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Kamran Shahid

Date of Birth: 22-Aug-1973 (Age: 46 Years)
Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: TV Anchor
Affiliation: Dunya News
Email: kamranshahid1947@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AwaazWithKamranShahid
Twitter: https://twitter.com/frontlinekamran
Kamran Shahid is a famous journalist, news anchor, academician and author. He is also a son of very famous Pakistani film actor Shahid Hameed. He is known to be very intelligent, smart and devoted person to his profession. In the beginning of his career, he was remained attached with Express media group where he was started his career as an anchor of a TV show “Frontline with Kamran Shahid” Later on, he left Express Channel and joined Dunya news. Now, he is running a TV show as a host “On The Front with Kamran Shahid”. This show has become very popular due to its hard hitting socio- political and Current affairs analysis. The concept of this show is mainly to take expert views on different happening of the day or issue with a guest panel, often belongs to famous political parties. This program is usually telecast thrice a Week (Friday to Sunday at 8.03 pm). He is a well educated personality as he has got a degree on International Relations from the University of Westminster, London. He also has presented research papers on different international forums and his papers have been got publish in leading research journals. He has delivered lectures at different universities for 10 years. Further, he has remained as a guest speaker for the Oxford University Pakistan Society at Oxfordshire County Hall during Pakistan Young Leaders Conference in February 2011. Being first Pakistani, he has written a book on Gandhi life, namely as "Gandhi and the Partition of India" which was highly acknowledged on international forums. Apart from above, he has also interviewed with many famous celebrities belongs to Showbiz inside or outside of the country. In short, he is a versatile anchor because he has ability to discuss on every topic as depicts from his shows, which are based on documentaries, road shows, one to one Interviews and panel discussion with national and international issues, youth questions direct to policy makers, students interaction with leaders and public opinion.

Kamran Shahid's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
On The Front Today
On The Front
PTI asked Uzair Baloch for support for a sit-in in the Karachi
On The Front Thursday
On The Front
How far a controversy over Uzair Baloch JIT will go?
On The Front Wednesday
On The Front
Is Karachi of today really safe from the nexus of the mafias?
On The Front 7-Jul
On The Front
Why there is contradiction in the JIT report and confessional statement of Uzair Baloch?
On The Front 6-Jul
On The Front
Judge Arshad Malik dismissed in video scandal case
On The Front 2-Jul
On The Front
Minus Imran Khan or Minus whole PTI, what is plan of the opposition?
On The Front 1-Jul
On The Front
Does every political party know the consequences of minus one?
On The Front 30-Jun
On The Front
The slogan of minus one sounding in the national assembly
On The Front 29-Jun
On The Front
Bilawal Bhutto & Khawaja Asif verbal attack on PM Khan in the national assembly
On The Front 25-Jun
On The Front
Why PM Khan called Usma Bin Laden martyred while addressing in the national assembly
On The Front 24-Jun
On The Front
The confrontation between the opposition and the government
On The Front 23-Jun
On The Front
Lake of leadership & internal control within the PTI causing problems
On The Front 22-Jun
On The Front
Did reference against Qazi Faez damage PM Khan & President credibility?
On The Front 18-Jun
On The Front
PM Khan visit of Karachi opened new debate on 18th amendment
On The Front 17-Jun
On The Front
Differences between PPP & PTI and quit of BNP Mengal from government alliance
On The Front 16-Jun
On The Front
Discussion on Coronavirus & bad governance of the PTI government
On The Front 15-Jun
On The Front
Allowing people to run their businesses taking Pakistan toward the lockdown again.
On The Front 11-Jun
On The Front
PM address regarding corona, COVID19 exposure in Pakistan
On The Front 10-Jun
On The Front
Pakistan is being criticized by the whole world over mishandling of covid19
On The Front 9-Jun
On The Front
Coronavirus vs Imran Khan government, WHO warned Pakistan about Corona exposure
On The Front 8-Jun
On The Front
The total number of Corona cases crossed 100 thousand in Pakistan.
On The Front 4-Jun
On The Front
Pakistan has crossed China in term of total number of corona cases.
On The Front 3-Jun
On The Front
Political confrontation on its peak before budget session
On The Front 2-Jun
On The Front
Shahbaz Sharif could not be arrested
On The Front 1-Jun
On The Front
Govt Strategy about Coronavirus is right or wrong?
On The Front 28-May
On The Front
Story of 22 months performance of the PTI government
On The Front 27-May
On The Front
Exclusive show from Pakistan Military Academy Kakool
On The Front 21-May
On The Front
Serious allegations on Jehangir Khan Tareen, Munis Elahi, and Sharif family in the sugar inquir..
On The Front 20-May
On The Front
The carelessness of the people against Corona, the political heat is getting up again.
On The Front 19-May
On The Front
PTI leaders inviting another crisis by demanding governor rule in Sindh
On The Front 18-May
On The Front
Did the Supreme Court rightly interfere in the government strategy against COVID19?
On The Front 14-May
On The Front
No one seriously out of the opposition and the government on the issue of Corona
On The Front 13-May
On The Front
Government decision of opening markets put people in more danger
On The Front 12-May
On The Front
Markets are full of people after relief in the lockdown?
On The Front 11-May
On The Front
COVID19 exposed lake of leadership in Pakistan, national assembly session
On The Front 7-May
On The Front
The government eased the lockdown from all over the country.
On The Front 6-May
On The Front
How could we fight against Corona with a confused policy?
On The Front 5-May
On The Front
Discussion on Coronavirus exposure & condition of hospitals in Pakistan.
On The Front 30-Apr
On The Front
PM says lockdown was imposed on the wish of upper class
On The Front 29-Apr
On The Front
Sindh is leading in COVID19 leading, Why no fast action in Punjab?
On The Front 28-Apr
On The Front
SOPs not being followed in the Masajid, Punjab has slow down its action against COVID19
On The Front 27-Apr
On The Front
Why was Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan removed? Controlling media is part of PM strategy.
On The Front 23-Apr
On The Front
Maulana Tariq Jamil declared 220 million people of Pakistan liars & immoral
On The Front 22-Apr
On The Front
Corona cases crossed 10000 in Pakistan, still nation not taking it seriously.
On The Front 21-Apr
On The Front
Permission for Taraweeh in Masajid opened new debate.
On The Front 20-Apr
On The Front
Corona cases doubled in Pakistan in a few days, SC suo-moto over COVID19
On The Front 16-Apr
On The Front
Government facing criticism after giving partial relief in the lockdown.
On The Front 15-Apr
On The Front
Why the death toll in Karachi due to corona higher than other cities?


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