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Faisal Wada

Faisal Wada

Address: Karachi, Sindh
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ptiwada

Faisal Wada's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Off The Record Tuesday
Off The Record
Is Nawaz Sharif really being offered a deal?
Power Play 16-Sep
Power Play
Accountability process, JUI long march toward Islamabad
Clash With Imran Khan 28-Aug
Clash With Imran Khan
Another WhatsApp story about honorable judges of the lower courts
News Eye 28-Aug
News Eye
Discussion on judges removal and Nawaz, Zardari health issues.
92 At 8 28-Aug
92 At 8
Discussion on garbage issue in Karachi & political immaturity from all side.
Off The Record 27-Aug
Off The Record
Nawaz & Zardari health issues in jail, Garbage in Karachi
Faisal Wada Media Talk 23-Aug
Faisal Wada Media Talk
Faisal Wada media talk in Karachi
On The Front 19-Aug
On The Front
PM Khan took another U Turn by extending current army chief tenure
Power Play 1-Aug
Power Play
Big setback to joint opposition in senate, Sanjrani survived
On The Front 1-Aug
On The Front
Big setback to opposition alliance, Chairman senate survived
Who is Going to be Arrested Next 1-Aug
Who is Going to be Arrested Next
Who is going to be arrested next? Watch what Faisal Wada revealed
Off The Record 31-Jul
Off The Record
There is no question of chairman senate resignation. Shibli Faraz
Khara Sach 17-Jul
Khara Sach
When will Shahbaz sue Daily Mail over its story against him?
Nadeem Malik Live 17-Jul
Nadeem Malik Live
Both Pakistan & India are member of Vienna convention
Power Play 16-Jul
Power Play
Discussion on more facts in AC Judge video scandal
Takrar 16-Jul
PTI government exposing more corruption stories of opposition
Kal Tak 15-Jul
Kal Tak
Chairman senate also active after no confidence move against him.
Off The Record 15-Jul
Off The Record
Daily Mail story & denial from Shahbaz Sharif
92 At 8 11-Jul
92 At 8
Discussion on the affairs of Pakistan International Airline
Power Play 9-Jul
Power Play
Opposition submitted no confidence motion against Chairman Senate
On The Front 9-Jul
On The Front
No trust movement against Chairman Senate
News Eye 8-Jul
News Eye
Maryam Nawaz threatening with more videos of same judge
Off The Record 8-Jul
Off The Record
Legal aspect of alleged video of judge Arshad Malik
Off The Record 2-Jul
Off The Record
PM Offered opposition with plea bargain option to return looted money
92 At 8 1-Jul
92 At 8
State minister for anti narcotics unaware of Rana Sanaullah arrest
Kal Tak 25-Jun
Kal Tak
Raja Pervez acquittal appeal rejected, Dr Babar Awan appeal accepted by NAB Court
News Eye 25-Jun
News Eye
Is democratic system of Pakistan in danger?
Off The Record 25-Jun
Off The Record
Why division in Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz on the issue of chartered of economy
Faisal Wada Speech in Assembly 25-Jun
Faisal Wada Speech in Assembly
Faisal Wada speech in national assembly
Power Play 24-Jun
Power Play
One of agenda of all parties conference is to decide line of action against ruling party
On The Front 24-Jun
On The Front
Budget approval became bigger challenge for PTI government
Power Play 19-Jun
Power Play
Production of Zardari not issued, Opposition united to challenge budget
Nadeem Malik Live 19-Jun
Nadeem Malik Live
Opposition pressurizing government for Zardari production order
Takrar 18-Jun
PM ordered speaker national assembly not to issue production order of arrested members
Off The Record 17-Jun
Off The Record
Proceeding of national assembly, Who actually destroyed economy of Pakistan
Sawal Yeh Hai 14-Jun
Sawal Yeh Hai
Opposition believes NAB is being controlled by PM Khan
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 13-Jun-19
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
PM still wants layman to scarify expenditure due to economic crises
On The Front 12-Jun-19
On The Front
Discussion on post budget scenario
Power Play 11-Jun-19
Power Play
How much people friendly this budget is? Zardari arrest followed by Hamza
News Eye 11-Jun-19
News Eye
Budget special transmission on Dawn News
Faisal Wada Speech in Khyber Agency 2-May-19
Faisal Wada Speech in Khyber Agency
Faisal Wada speech in Mohmand DAM inaugural ceremony
Power Play 30-Apr-19
Power Play
Big embezzlement found in the allotment of Sindh government land.
PTI Ministers Press Conference 30-Apr-19
PTI Ministers Press Conference
PTI ministers press conference after cabinet meeting.
Off The Record 29-Apr-19
Off The Record
PM implementing own agenda through DG ISPR. Bilawal Bhutto
92 At 8 24-Apr-19
92 At 8
Being a PM of the country Imran Khan should be careful while talking on international forum.
Off The Record 23-Apr-19
Off The Record
Many ministers were disappeared from today assembly session.
On The Front 18-Apr-19
On The Front
Did delayed decisions of Asad Umar put economy of Pakistan in more danger?
Power Play 17-Apr-19
Power Play
Turning black money into white by using TT


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