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Kamran Shahid

Date of Birth: 22-Aug-1973 (Age: 50 Years)
Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Dunya News
Email: kamranshahid1947@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AwaazWithKamranShahid
Twitter: https://twitter.com/frontlinekamran
Kamran Shahid is a famous journalist, news anchor, academician and author. He is also a son of very famous Pakistani film actor Shahid Hameed. He is known to be very intelligent, smart and devoted person to his profession. In the beginning of his career, he was remained attached with Express media group where he was started his career as an anchor of a TV show “Frontline with Kamran Shahid” Later on, he left Express Channel and joined Dunya news. Now, he is running a TV show as a host “On The Front with Kamran Shahid”. This show has become very popular due to its hard hitting socio- political and Current affairs analysis. The concept of this show is mainly to take expert views on different happening of the day or issue with a guest panel, often belongs to famous political parties. This program is usually telecast thrice a Week (Friday to Sunday at 8.03 pm). He is a well educated personality as he has got a degree on International Relations from the University of Westminster, London. He also has presented research papers on different international forums and his papers have been got publish in leading research journals. He has delivered lectures at different universities for 10 years. Further, he has remained as a guest speaker for the Oxford University Pakistan Society at Oxfordshire County Hall during Pakistan Young Leaders Conference in February 2011. Being first Pakistani, he has written a book on Gandhi life, namely as "Gandhi and the Partition of India" which was highly acknowledged on international forums. Apart from above, he has also interviewed with many famous celebrities belongs to Showbiz inside or outside of the country. In short, he is a versatile anchor because he has ability to discuss on every topic as depicts from his shows, which are based on documentaries, road shows, one to one Interviews and panel discussion with national and international issues, youth questions direct to policy makers, students interaction with leaders and public opinion.

Kamran Shahid's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
On The Front 13-May
On The Front
What is the new evidence in the report of the caretaker Govt on May 9 tragedy against PTI?
On The Front 9-May
On The Front
It was forecasted well before the May 9 that army installation might be attacked.
On The Front 8-May
On The Front
Has PTI been landed in no man land? Would PTI leave its aggressive politics?
On The Front 15-Feb
On The Front
Would PTI be able to form its government after the nomination of Umar Ayub as PM candidate?
On The Front 14-Feb
On The Front
Who is vindicated after the election results, Imran Khan or the establishment?
On The Front 13-Feb
On The Front
Who will form the government in Islamabad? Why did PPP decide not to become part of PMLN Govt?
On The Front 12-Feb
On The Front
Post election scenario, PTI voters came out despite all difficulties.
Dunya News Election Transmission 6-Feb-24
Dunya News Election Transmission
Dunya News election transmission with Kamran Shahid
On The Front 5-Feb-24
On The Front
Would PTI be able to get out of all troubles after the election 2024?
On The Front 31-Jan-24
On The Front
Is this the level-playing field Nawaz Sharif demanded before return?
On The Front 30-Jan-24
On The Front
If Bilawal Bhutto knows about the results of the election in advance then why is he running ele..
On The Front 30-Jan-24
On The Front
Imran Khan will have to live as per jail manual after being sentenced in the Cypher case.
On The Front 25-Jan-24
On The Front
Why did the state deprived PTI from its election symbol? Kamran Shahid revealed real reason.
On The Front 24-Jan-24
On The Front
The politics of 90s has been back in Punjab as Bilawal targeting Nawaz Sharif
On The Front 23-Jan-24
On The Front
Election debate with the young generation of Pakistan.
On The Front 22-Jan-24
On The Front
Election debate between senior journalist and young generation.
On The Front 18-Jan-24
On The Front
Pakistan befitting reply to Iran, What wpuld happen next?
On The Front 17-Jan-24
On The Front
Iranian drone strikes in Pakistan, FBR is going to be refurnished soon
On The Front 17-Jan-24
On The Front
Discussion on the politics of PMLN, Iran strikes inside Pakistan.
On The Front 16-Jan-24
On The Front
Does PTI still exist as a party even after being deprived from election symbol?
On The Front 15-Jan-24
On The Front
PMLN is the major beneficiary of SC judgement against PTI
On The Front 10-Jan-24
On The Front
Discussion on the restoration of PTI election symbol and the resignation of Justice Muzahir Akb..
On The Front 8-Jan-24
On The Front
No more lifetime disqualification for the politician from today.
On The Front 4-Jan-24
On The Front
The proceeding of the life-time disqualification case in the supreme court.
On The Front 3-Jan-24
On The Front
What kind of campaign PTI is running in the US against Pakistan?
On The Front 2-Jan-24
On The Front
What was the order of supreme court in the PTI petition about level-playing field.
On The Front 1-Jan-24
On The Front
PTI filed appeal in election tribunal against the ROs judgement
On The Front 28-Dec-23
On The Front
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan and the election survey in NA-128
On The Front 27-Dec-23
On The Front
Why did not Supreme Court fix PTI petition against IK disqualification for immediate hearing?
On The Front 26-Dec-23
On The Front
Election survey in NA-130 Lahore, A big relief to PTI from PHC
On The Front 25-Dec-23
On The Front
Would the nomination papers of PTI chairman be accepted?
On The Front 21-Dec-23
On The Front
What would be the possible judgement of Election Commission of Pakistan in PTI intra-party case..
On The Front 20-Dec-23
On The Front
Those who were part of the May 9 incidents would not be allowed to contest election.
On The Front 19-Dec-23
On The Front
Why are lawyer bodies expressing their apprehensions on the conduct of Chief ECP?
On The Front 18-Dec-23
On The Front
The future of PTI election symbol, Why is Nawaz Sharif sure about PMLN win in the election?
On The Front 14-Dec-23
On The Front
Who toppled Nawaz Sharif government? Will the court summon Gen Bajwa & Gen Faiz?
On The Front 13-Dec-23
On The Front
Supreme Court suspends judgement against military court
On The Front 12-Dec-23
On The Front
Does the Supreme Court have the power to hear Zulfiqar Bhutto death sentence case again?
On The Front 11-Dec-23
On The Front
The Indian Supreme Court upheld the merger of Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.
On The Front 7-Dec-23
On The Front
What did Late Judge Arshad Malik share with Irshad Bhatti a month before to his death?
On The Front 6-Dec-23
On The Front
What is the main charge on PTI Chairman Imran Khan?
On The Front 6-Dec-23
On The Front
Legal trouble of PTI chairman and future of PTI election symbol
On The Front 4-Dec-23
On The Front
Would Election Commission of Pakistan accept the results of PTI intra-party election?
On The Front 30-Nov-23
On The Front
Why did PTI chairman write a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan?
On The Front 29-Nov-23
On The Front
First major relief to Nawaz Sharif as IHC acquitted him in Avenfield case?
On The Front 28-Nov-23
On The Front
What did Aoun Chaudhry & Mufti Saeed said in the court about Imran Khan Nikah?
On The Front 27-Nov-23
On The Front
Why does police want to rearrest culprits of May 9 incidents who have already been released on ..
On The Front 23-Nov-23
On The Front
Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari still naming the previous establishment for all troubles


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