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Kal Tak

Kal Tak

Anchor: Javed Chaudhry
Channel: Express News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Talk Show
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/javed.chaudhry
Twitter: https://twitter.com/javedchoudhry

Kal Tak of Express News is one of the few talk show of any news channel in Pakistan which possesses huge viewership due to its quality analysis since the program has launched. Experienced journalist Javed Chaudary hosts this show put important and concerning daily issues on table with popular political personalities to reach on realistic resolution to the matter. Javed Chaudhary often start Kal Tak with historical prologue mostly quoted from Islamic history related to matter which makes this program unique than others. Kal Tak is a flagship program of Express News which provides quality in-depth analysis on important political developments of the day. Express News broadcasts Kal Tak with anchor Javed Chaudhary on every Monday to Thursday at 10:03 pm. The show repeat telecasts on Express News on next day at 02:03pm.

Express News presents famous talk show Kal Tak with the host Javed Chaudary from every Monday to Thursday. With this show and few others Express News has earned huge value in term of viewership in Pakistan. Express News has now become the 2nd largest news channel in Pakistan on the viewership basis. Express News is a 24 hour Urdu news channel from Pakistan. It was launched on January 1, 2008 with headquarter situated in Lahore, Pakistan. The channel is owned by Daily Express newspaper which is Pakistan’s 2nd largest news group. Express news presents news bulletin, breaking news, latest news, talk shows and various other entertainment and infotainment based programs. Takrar , Khabar Say Agay and @ Q with Ahmed Qureshi are  the other talk shows presented on Express News. Geo News, Duyna News, ARY News and Samaa News are the other channels with same category to Express News exist in Pakistan.

Javed Chaudary hosts Kal Tak on Express News. He is one of the senior and experienced journalist and columnist. Javed Chaudary completed his master degree from Islamia University, Bahawalpur in mass communication. In his career, he has won many excellence awards. His column with name of Zero Point which published on daily Express newspaper is very popular among the people of Pakistan. He is pioneer part of media team of Express News. He has written 8 books and disclosed many stories until now.

Kal Tak Talk Show Program - All episodes
Kal Tak Tuesday
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry
Kal Tak 1-Dec
Kal Tak
Why PTI is giving future dates for the dissolution of Punjab assembly?
Kal Tak 29-Nov
Kal Tak
The dirty social media campaign against General (r) Qamar Javed Bajwa
Kal Tak 28-Nov
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with former PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
Kal Tak 24-Nov
Kal Tak
General Asim Munir appointed as a new army chief
Kal Tak 23-Nov
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with finance minister Ishaq Dar
Kal Tak 22-Nov
Kal Tak
Discussion on the current political instability and economic crisis
Kal Tak 21-Nov
Kal Tak
What would be the political scenario after November 26?
Kal Tak 17-Nov
Kal Tak
Would PTI be able to get the FIR of its choice registered?
Kal Tak 16-Nov
Kal Tak
We are not interested in the appointment of a new army chief. Imran Khan
Kal Tak 15-Nov
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with Ahsan Jamil Gujjar, a husband of Farah Khan Gogi
Kal Tak 14-Nov
Kal Tak
I know who attacked on me. Imran Khan
Kal Tak 10-Nov
Kal Tak
What are the issues Shahbaz Sharif to discuss with Nawaz Sharif in London?
Kal Tak 8-Nov
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry on the current issues.
Kal Tak 7-Nov
Kal Tak
Imran Khan letter to President Alvi and PTI long march
Kal Tak 2-Nov
Kal Tak
Imran Khan has to make sure that there would be no violence in his long march before reaching i..
Kal Tak 27-Oct
Kal Tak
Imran Khan and Establishment are openly challenging each other
Kal Tak 26-Oct
Kal Tak
How factful press conference of Faisal Wavda is?
Kal Tak 20-Oct
Kal Tak
Discussion on the multiple current issues of Pakistan.
Kal Tak 19-Oct
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry
Kal Tak 18-Oct
Kal Tak
PTI submitted reference against chief election commissioner in Supreme Judicial Council
Kal Tak 17-Oct
Kal Tak
A victory of Imran Khan in the by-polls and its impact on the politics
Kal Tak 13-Oct
Kal Tak
Current political instability is a disaster for the economy.
Kal Tak 12-Oct
Kal Tak
Will Imran Khan be more dangerous if he wins by-poll?
Kal Tak 11-Oct
Kal Tak
What does Imran Khan want to achieve from a long march?
Kal Tak 10-Oct
Kal Tak
Imran Khan raising questions on the role of intelligence agencies.
Kal Tak 6-Oct
Kal Tak
PTI members were also absent in the joint session of the parliament during President speech.
Kal Tak 4-Oct
Kal Tak
Why Imran Khan delaying his final call for a long march?
Kal Tak 3-Oct
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with Mian Javed Latif.
Kal Tak 29-Sep
Kal Tak
Good news for Nawaz Sharif. He may come soon
Kal Tak 28-Sep
Kal Tak
I will still play with cypher. Imran Khan
Kal Tak 27-Sep
Kal Tak
Ishaq Dar has taken oath as senator
Kal Tak 26-Sep
Kal Tak
How serious issue of audio leaks is?
Kal Tak 22-Sep
Kal Tak
What is bigger challenge to the coalition government?
Kal Tak 21-Sep
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with Ahsan Iqbal.
Kal Tak 20-Sep
Kal Tak
Is an aggressive stance of Imran Khan damaging PTI?
Kal Tak 19-Sep
Kal Tak
Did Shahbaz discuss the appointment of a new army chief with Nawaz Sharif?
Kal Tak 15-Sep
Kal Tak
With political instability economy cannot be brought back on track. Imran Khan
Kal Tak 14-Sep
Kal Tak
Has risk of default over now? When will this government give relief to layman?
Kal Tak 13-Sep
Kal Tak
Discussion on the relief works for flood victims.
Kal Tak 12-Sep
Kal Tak
Discussion on the legal cases against Imran Khan.
Kal Tak 9-Sep
Kal Tak
Could Imran Khan be disqualified in contempt case?
Kal Tak 7-Sep
Kal Tak
Different stance of Imran Khan & Pervez Elahi
Kal Tak 6-Sep
Kal Tak
Institutional heads are the main target of Imran Khan criticism.
Kal Tak 6-Sep
Kal Tak
Imran Khan all controversial statements are well-planned
Kal Tak 1-Sep
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal.
Kal Tak 31-Aug
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with Fawad Chaudhry.
Kal Tak 30-Aug
Kal Tak
Can this flash flood unite out politicians?


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