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Profession: Journalist
Affiliation: Dunya News
Email: haroon.rasheed@dunya.com.pk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Natamam.Official
Twitter: https://twitter.com/haroon_natamam

Haroon-ur-Rasheed's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
News Edge Tuesday
News Edge
Orya Maqbool Jan & Haroon-Ur-Rasheed analyzing the current scenario.
Muqabil Monday
The future of the PDM government if PTI really gets out of the system?
Siasat Aur Riasat Sunday
Siasat Aur Riasat
Pervez Elahi says he will take no time to dissolve Punjab assembly when will Imran Khan want
Siasat Aur Riasat 26-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
Imran Khan breaks all the records of public rallies, The PDM govt will have to announce date fo..
Siasat Aur Riasat 25-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
Will Chaudhry Pervez Elahi cheat Imran Khan? Why did Zardari come in Lahore?
News Edge 23-Nov
News Edge
Who is going to become the new army chief? Are the Govt & Establishment on the same page?
Siasat Aur Riasat 20-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
Did Nawaz Sharif make a plan for the assassination of Imran Khan & Arshad Sharif?
Siasat Aur Riasat 19-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
Shahbaz Sharif unhappy on Nawaz Sharif,An offer of election in April to Imran Khan
Siasat Aur Riasat 13-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
It is useless to talk with the establishment right now. Imran Khan
Siasat Aur Riasat 12-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
Considering Bilawal Bhutto for PM is a joke, Shahbaz Sharif is helpless PM.
Siasat Aur Riasat 11-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
Imran Khan is full of determination at the moment. He will visit Sindh & Baluchistan soon
Siasat Aur Riasat 6-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
It is almost impossible to stop Imran Khan? Azam Swati video case
Siasat Aur Riasat 5-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
The government plan to arrest Imran Khan, Shahbaz damaged politics of Nawaz Sharif
Siasat Aur Riasat 4-Nov
Siasat Aur Riasat
Punjab police reluctant to register FIR against military officer
News Edge 2-Nov
News Edge
Discussion on the future political scenario of Pakistan
Siasat Aur Riasat 30-Oct
Siasat Aur Riasat
More journalists may leave country, Imran Khan will only talk with the establishment.
Siasat Aur Riasat 28-Oct
Siasat Aur Riasat
The long march of PTI is heading toward Islamabad, Would Imran Khan be able to get the date of ..
Muqabil 24-Oct
The tragic murder of Arshad Sharif in Kenya and its causes
Siasat Aur Riasat 23-Oct
Siasat Aur Riasat
Imran Khan will win 75 percent of national assembly seats in the next election.
Muqabil 29-Sep
What is new plan of Imran Khan after Maryam Nawaz acquittal.
Muqabil 28-Sep
Imran Khan audio leaks and cypher conspiracy
Muqabil 26-Sep
The US Dollar is coming down after the return of Ishaq Dar
Muqabil 22-Sep
Has Imran Khan decided to return in the parliament?
Muqabil 21-Sep
Imran Khan announced a movement against the coalition government.
Muqabil 20-Sep
Situation changed in the favor of the PDM government.
Muqabil 19-Sep
PTI power show in Chakwal and London meeting
Muqabil 15-Sep
Imran today speech shows all is ok for him.
Muqabil 14-Sep
PTI will get huge majority even if Imran Khan is disqualified.
Muqabil 13-Sep
Talks is the only way to decide about the new election
Muqabil 12-Sep
Imran Khan can run the country even if he is disqualified
Muqabil 9-Sep
If Imran Khan is sent to jail then he would be more popular.
Muqabil 7-Sep
Whatever rivals of Imran Khan do, they cannot beat Khan?
Muqabil 6-Sep
The PDM government is reluctant to arrest Imran Khan
Muqabil 6-Sep
Imran Khan will sweep the election even if he is arrested.
Muqabil 1-Sep
Imran Khan is becoming Tsunami
Muqabil 31-Aug
PAK delegation reached the US secretly, China is not happy with the current Govt
Muqabil 30-Aug
Jehangir Tareen & Imran Khan are coming closer again.
Muqabil 29-Aug
Imran Khan made a new record in raising funds for flood affectees.
Muqabil 25-Aug
Shahbaz wants to be remain as PM whereas Nawaz wants otherwise.
Muqabil 24-Aug
Qatar ready to invest 2 billion US Dollar in Pakistan.
Muqabil 23-Aug-22
Dounts on Nawaz Sharif return, Possible disqualification of Imran Khan
When Will the Govt Arrest IK? 23-Aug-22
When Will the Govt Arrest IK?
When & how will the government arrest Imran Khan?
Muqabil 22-Aug-22
Could Imran Khan be arrested in the next few days?
Muqabil 18-Aug-22
Is Imran Khan really in trouble due to Toshakhana Reference?
Muqabil 17-Aug-22
Paid killer was sent to assassinate Imran Khan arrested by LEAs
Muqabil 16-Aug-22
Power game within the PMLN, Why is not oil on cheap price being bought from Russia?
Muqabil 15-Aug-22
Nawaz Sharif is the last hope of PMLN, Why Indian planes are landing in Pakistan?
Muqabil 11-Aug-22
The only way Nawaz Sharif could able to comeback in the politics is support of the establishmen..


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