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Gharida Farooqi

Gharida Farooqi

Profession: TV Anchor and Host
Affiliation: Express News
Gharidah Farooqi is a very brave and talented female newscaster of Pakistan. She is very educated as she has done his MA in mass communication. As a host, she has worked for different TV Channels in Pakistan. She has become part of with Pakistan Television Network (PTV), ATV, Dunya TV, Geo News and Samaa TV. But now she is hosting a very famous TV show G for Gharidah at Express News. The show is based on public interest, current affairs, social issues, political affairs and latest happening of the day. She is one of the few female anchorpersons who has interviewed with many famous political personalities like Rana Sana Ullah, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, Siraj ul Haq, Aitzaz Ahsan, Khurshid Shah & Maryam Nawaz etc. The show goes on air from 08:00 P.M. to 09:00 P.M. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in a week on Express News Channel only. It is also re-telecast on next day on 01:00 P.M. She has to face many controversies as she looks very bold in her dressing while conducting a show in an attempt to attract more viewers on her show. So, many a times, she has to undergo with criticisms from some senior Journalists even at her own platform. But she does not care of it. She never feels hesitation to expose any social issue. She also has got opportunity to conduct live coverage of many occasions like election campaigns, during PTI Dharna etc. She has conducted a show on Pak Army at Khyber Agency to pay tribute to their bravery and courageous. She has interviewed with Pak Army Officers and army men who were deputed there in such a difficult conditions. She exposed their problems which they faced during doing different operations with enemies. In short, G for Gharida is a very interesting show which has everything that people wish to watch.

Gharida Farooqi's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
G For Gharida 9-Nov
G For Gharida
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
G For Gharida 8-Nov
G For Gharida
Nawaz possible flight to UK, Maulana Azadi March
G For Gharida 7-Nov
G For Gharida
Will Chaudhry Pervez succeed in bringing temperature down
Why Gharida Wearing Dupatta in AM 5-Nov
Why Gharida Wearing Dupatta in AM
Why Gharida Farooqui & other female anchors wearing dupatta in Azadi March
G For Gharida 31-Oct
G For Gharida
Azadi March special show
G For Gharida 25-Oct
G For Gharida
Nawaz & Maryam might leave for abroad on medical ground
G For Gharida 24-Oct
G For Gharida
Government stance on Nawaz Sharif health issues
G For Gharida 18-Oct
G For Gharida
Government formed committee to talk with Maulana
G For Gharida 12-Oct
G For Gharida
Interesting scenario of Maulana Azadi March
G For Gharida 4-Oct
G For Gharida
Current political scenario of Pakistan & Maulana Azadi March
G For Gharida 28-Sep
G For Gharida
Indian fresh violation on line of control
G For Gharida 27-Sep
G For Gharida
Discussion on an important speech of PM Khan in UNGA
G For Gharida 26-Sep
G For Gharida
PM Khan statements in United States is not helping Pakistan
G For Gharida 22-Sep
G For Gharida
When will Chunian children get justice? (Part 2)
G For Gharida 21-Sep
G For Gharida
How many kids Missing in Chunian?
G For Gharida 20-Sep
G For Gharida
Discuss about how to solve Kashmir issue
G For Gharida 19-Sep
G For Gharida
Discussion on Maulana Fazal Azad March and strategy of government
G For Gharida 13-Sep
G For Gharida
PM asked Kashmiris not to cross LOC while addressing in Muzaffarabad.
G For Gharida 12-Sep
G For Gharida
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
G For Gharida 7-Sep
G For Gharida
What are the failure of PTI government on the issue of Kashmir
G For Gharida 6-Sep
G For Gharida
A day to show solidarity with state martyrs
G For Gharida 5-Sep
G For Gharida
Kashmiris are being deprived of state rights
G For Gharida 31-Aug
G For Gharida
What is the solution of Kashmir dispute? dialogue or arm struggle
G For Gharida 30-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Kashmir solidarity day, talking with people came out to take part in the rally
G For Gharida 29-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Economy or Kashmir? what crises should be in government priority?
G For Gharida 24-Aug-19
G For Gharida
CM Punjab sent mangoes to friendly journalists to build goodwill
G For Gharida 23-Aug-19
G For Gharida
World talking about Kashmir after Modi move to revoke article 370
G For Gharida 22-Aug-19
G For Gharida
PM Khan says nothing left to talk with India
G For Gharida 19-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Recent tension on LOC and lock down in IOK forced PM to announced General Bajwa extension
G For Gharida 17-Aug-19
G For Gharida
PTI performance in first 12 months and upcoming challenges
G For Gharida 10-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Brave Kashmiris are taken to the streets despite curfew in Srinagar
G For Gharida 9-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Samjhota, Thar Express & Dost Bus service all closed by Pakistan
G For Gharida 8-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Instead of creating consensus government created more differences by arresting Maryam
G For Gharida 3-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir & on LOC
G For Gharida 2-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Voices of horse trading after opposition failed attempt to remove chairman senate
G For Gharida 1-Aug-19
G For Gharida
Opposition move of no confidence against Chairman senate not succeeded
G For Gharida 27-Jul-19
G For Gharida
Pakistan has lost thousands of precious lives in a war against terrorism
G For Gharida 13-Jul-19
G For Gharida
Will Nawaz Sharif imprisonment verdict be reverse
G For Gharida 12-Jul-19
G For Gharida
IHC made judge Arshad Malik affidavit part of Nawaz bail plea
G For Gharida 11-Jul-19
G For Gharida
Horrible train collision, Maryam released another parts of Judge Arshad Malik video
G For Gharida 6-Jul-19
G For Gharida
PMLN should produce alleged video of judge Arshad Malik before higher judiciary
G For Gharida 4-Jul-19
G For Gharida
Political cases, arrests and drugs recovery all are sign of 90s politics
G For Gharida 22-Jun-19
G For Gharida
Discussion on opposition future strategy against ruling party.
G For Gharida 21-Jun-19
G For Gharida
Exclusive discussion with minister for Railway Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
G For Gharida 20-Jun-19
G For Gharida
Nawaz Sharif failed in getting relief due to Maryam Nawaz strategies
G For Gharida 7-Jun-19
G For Gharida
Exclusive show from Sweet Home with sweet children
G For Gharida 6-Jun-19
G For Gharida
Eid special show with famous journalists, analysts
G For Gharida 1-Jun-19
G For Gharida
PTI government opened several fronts in not time


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