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Hassan Nisar

Date of Birth: 5-Jul-1951 (Age: 70 Years)
Address: Faisalabad, Punjab
Profession: Columnists, Analysis
Affiliation: Geo News
Email: info@hassannisar.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hassan.nisar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hassannisar

Hassan Nisar's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Report Card 12-May
Report Card
I was threatened for martial law on April 9. Bilawal Bhutto
Report Card 11-May
Report Card
PMLN meeting in London and current scenario in Pakistan.
Report Card 10-May
Report Card
Discussion on the current political instability in Pakistan.
Report Card 7-May
Report Card
PTI long march toward Islamabad and other issues.
Report Card 2-May
Report Card
Sheikh Rashid put serious allegations on Shahbaz Government.
Report Card 29-Apr
Report Card
Riot in Masjid-e-Nabvi from PTI supporters
Report Card 27-Apr
Report Card
Discussion on the issue of an appointment of a New Army Chief
Report Card 22-Apr
Report Card
The narrative of international conspiracy of Khan and the declaration of NSC meeting.
Report Card 18-Apr
Report Card
Statements against the national institutions from PM Khan
Report Card 15-Apr
Report Card
Tosha Khan gifts were sold in Dubai by Imran Khan
Report Card 13-Apr
Report Card
LHC verdict about election for CM in Punjab
Report Card 12-Apr
Report Card
Imran Khan decided to demonstrate on the streets.
Report Card 6-Apr
Report Card
Crisis in Punjab after Islamabad
Report Card 5-Apr
Report Card
How true an allegation of an international conspiracy.
Report Card 4-Apr
Report Card
Political & constitutional crisis, All eyes are on Supreme Court
Report Card 1-Apr
Report Card
Pervez Elahi to contest election tomorrow to become a CM
Report Card 30-Mar
Report Card
Discussion on the letter gate and PM meeting with the senior journalists.
Report Card 29-Mar
Report Card
Should PM Khan share letter with the opposition in the parliament?
Report Card 28-Mar
Report Card
PMLQ announced support for the government
Report Card 25-Mar
Report Card
Shahbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz serious allegations on Banigala
Report Card 24-Mar
Report Card
What about if PM Khan is expelled from the government?
Report Card 23-Mar
Report Card
PM Decided not to talk with the opposition
Report Card 22-Mar
Report Card
Is Moussavi apology to Nawaz Sharif a clean chit for Sharif?
Report Card 21-Mar
Report Card
Presidential reference seeking explanation on Article A-63
Meray Mutabiq 20-Mar
Meray Mutabiq
Politics of 90s is being repeated.
Report Card 19-Mar
Report Card
Discussion on the current political crisis and minus Imran Khan formula
Report Card 16-Mar
Report Card
National government but minus Imran Khan
Report Card 15-Mar
Report Card
PM Khan still sure that the opposition will get defeat in the vote of no-confidence.
Report Card 14-Mar
Report Card
Political strategies from the opposition & the government
Meray Mutabiq 13-Mar
Meray Mutabiq
Political anarchy in Pakistan
Report Card 12-Mar
Report Card
PM Khan offered a dialogue to the opposition
Report Card 11-Mar
Report Card
Violence in the Parliament lodges before the vote of no-confidence.
Report Card 10-Mar
Report Card
Bilawal Bhutto serious allegations about the first lady.
Report Card 8-Mar
Report Card
What are the reason behind the vote of no-confidence?
Report Card 7-Mar
Report Card
Aleem Khan joined Tareen group, PM statement against EU
Meray Mutabiq 6-Mar
Meray Mutabiq
The West is well ahead of us in moral values.
Report Card 5-Mar
Report Card
Will MQM support the opposition for the vote of no-confidence?
Report Card 4-Mar
Report Card
Big revelation of Yar Mohammad Rind.
Report Card 3-Mar
Report Card
Bilawal deadline to PM to resign and the vote of no-confidence.
Report Card 2-Mar
Report Card
Is PMLQ really with the government in this tough scenario?
Report Card 1-Mar
Report Card
PM Khan active to rescue his government.
Report Card 26-Feb
Report Card
Long march or the vote of no-confidence
Report Card 25-Feb
Report Card
Will PM Khan contact Tareen to seek help for his government?
Report Card 24-Feb
Report Card
Noor Mukaddam case verdict, PM Khan visit to Russia
Report Card 22-Feb
Report Card
Discussion on the PM visit to Russia.
Report Card 21-Feb
Report Card
PECA amendment to stop fake news.
Meray Mutabiq 20-Feb
Meray Mutabiq
Should the opposition take the risk for the vote of no-confidence?
Report Card 19-Feb
Report Card
Is the Tareen group going to join the opposition?


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