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In Focus

In Focus

Anchor: Fahd Husain
Channel: Dawn News
Duration: 40 m
Type: Debates

In Focus Talk Show Program - All episodes
In Focus 17-Mar
In Focus
Does Imran Khan really want to establish line of communication with the establishment?
In Focus 24-Feb
In Focus
What are the economic challenges ahead of a new government?
In Focus 18-Feb
In Focus
The stunning revelations of commissioner Rawalpindi and its impact on the election results.
In Focus 10-Feb
In Focus
PTI independents made history in the election 2024
In Focus 26-Jan
In Focus
Exclusive discussion with MQM conveyner Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui
In Focus 14-Jan
In Focus
Discussion on the future of PTI after the judgement of SC
In Focus 31-Dec-23
In Focus
What would be the political & economic scenario of Pakistan in 2024?
In Focus 23-Dec-23
In Focus
PMLN is not happy on calling Imran Khan innocent by the SC
In Focus 22-Dec-23
In Focus
Protest of Baloch women against enforced disappearance
In Focus 16-Dec-23
In Focus
Did PTI really try to postpone the election by filing petition in LHC?
In Focus 15-Dec-23
In Focus
The Election Commission of Pakistan challenged LHC verdict in the SC
In Focus 10-Dec-23
In Focus
Nawaz Sharif met Chaudhry Shujaat after 14 years, Would PMLN be able to take lead in Punjab?
In Focus 9-Dec-23
In Focus
The demand of level-playing field is far away PTI is not being given even a field to do its pol..
In Focus 8-Dec-23
In Focus
Differences in PMLN before the election 2024, The future of PTI election symbol.
In Focus 2-Dec-23
In Focus
Whose responsibility was to control the inflation in the Shahbaz Govt?
In Focus 1-Dec-23
In Focus
The perception about Nawaz Sharif being a favorite of the establishment.
In Focus 24-Nov-23
In Focus
How would Sharif brothers be placed after the election 2024?
In Focus 17-Nov-23
In Focus
Discussion on the changing political scenario of Baluchistan.
In Focus 11-Nov-23
In Focus
What is in the letter of President Alvi to the caretaker PM?
In Focus 10-Nov-23
In Focus
Could an alliance between PMLN & MQM challenge PPP in Karachi?
In Focus 4-Nov-23
In Focus
Is IPP a B team of PMLN? Forces busted a big attack at PAF Base Mianwali.
In Focus 3-Nov-23
In Focus
Why is the caretaker govt silent on forced disappearance?
In Focus 27-Oct-23
In Focus
No one will accept the election results without the participation of PTI
In Focus 22-Oct-23
In Focus
Did Nawaz Sharif present his CV before the power quarters of the state?
In Focus 21-Oct-23
In Focus
How impressive PMLN power show was at Greater Iqbal Park Lahore
In Focus 7-Oct-23
In Focus
Crackdown against illegal Afghans living in Pakistan, the future of the Cypher case.
In Focus 6-Oct-23
In Focus
Is the evacuation of illegal Afghans in the interest of Pakistan?
In Focus 19-Aug-23
In Focus
The challenge of the economy and legal cases against PTI leadership
In Focus 11-Aug-23
In Focus
Would not Nawaz Sharif be able to get relief after today verdict of SC?
In Focus 29-Jul-23
In Focus
What are the reasons behind objections to section 230 of the election act 2017?
In Focus 21-Jul-23
In Focus
Azam Khan appeared before the NAB in 190 million pounds case.
In Focus 9-Jul-23
In Focus
Power sharing agreement between PPP & PMLN, Is Pervez Elahi ready to leave PTI?
In Focus 7-Jul-23
In Focus
Grounds are being made for the return of Nawaz Sharif in the politics.
In Focus 18-Jun-23
In Focus
Differences between PPP & PMLN are increasing day by day.
In Focus 16-Jun-23
In Focus
Who dare the IMF to teach us how to implement constitution. Khurram Dastagir
In Focus 11-Jun-23
In Focus
Will the PDM contest the next election as an alliance?
In Focus 27-May-23
In Focus
Audio leaks inquiry commission stopped working after 5 member bench stayed the commission forma..
In Focus 26-May-23
In Focus
PTI leaders continue to party away from the party and politics.
In Focus 21-May-23
In Focus
The confrontation between the Govt and the judiciary and future of the parliament.
In Focus 19-May-23
In Focus
Is the government wants to declare PTI a banned organization?
In Focus 13-May-23
In Focus
Will Imran Khan be arrested again? Will the state take the risk again?
In Focus 6-May-23
In Focus
Does the PDM want general election after September at any price?
In Focus 8-Apr-23
In Focus
President Alvi sent the judicial reforms bill back to the parliament.
In Focus 1-Apr-23
In Focus
Nawaz Sharif announced to boycott possible verdict of 3 member bench.
In Focus 25-Mar-23
In Focus
How would election commission justify its verdict in the Supreme Court?
In Focus 19-Mar-23
In Focus
PMLN showing deep concern over how judicial system facilitating Imran Khan
In Focus 18-Mar-23
In Focus
Police operation in Zaman Park, What police found there?
In Focus 5-Mar-23
In Focus
PDM to make new strategy on the issue of election


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