Khattak
Off The Record 12-Jan
Off The Record
Has victim accepted deal in Usman Mirza case?
Off The Record 11-Jan
Off The Record
Has the opposition agreed on no-confidence against PM Khan?
Khabar Hai 11-Jan
Khabar Hai
Exclusive discussion on the new trouble of Shahbaz Sharif
Off The Record 10-Jan
Off The Record
Tragedy in Murree is another failure of the Govt
Off The Record 3-Jan
Off The Record
Discussion on the possible return of Nawaz Sharif
Off The Record 29-Dec-21
Off The Record
Discussion on the overall scenario in 2021
Aitraaz Hai 25-Dec-21
Aitraaz Hai
New party structure of PTI and future scenario
Off The Record 23-Dec-21
Off The Record
PMLN is suddenly expecting change in the government?
Off The Record 22-Dec-21
Off The Record
Is the selection of wrong candidates only a reason for PTI defeat?
Off The Record 21-Dec-21
Off The Record
PTI defeat in the KPK and its reason, Maryam Nawaz keaked audio
Off The Record 20-Dec-21
Off The Record
Why PTI defeated in the local body election in KPK?
Off The Record 16-Dec-21
Off The Record
By-poll in Khanewal and Justice Wajih allegations on PM Khan
Off The Record 15-Dec-21
Off The Record
How fabricated the audio of Saqib Nisar made?
Off The Record 14-Dec-21
Off The Record
Fact about Saqib Nisar leaked audio tape
Off The Record 13-Dec-21
Off The Record
What would happen in 2022? Will the Khan government continue till then?
Off The Record 9-Dec-21
Off The Record
What is going on in the political houses of Islamabad?
Off The Record 8-Dec-21
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with Khawaja Muhammad Asif
Off The Record 7-Dec-21
Off The Record
Both w with inner & loser in NA-133 by-poll are happy with the results.
Off The Record 6-Dec-21
Off The Record
How to control extremism in Pakistan? PDM leaders meeting
Off The Record 2-Dec-21
Off The Record
What would be new in the next audio of Maryam Nawaz?
Off The Record 1-Dec-21
Off The Record
Has the opposition no more danger for the government?
Off The Record 30-Nov-21
Off The Record
Former chief judge GB U-turn in the court.
Off The Record 29-Nov-21
Off The Record
Alleged videos of PMLN & PPP buying votes in NA-133
Off The Record 25-Nov-21
Off The Record
Captain Safdar says there are many videos available, petrol crisis
Off The Record 24-Nov-21
Off The Record
Maryam Nawaz confessed about her interference in the distribution of the ads.
Off The Record 23-Nov-21
Off The Record
Discussion on the leaked audio of Saqib Nisar and its impact on the legal cases of Sharif famil..
11th Hour 22-Nov-21
11th Hour
Discussion on the leaked audio of former CJP Saqib Nisar
Off The Record 22-Nov-21
Off The Record
Controversy after Nawaz Sharif address in the Asma Jehangir conference.
Off The Record 18-Nov-21
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Rana Shamim Son
Off The Record 17-Nov-21
Off The Record
Joint session of the parliament and a huge defeat to the opposition
Off The Record 16-Nov-21
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with son of Rana Shamim, Joint session of the parliament.
Off The Record 10-Nov-21
Off The Record
Is the allies of the government really looking for a bargaining?
Off The Record 9-Nov-21
Off The Record
Discussion on the challenges to the PTI government.
Off The Record 8-Nov-21
Off The Record
Exclusive interview of Dr Nauman Niaz on Shoaib Akhter issue.
Off The Record 4-Nov-21
Off The Record
Martyrdom of policemen while TLP protest has gone useless
Off The Record 3-Nov-21
Off The Record
Exclusive discussion with finance minister Shaukat Tareen
Off The Record 2-Nov-21
Off The Record
Why is the government hiding the TLP agreement?
Khabar Hai 1-Nov-21
Khabar Hai
Why did the government keep the agreement secret?
Off The Record 28-Oct-21
Off The Record
T20 World Cup 2021 special show.
Off The Record 27-Oct-21
Off The Record
State TV anchor insulted national hero, TLP vs the Govt.


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