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Kamran Yousaf

Kamran Yousaf

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Anchor
Affiliation: Express News
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kamran_Yousaf

Kamran Yousaf's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
The Review 26-Feb
The Review
Another storm of inflation is coming in Pakistan.
The Review 18-Feb
The Review
Petrol prices are likely to increase more.
The Review 11-Feb
The Review
More inflation expected in the coming days.
The Review 28-Jan-22
The Review
The opposition facilitated the government in the senate
The Review 14-Jan-22
The Review
The new national security policy of Pakistan.
The Review 1-Jan-22
The Review
Record high inflation in the month of December
The Review 3-Dec-21
The Review
Inflation is out of control, the new economic team too failed to deliver
The Review 30-Oct-21
The Review
Foreign reserves were raised by taking foreign borrowing
The Review 8-Oct-21
The Review
What does the United States want to Pakistan?
The Review 17-Sep-21
The Review
NADRA & NAB have got the powers of checking the 20 years old tax record of anyone.
The Review 13-Aug-21
The Review
The Afghan government is about to be removed soon
The Review 7-Aug-21
The Review
Discussion on the current economic scenario of Pakistan.
The Review 6-Aug-21
The Review
Secret story of Asim Saleem Bajwa resignation
The Review 31-Jul-21
The Review
What an important message DG ISI sent to the US regarding Afghanistan
The Review 30-Jul-21
The Review
Pakistan & China are making joint strategy for the Afghan Taliban.
The Review 24-Jul-21
The Review
Petroleum prices are increasing in Pakistan.
The Review 17-Jul-21
The Review
Can Pakistan make the Afghan Taliban agree for a ceasefire?
The Review 10-Jul-21
The Review
The Finance minister made the Pakistanis happy.
The Review 9-Jul-21
The Review
The government failed to bring housing societies into the tax net.
The Review 3-Jul-21
The Review
The government increased the per-unit price of electricity.
The Review 2-Jul-21
The Review
Story of 8 hours long national security meeting.
The Review 19-Jun-21
The Review
Good news for the people of Kashhmir
The Review 11-Jun-21
The Review
Analyzing the budget speech of Finance Minister
The Review 5-Jun-21
The Review
The IMF taking advantage of Pakistan weak position.
The Review 8-May-21
The Review
Kashmir was not included in the discussion between Khan & MBS
The Review 7-May-21
The Review
A new Finance Minister hoping for good things
The Review 1-May-21
The Review
The US forces started withdrawal from Afghanistan.
The Review 30-Apr-21
The Review
Pakistan & Saudi Arabia are coming closer again.
The Review 24-Apr-21
The Review
Discussion on the current economic scenario of Pakistan
The Review 17-Apr-21
The Review
PM Khan dream of bringing economic change could not be fulfilled.
The Review 10-Apr-21
The Review
Discussion on the close ties between Russia & Pakistan.
The Review 9-Apr-21
The Review
Once again news about the change of chairman FBR.
The Review 20-Mar-21
The Review
A big increase possible in the per-unit price of electricity.
The Review 6-Mar-21
The Review
Is the economy of Pakistan really progressing?
The Review 13-Feb-21
The Review
The Economy of Pakistan is getting better & better
The Review 22-Jan-21
The Review
Who is responsible for a huge increase in the loans under the Govt of PTI
The Review 16-Jan-21
The Review
Trump public secret documents regarding China
The Review 15-Jan-21
The Review
Why Malaysian authorities seized the PIA plane?
The Review 9-Jan-21
The Review
A record number of foreign remittances received in the last two months.
The Review 8-Jan-21
The Review
Why is not PM Khan going to Quetta?.
The Review 2-Jan-21
The Review
Pakistan army is preparing fighter jet to challenge Indian Rafale
The Review 1-Jan-21
The Review
Will the government address the census issue in the year 2021?
The Review 25-Dec-20
The Review
Was PM Khan not fully briefed before taking over?
The Review 18-Dec-20
The Review
The government has once again surrendered before the IMF
The Review 12-Dec-20
The Review
Pakistan, Saudi Arab relations are not at best.
The Review 5-Dec-20
The Review
Indian Army Chief first visit to UAE & Saudi Arab
The Review 4-Dec-20
The Review
Pakistan & Bangladesh are coming closer.
The Review 28-Nov-20
The Review
Iran claimed Israel killed its scientist.


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