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Hassan Nisar

Date of Birth: 5-Jul-1951 (Age: 69 Years)
Address: Faisalabad, Punjab
Profession: Columnists, Analysis
Affiliation: Geo News
Email: info@hassannisar.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hassan.nisar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hassannisar

Hassan Nisar's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Report Card Wednesday
Report Card
Too many dissenting voices in the PTI before the senate election.
Report Card Tuesday
Report Card
Faisal Wavda eligible & Pervez Rashid not eligible
Report Card 22-Feb
Report Card
Recent by-elections proved to be a big setback to the PTI
Meray Mutabiq 21-Feb
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on the violation in the by-election of Daska
Report Card 18-Feb
Report Card
Nomination papers of Pervez Rashid rejected & Faisal Wavda papers accepted
Report Card 17-Feb
Report Card
Can Supreme Court regulate senate election?
Report Card 16-Feb
Report Card
PTI filed an appeal against the nomination papers of Yousuf Raza Gilani
Report Card 15-Feb
Report Card
Local leadership of the PTI in Sindh not happy over Faisal Wavda nomination
Report Card 10-Feb
Report Card
The government or the opposition whose stance about the senate election is right?
Report Card 9-Feb
Report Card
Maulana Fazal says this government will go home in March
Report Card 8-Feb
Report Card
The government & the opposition are face to face on the issue of the presidential ordinance.
Report Card 28-Jan
Report Card
Why did corruption increase under the PTI government?
Report Card 27-Jan
Report Card
PMLN Took back a bill regarding amending NAB laws.
Report Card 22-Jan
Report Card
The opposition rejected the appointment of Justice Azmat Saeed as a broadsheet inquiry head
Report Card 21-Jan
Report Card
PM Khan claim of police reforms was just a political stunt
Report Card 20-Jan
Report Card
A reality of taking funding from Israeli and Indian lobby by the PTI
Report Card 19-Jan
Report Card
Was the PDM show in Islamabad impressive?
Report Card 18-Jan
Report Card
What will be the logical end of the broadsheet issue
Report Card 16-Jan
Report Card
Will the PTI Govt be able to bring back Nawaz Sharif?
Report Card 13-Jan
Report Card
PM asked dissident voices of his party to leave the cabinet
Report Card 12-Jan
Report Card
CEO Broadsheet talks to a Pakistani journalist, bashes NAB
Meray Mutabiq 10-Jan
Meray Mutabiq
PM should speak carefully in critical issues
Report Card 6-Jan
Report Card
Zulfi Baukhari strange demand to the Hazara community
Report Card 5-Jan
Report Card
Supreme Court of Pakistan took notice of Hindu Temple attack in Karak.
Report Card 4-Jan
Report Card
Is PM Khan rightly declared the year 2021 of economic growth?
Meray Mutabiq 3-Jan
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on the latest happening in the politics of Pakistan.
Report Card 1-Jan
Report Card
CCPO Lahore changed one more time. What option Nawaz will have after the cancellation of his pa..
Report Card 30-Dec-20
Report Card
CEC meeting of PPP announced to participate in Senate election.
Report Card 29-Dec-20
Report Card
PPP opposed the option of resigning from the assemblies
Clash Between Reema & Hassan 29-Dec-20
Clash Between Reema & Hassan
The verbal clash between Reema Omar & Hassan Nisar
Report Card 28-Dec-20
Report Card
Discussion on the issue of the PDM resignations.
Report Card 21-Dec-20
Report Card
PM Khan should come forward to initiate dialogue with the opposition.
Meray Mutabiq 20-Dec-20
Meray Mutabiq
Is the NAB really doing a good job?
Report Card 16-Dec-20
Report Card
How is the government decision of holding the senate election in February?
Report Card 15-Dec-20
Report Card
PM Khan will have to resign till January 31 as per the PDM deadline.
Report Card 14-Dec-20
Report Card
Was the PDM show in Lahore successful? What the government will do now?
Report Card 9-Dec-20
Report Card
Is the PDM rightly demanding the resignation of the PM?
Report Card 8-Dec-20
Report Card
Maryam Nawaz taking firm control over the party, PDM ready to resign from the assembly
Report Card 7-Dec-20
Report Card
What big announcement PDM will make in Lahore Jalsa?
Meray Mutabiq 6-Dec-20
Meray Mutabiq
Blaming the Army Chief means blaming the whole army.
Report Card 2-Dec-20
Report Card
Ishaq Dar interview with BBC, New survey about the PTI government.
Report Card 1-Dec-20
Report Card
New faces in the politics of Pakistan is a pleasant sign
Meray Mutabiq 29-Nov-20
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on the confrontation between the opposition and the government.
News Beat 28-Nov-20
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
Report Card 28-Nov-20
Report Card
The opposition is in no mood to cooperating with the government on the issue of Corona
Report Card 25-Nov-20
Report Card
The double standard of the opposition regarding COVID19 precautions
Report Card 24-Nov-20
Report Card
Maryam Nawaz asked Nawaz Sharif not to come back.
Report Card 23-Nov-20
Report Card
The government decided to not allow the opposition for Jalsas.


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