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Faisal Karim Khan Kundi

Date of Birth: 24-May-1975 (Age: 45 Years)
Address: Dera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan People's Party
Phone# 0300-5797600
Email: fkundi@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FaisalKarimKundi

Faisal Karim Khan Kundi's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Clash With Imran Khan 29-Jul
Clash With Imran Khan
Will the opposition be remain united till the last move this time?
Sawal Yeh Hai 25-Jul
Sawal Yeh Hai
Two years performance of the PTI government, Who will lead the opposition movement?
Clash With Imran Khan 21-Jul
Clash With Imran Khan
Facts about Senior Journalist Matiullah Jan abduction
Sawal Yeh Hai 5-Jul-20
Sawal Yeh Hai
Why does the government want to revoke 18th amendment?
Nasim Zehra @8:00 1-Jul-20
Nasim Zehra @8:00
Differences between PMLQ and the PM Imran Khan
Aapas Ki Baat 30-Jun-20
Aapas Ki Baat
PM Allegations on the opposition leaders for supporting extremism
Kal Tak 30-Jun-20
Kal Tak
No one will let them go even after the minus one. PM to opposition
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 26-Jun-20
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
International media criticizing PM Khan over calling Bin Laden a martyr
Clash With Imran Khan 25-Jun-20
Clash With Imran Khan
PM Khan declared Usma Bin Laden a martyr
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 24-Jun-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
A day not too far away when no one will agree to become PM
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 7-Jun-20
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Are we heading toward another round of the lockdown?
Sawal 5-Jun-20
Upcoming budget 2020, COVID19 exposure and other issues
Face to Face 5-Jun-20
Face to Face
Discussion on the performance of Corona Tiger Force and other political issues
Tonight With Fareeha 25-May-20
Tonight With Fareeha
Eid special show with politicians
Clash With Imran Khan 21-May-20
Clash With Imran Khan
Another bold action of publicizing the sugar crises report by PM Imran Khan.
Tonight With Fareeha 20-May-20
Tonight With Fareeha
Corona is spreading fast after an ease in the lockdown. Shahbaz in danger of arrest
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 20-May-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Pakistani public is busy in Eid shopping despite corona threat.
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 16-May-20
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
NAB is preparing new references aganst PMLN & PPP leadership
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 15-May-20
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
We will open all businesses with strict SOPs. PM Khan
Face to Face 15-May-20
Face to Face
PM announced big decision of opening public transport
Aapas Ki Baat 12-May-20
Aapas Ki Baat
Where is our PM? Who is running the country? PPP asked in the senate today.
Kal Tak 12-May-20
Kal Tak
The federal government plays politics on every issue related to Sindh. Bilawal Bhutto
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 12-May-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
Opposition leader & the leader of the house were absent from Parliamentary session.
Tonight With Fareeha 11-May-20
Tonight With Fareeha
An important session of the national assembly on Corona
Sawal 1-May-20
Pakistan laborer seeking food even on their dedicated day.
Kal Tak 30-Apr-20
Kal Tak
Ruling elite forced lockdown in Pakistan. PM Imran Khan
Clash With Imran Khan 27-Apr-20
Clash With Imran Khan
Big changes in the federal cabinet as Firdous Ashiq removed as information advisor
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 25-Apr-20
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Was there any need for an agreement with Ulema Karam?
Aitraaz Hai 24-Apr-20
Aitraaz Hai
Test, trace & quarantine policy is adopted. Current COVID19 update in Pakistan
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar 9-Apr-20
Center Stage With Rehman Azhar
Is the health system of Pakistan ready for COVID19?
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem 8-Apr-20
Seedhi Baat With Beenish Saleem
PM Khan press briefing, described role of tiger force.
Spot Light 7-Apr-20
Spot Light
Corona is out o control in Pakistan, PM Khan action against own party leaders.
Kal Tak 30-Mar-20
Kal Tak
119 more corona cases reported in Pakistan in the last 24 hours.
Sawal Yeh Hai 14-Mar-20
Sawal Yeh Hai
PTI blaming PMLN for settling deal with an establishment
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath 14-Mar-20
Aaj Rana Mubashir Kay Sath
Unbiased accountability could not be done in Pakistan
Rubaru 20-Feb-20
Question mark on PMLN mysterious silence
News Beat 29-Dec-19
News Beat
Discussion on PTI government performance in 2019
Sawal Yeh Hai 7-Dec-19
Sawal Yeh Hai
BRT Peshawar will be bigger challenge for FIA
Sawal Yeh Hai 16-Nov-19
Sawal Yeh Hai
Nawaz Sharif likely to leave for London tomorrow
News Talk 13-Oct-19
News Talk
Preparations For Azadi March of both sides JUIF and PTI Government
Faisla Aap Ka 2-Oct-19
Faisla Aap Ka
Will Maulana Fazal come in Islamabad with million march?
Clash With Imran Khan 30-Sep-19
Clash With Imran Khan
Opposition mass protest still under doubts
News Talk 29-Sep-19
News Talk
Pm Imran khan return, Great Speech, But what the difference?
Aapas Ki Baat 20-Aug-19
Aapas Ki Baat
World discussing Kashmir issue despite political instability in Pakistan
News Beat 21-Jun-19
News Beat
Discussion on worst scenario of Pakistan economy.
Power Play 19-Jun-19
Power Play
Production of Zardari not issued, Opposition united to challenge budget
Sawal Yeh Hai 14-Jun-19
Sawal Yeh Hai
Opposition believes NAB is being controlled by PM Khan
News Eye 13-Jun-19
News Eye
Shahid Khaqan challenge to PM Khan to revealed his tax detail


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