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Hassan Nisar

Date of Birth: 5-Jul-1951 (Age: 69 Years)
Address: Faisalabad, Punjab
Profession: Columnists, Analysis
Affiliation: Geo News
Email: info@hassannisar.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hassan.nisar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hassannisar

Hassan Nisar's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Meray Mutabiq Sunday
Meray Mutabiq
Discussion on the confrontation between the opposition and the government.
News Beat Saturday
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
Report Card Saturday
Report Card
The opposition is in no mood to cooperating with the government on the issue of Corona
Report Card Wednesday
Report Card
The double standard of the opposition regarding COVID19 precautions
Report Card 24-Nov
Report Card
Maryam Nawaz asked Nawaz Sharif not to come back.
Report Card 23-Nov
Report Card
The government decided to not allow the opposition for Jalsas.
Meray Mutabiq 22-Nov
Meray Mutabiq
Record sale of the book of Barrak Obama
Report Card 21-Nov
Report Card
The opposition insisting on Peshawar Jalsa despite COVID19 threat
Report Card 19-Nov
Report Card
Is the government serious about holding the local body election?
Report Card 18-Nov
Report Card
Should the opposition stop political activities due to the 2nd wave of COVID19?
Report Card 16-Nov
Report Card
GB election results and PPP, PMLN reservations, PSL Final
Report Card 11-Nov
Report Card
Patriotism & treasonous card sell among the public with great potential.
Report Card 10-Nov
Report Card
Court of inquiry report of the army proved the federal government and the PM Khan wrong.
Report Card 9-Nov
Report Card
PDM decided to form a new charter, GB election
Meray Mutabiq 8-Nov
Meray Mutabiq
Exclusive Show on the election in Gilgit-Baltistan
Report Card 4-Nov
Report Card
Cabinet approved legislation for open voting for senate election
Report Card 3-Nov
Report Card
Removal of Fayazul Hassan Chohan and induction of Firdous Ashiq Awan
Report Card 2-Nov
Report Card
PPP is consistently complaining about federal ministers & PM visit to GB a couple of weeks befo..
Meray Mutabiq 1-Nov
Meray Mutabiq
Blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad PBUH in France
Report Card 28-Oct
Report Card
Over Rs 400 billion loss to the people of Pakistan due to incompetence of the government
Report Card 27-Oct
Report Card
Peshawar blast, recent terror attacks in Pakistan, and nonserious attitude of the ministers.
Report Card 26-Oct
Report Card
PDM movement and demand of PM Khan resignation
Report Card 21-Oct
Report Card
The opposition is looking for PM after the incident in Karachi.
Report Card 20-Oct
Report Card
PDM does not have even a single leader of the caliber of PM Khan. Fawad Chaudhry
Report Card 14-Oct
Report Card
Crackdown against the PDM workers is negating the PM Khan democracy.
Report Card 13-Oct
Report Card
Are the government spoke person rightly criticizing the Nawaz & Shahbaz style of politics
Report Card 12-Oct
Report Card
PM assigned a special task of controlling inflation to the tiger force.
Meray Mutabiq 11-Oct
Meray Mutabiq
We have reached very close to our destination. Army Chief
Meri Jang 11-Oct
Meri Jang
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
News Beat 10-Oct
News Beat
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
Report Card 7-Oct
Report Card
Former PM Shahid Khaqan announced to register a case against PM Khan
Report Card 6-Oct
Report Card
PM Khan has shown displeasure over the treason case against Nawaz Sharif.
Report Card 5-Oct
Report Card
PM himself said that Nawaz Sharif is attacking the state institutions on the behalf of India.
Meray Mutabiq 4-Oct
Meray Mutabiq
Maulana Fazal threats to the institutions and the government
Tonight With Fareeha 2-Oct
Tonight With Fareeha
Exclusive interview of senior analyst Hassan Nisar
Report Card 30-Sep
Report Card
Important remarks of Islamabad High Court about Nawaz Sharif
Report Card 29-Sep
Report Card
Will cracks appear in PMLN after Shahbaz Sharif arrest?
Report Card 28-Sep
Report Card
The political impact of Shahbaz Sharif arrest by the NAB
Meray Mutabiq 27-Sep
Meray Mutabiq
Role of social media & electronic media in Tallal Chaudhry incident
Report Card 23-Sep
Report Card
PMLN leaders secret meeting with the army chief
Report Card 22-Sep
Report Card
Islamabad High Court held the government responsible for sending Nawaz Sharif.
Report Card 16-Sep
Report Card
Future of PMLN and its leadership, Police reforms
Report Card 15-Sep
Report Card
Shahbaz Guill demanding resignation of Shahbaz Sharif
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 13-Sep
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Exclusive discussion with Hassan Nisar
Meray Mutabiq 13-Sep
Meray Mutabiq
Motorway incident and other political issues
Report Card 8-Sep
Report Card
What actually happened between IG Punjab and CCPO Lahore
Report Card 7-Sep
Report Card
Maryam Nawaz politically active again
Report Card 2-Sep
Report Card
If Nawaz Sharif does not come back then will his political future be ended?


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