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Hasan Askari Rizvi

Hasan Askari Rizvi

Address: Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: Quaid-i-Azam University
Twitter: https://twitter.com/har132com

Hasan Askari Rizvi's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
Bilawal Bhutto & Maulana Fazal are following Nawaz Sharif by criticizing the institutions.
Think Tank 21-Nov
Think Tank
The opposition is ready to help Corona spread with political activity.
Think Tank 20-Nov
Think Tank
The threat of both Corona & the opposition is increasing day by day.
Think Tank 15-Nov
Think Tank
PTI is likely to get a majority in the GB election
Think Tank 14-Nov
Think Tank
Indian ambitions against Pakistan & GB election
Think Tank 13-Nov
Think Tank
We are ready to sit with the establishment. Maryam Nawaz
Think Tank 8-Nov
Think Tank
Trump decided not to attend Biden oath taking
Think Tank 1-Nov
Think Tank
Possibility of another martial law in Pakistan, PMLN future politics
Think Tank 31-Oct
Think Tank
India & Pakistan again at risk of war, PMLN narrative
Think Tank 30-Oct
Think Tank
PMLN is messing with the establishment due to Nawaz narrative
Think Tank 25-Oct
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif once again named army chief and ISI chief in his speech in Quetta.
Think Tank 24-Oct
Think Tank
Is bringing Nawaz Sharif back the first priority of the PM Khan government?
Think Tank 23-Oct
Think Tank
People are cursing the PTI government over high inflation.
Think Tank 18-Oct
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif completely destroyed PMLN
Think Tank 17-Oct
Think Tank
The government and the opposition are facing off.
Think Tank 16-Oct
Think Tank
Inflation, Protests - Big Challenge For Govt
Think Tank 11-Oct
Think Tank
A huge wave of inflation and the opposition preparation for the major power show.
Think Tank 10-Oct
Think Tank
PTI could not get the advantage of the forward block in the PMLN
Think Tank 9-Oct
Think Tank
How much the PDM public rallies will hit the Khan government?
Think Tank 4-Oct
Think Tank
Future of Pakistan Democratic Movement and the government strategy.
Think Tank 3-Oct
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif shoot himself own foot
Think Tank 2-Oct
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif back to back speeches created big panic in the PTI government.
Think Tank 27-Sep
Think Tank
The opposition ready to resign from the national assembly
Think Tank 26-Sep
Think Tank
A serious political crisis in Pakistan strengthening the opposition agenda.
Think Tank 25-Sep
Think Tank
Was PMLN seeking the NRO from the military leadership with all its secret meetings?
Think Tank 20-Sep
Think Tank
Who was the target of Nawaz Sharif speech?
Think Tank 19-Sep
Think Tank
The opposition APC will be proved another drama
Think Tank 18-Sep
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif agreed to take part in the opposition APC
Think Tank 13-Sep
Think Tank
Main accused of the motorway incident still out of reach of the police
Think Tank 12-Sep
Think Tank
Punjab police and the government did brilliant job of finding the main accused
Think Tank 11-Sep
Think Tank
Another incident of gang-raping jolted the whole nation
Think Tank 6-Sep
Think Tank
Pakistan Defence Capability
Think Tank 5-Sep
Think Tank
Karachi Ke Liye Package Ka Elan
Think Tank 4-Sep
Think Tank
Opposition Getting United Against Govt
Think Tank 30-Aug
Think Tank
Who is blackmailing other over FATF bill in the parliament?
Think Tank 29-Aug
Think Tank
Discussion on the issue of Karachi & big statements from Sindh and the federal governments.
Think Tank 28-Aug
Think Tank
On whose recommendation PM Khan had agreed to send Nawaz out?
Think Tank 23-Aug
Think Tank
PTI government only showing public stunt by announcing to bring back Nawaz Sharif.
Think Tank 22-Aug
Think Tank
Did Nawaz Sharif really doge the PTI government?
Think Tank 21-Aug
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif active again in the national politics,
Think Tank 16-Aug-20
Think Tank
Two years to PM Khan taken oath as Prime Minister but why could not he bring change?
Think Tank 15-Aug-20
Think Tank
Another big step by PM Imran Khan another good news
Think Tank 9-Aug-20
Think Tank
PM Khan launched clean and green Pakistan campaign
Think Tank 8-Aug-20
Think Tank
Who hold the key of solution to the problems of Karachi?
Think Tank 7-Aug-20
Think Tank
NAB summoned CM Punjab Usman Buzdar
Think Tank 31-Jul-20
Think Tank
The government is a big enemy of its own
Think Tank 26-Jul-20
Think Tank
The opposition establishing contacts on a fast track
Think Tank 25-Jul-20
Think Tank
PTI government has wasted its first two years in the government


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