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Haleem Adil Sheikh

Haleem Adil Sheikh

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Haleem Adil Sheikh's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Sawal 6-Mar
Maryam Nawaz active again but against whose: Imran Khan or Shahbaz narrative?
Clash With Imran Khan 4-Feb
Clash With Imran Khan
Discussion on the priorities of PTI government & ongoing crises.
Face to Face 31-Jan
Face to Face
Speaker Punjab Assembly Chaudhry Pervez Elahi again has shown discomfort with Govt
Kal Tak 30-Jan
Kal Tak
Shahbaz Sharif accepted Daily Mail journalist David Rose challenge
Clash With Imran Khan 27-Jan
Clash With Imran Khan
MQM avoid to meet PM in Karachi today, Issues between PPP & PTI
Kal Tak 21-Jan
Kal Tak
Clear division within PTI in Punjab over bad performance of CM Buzdar
92 At 8 1-Dec-19
92 At 8
MQM Pakistan new demands to federal government of PTI
News Eye 7-Oct-19
News Eye
National government or in house change
News Talk 13-Sep-19
News Talk
Who will solve problems of people of Karachi?
Spot Light 27-Aug-19
Spot Light
Garbage in Karachi due to political division
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk 29-Jul-19
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk
Haleem Adil Sheikh of PTI media talk in Karachi
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk 15-Jul-19
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk in Karachi
Mazaq Raat 8-Jul-19
Mazaq Raat
Politician from PTI along with female TV artist are exclusive guests in today show.
Takrar 26-Jun-19
All parties conference of opposition in Islamabad & budget session of national assembly
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk 3-Jun-19
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk
Haleem Adil Sheikh of PTI Media Talk
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk 4-May-19
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk in Karachi
News Beat 22-Feb-19
News Beat
PTI ambition in Sindh, NAB action against PPP leaders
Faisla Aap Ka 31-Jan-19
Faisla Aap Ka
Are PPP & PMLN coming closer?
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk 29-Jan-19
Haleem Adil Sheikh Media Talk
Haleem Adil Sheikh of PTi media talk in Karachi.
Aitraaz Hai 19-Jan-19
Aitraaz Hai
Need of military courts and current challenge of regional & internal security
Faisla Aap Ka 17-Jan-19
Faisla Aap Ka
PTI cannot complete its turn of 5 years due to bad performance. Asif Ali Zardari
Takrar 1-Jan-19
Will PPP asked PMLN to help to tackle PTI ambition in Sindh?
Sawal Yeh Hai 30-Dec-18
Sawal Yeh Hai
Is PTI really preparing to dismantle Sindh government?
Sawal Yeh Hai 8-Dec-18
Sawal Yeh Hai
Fawad Chaudhry vs Sheikh Rashid, Voices of NRO
News Beat 30-Nov-18
News Beat
PTI 100 days performance, Huge increase in Dollar value
News Point With Asma Chaudhry 5-Nov-18
News Point With Asma Chaudhry
Pakistan Peoples Party response on Info Minister Fawad Chaudhry statement
Kal Tak 16-Jul-18
Kal Tak
What relief Sharif can get from Islamabad High Court.
Kal Tak 7-May-18
Kal Tak
Attack on Ahsan Iqbal was an attack on whole nation.
Live With Nadia Mirza 17-Apr-18
Live With Nadia Mirza
Role of Jamat-e-Islami in the politics of Karachi.
Tonight With Jasmeen 27-Mar-18
Tonight With Jasmeen
Discussion on supreme court today proceeding.
News Talk 20-Mar-18
News Talk
Justice Fyz Essa remarks on Panama case
News Talk 28-Feb-18
News Talk
Punjab Assembly passed resolution against NAB
News Beat 16-Feb-18
News Beat
Maryam Nawaz anti judiciary speech and MQM Pakistan internal problems
Mazaq Raat 14-Feb-18
Mazaq Raat
PTI politician from Sindh and TV model are exclusive guests in today show.
10PM With Nadia Mirza 9-Feb-18
10PM With Nadia Mirza
Sattar ready to scarify whole Rabita Committee for Kamran Tessori
Hum Sub 30-Jan-18
Hum Sub
Sindh government appointed Dr. Asim as Chairman Sindh Higher Commission.
News Beat 27-Jan-18
News Beat
PMLN Jalsa in Jaranwala, Fake police encounters and Rao Anwaar disappearances.
Live With Nasrullah Malik 19-Jan-18
Live With Nasrullah Malik
Chief Justice of Pakistan took suo moto of Naqeeb killing.
View Point With Mishal Bukhari 15-Nov-17
View Point With Mishal Bukhari
I am being fixed for punishment on someone wish. Nawaz Sharif
Apna Apna Gareban 10-Nov-17
Apna Apna Gareban
Power game between rule of law and politics
Tonight With Jasmeen 4-Jan-17
Tonight With Jasmeen
Tayyaba torture case, Supreme Court hearing Panama again.
Tabdeeli 12-Dec-16
What did Govt achieved in his 3.5 years tenure?
Mazaq Raat 29-Nov-16
Mazaq Raat
Two politician from PTI & PMLN are exclusive guests in today show.
Tabdeeli 27-Oct-16
Who is real well wisher of people of Pakistan and who is doing only politics?
Tonight With Jasmeen 11-Oct-16
Tonight With Jasmeen
Meeting in PM House between civil and military leadership on Dawn news reporting.
Tabdeeli 6-Oct-16
Imran Khan set two way out for PM Nawaz: either resign or present himself for accountability.
Tabdeeli 27-Sep-16
What is the govt strategy to cope Raiwind March?
Express Special 26-Aug-16
Express Special
No law in Pakistan against incitement to violence


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