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In Focus

In Focus

Anchor: Fahd Husain
Channel: Dawn News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Debates

In Focus Talk Show Program - All episodes
In Focus 25-Jun
In Focus
Discussion on the super tax on the industry.
In Focus 18-Jun
In Focus
Exclusive interview of senator Saleem Mandviwala
In Focus 12-Jun
In Focus
Indian police crackdown on Muslim protestors
In Focus 11-Jun
In Focus
Another relief for PM Shahbaz & his son CM Hamza in money laundering case.
In Focus 5-Jun
In Focus
Will Imran Khan be arrested or prisoned at home?
In Focus 29-May
In Focus
The government is registering cases agaisnt PTi leaders.
In Focus 28-May
In Focus
Another audio leak, Did Khan end his long march in result of deal?
In Focus 22-May
In Focus
What is the plan of the government to deal with a long march?
In Focus 21-May
In Focus
How much necessary the condemnation is on Imran Khan statement about Maryam Nawaz?
In Focus 14-May
In Focus
What Decisions Were Made In London?
In Focus 8-May
In Focus
The political temperature is high at the moment in the country.
In Focus 1-May
In Focus
The new government is also doing a politics of confrontation.
In Focus 24-Apr
In Focus
Why an oath-taking of CM Punjab is being delayed?
In Focus 17-Apr
In Focus
Delay in the oath-taking of a new CM Punjab.
In Focus 10-Apr
In Focus
Does a fresh election suit the new government?
In Focus 26-Mar
In Focus
Will public rallies help the government to counter the vote of no-confidence?
In Focus 20-Mar-22
In Focus
The government announced to call assembly session on 25th March.
In Focus 13-Mar-22
In Focus
Have the allies agreed to support the opposition in the vote of no-confidence.
In Focus 6-Mar-22
In Focus
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan.
In Focus 5-Mar-22
In Focus
What opposition have for the government members?
In Focus 27-Feb-22
In Focus
What would be the logical end of long marches from PPP & PTI?
In Focus 26-Feb-22
In Focus
Has the opposition prepared for the vote of no-confidence?
In Focus 20-Feb-22
In Focus
New ordinance regarding the social media is an attack on the freedom of speech.
In Focus 13-Feb-22
In Focus
Exclusive show on law & order issue in Baluchistan
In Focus 12-Feb-22
In Focus
Meeting between the opposition parties and the government allies.
In Focus 6-Feb-22
In Focus
What are the five fault lines for this government in the near future?
In Focus 5-Feb-22
In Focus
New alliance between PPP & PMLN. How effective it would be?
In Focus 29-Jan-22
In Focus
What is real the danger for the PTI government?
In Focus 23-Jan-22
In Focus
Who to PM Khan is threatening by an on-road protest?
In Focus 22-Jan-22
In Focus
Change of system, secret meeting and deals
In Focus 16-Jan-22
In Focus
Overall political scenario of Pakistan
In Focus 15-Jan-22
In Focus
Has the government vindicated on the issue of mini-budget?
In Focus 9-Jan-22
In Focus
Why next three months are important? which direction plane of Tareen will go?
In Focus 8-Jan-22
In Focus
Whose negligence cost huge loss of human lives?
In Focus 2-Jan-22
In Focus
Is PMLN a hot favorite for the next option of Establishment.
In Focus 1-Jan-22
In Focus
2022 is the year of big decisions, What direction politics of Pakistan will take in 2022?
In Focus 26-Dec-21
In Focus
How was the year 2021 for major political parties of the Pakistan.
In Focus 25-Dec-21
In Focus
An inside of secret meetings in London, Future political scenario of Pakistan
In Focus 18-Dec-21
In Focus
Is Shahbaz Sharif a bigger danger for the government?
In Focus 12-Dec-21
In Focus
Is the government rightly handling the TTP issue?
In Focus 11-Dec-21
In Focus
Is no danger left for PM Khan? PM again criticized the opposition.
In Focus 5-Dec-21
In Focus
What would be the future strategy of the PDM?
In Focus 4-Dec-21
In Focus
A strict action needed on Sialkot mob lynching incident
In Focus 28-Nov-21
In Focus
Is the PDM still effective enough to challenge the Govt?
In Focus 27-Nov-21
In Focus
Audio leaks of Saqib Nisar and its political impact
In Focus 21-Nov-21
In Focus
A dream of transparent election, National dialogue
In Focus 20-Nov-21
In Focus
A crear message from CJP, PTI leader meets Saad Rizvi in Lahore.
In Focus 14-Nov-21
In Focus
What is the roadmap for the transparent election?


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