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Express News
Kal Tak Thursday
Kal Tak
Khawar Maneka servant Lateef statement in the Imran Khan Nikah case.
Kal Tak Wednesday
Kal Tak
Would Nawaz Sharif be able to change perception about him?
Kal Tak Tuesday
Kal Tak
PTI symbol is in danger, Election will be held in time, Whose instruction finance ministry rele..
Kal Tak 4-Dec
Kal Tak
First big statement of Imran Khan from Adayala Jail during the Cypher case hearing.
The Review 2-Dec
The Review
Vice President of the World Bank for Asia Region is exclusive guest in today show.
The Review 1-Dec
The Review
Why did the IMF get access to the state bank of Pakistan?
Kal Tak 30-Nov
Kal Tak
Leaked audio of Bushra Bibi and Latif Khosa, Barrister Gohar Khan is the new chairman of PTI
Kal Tak 29-Nov
Kal Tak
Imran Khan is no more PTI chairman, Will election be held in Feb 2024?
Kal Tak 28-Nov
Kal Tak
Who will replace Imran Khan as PTI chairman? Could PMLN get majority in the election?
Kal Tak 27-Nov
Kal Tak
Exclusive interview of former actress Hajra Khan.
Kal Tak 23-Nov
Kal Tak
Would Chairman PTI be able to contest election? Differences between Bilawal & Zardari
Kal Tak 21-Nov
Kal Tak
Who did arrange deal between PMN and the establishment?
The Review 10-Nov
The Review
Exchange rate management & external financing gap are the two issues not settled with IMF
The Review 3-Nov
The Review
A report of a think tank about special investment board, Dialogue between IMF & Pakistan.
ECP Announced Election Date 2-Nov
ECP Announced Election Date
ECP announced the election date. General Election will be held on Feb 11
Kal Tak 31-Oct
Kal Tak
Nawaz Sharif will run full fludge political campaign whereas Imran Khan will contest his cases.
Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga 29-Oct
Shabbir Tou Dekhay Ga
Highlighting true crime stories including part of a real action.
The Review 28-Oct
The Review
Close relation between Pakistan & Saudi Arabia, Progress in CPEC
The Review 27-Oct
The Review
The IMF delegation is about to visit Pakistan for first review in November
Kal Tak 26-Oct
Kal Tak
Relief to Nawaz Sharif and bad news for PTI chairman
Kal Tak 25-Oct
Kal Tak
Another effort from PTI to come close with the establishment failed.
The Review 20-Oct
The Review
No Significant decrease in the prices of goods despite of the US Dollar fall
IHC Grants Protective Bail to Nawaz 19-Oct
IHC Grants Protective Bail to Nawaz
Islamabad High Court grants protective bail to Nawaz Sharif till October 24
Kal Tak 18-Oct
Kal Tak
Discussion on the bail pleas of Nawaz Sharif & Imran Khan
Kal Tak 17-Oct
Kal Tak
Exclusive discussion with PMLN leader Ahsan Iqbal
Kal Tak 16-Oct
Kal Tak
A surprise is ready for Nawaz Sharif? PPP un happy on how state is facilitating Nawaz Sharif re..
The Review 13-Oct
The Review
The US Dollar continues to fall against PAK Rupee, Good news for the economy of Pakistan
Kal Tak 11-Oct
Kal Tak
Nawaz Sharif dream to become PM for the 4th time has broken.
Kal Tak 9-Oct
Kal Tak
Discussion on the Cypher case and the return of Nawaz Sharif
The Review 7-Oct
The Review
US Dollar downfall continues, A good sign for the economy of Pakistan.
The Review 6-Oct
The Review
Pakistan imposed new restriction on Afghan transit trade.
Kal Tak 4-Oct
Kal Tak
PTI could be headless before the election, Nawaz Sharif is coming back
PAK is Going to Deop Key Player 2-Oct
PAK is Going to Deop Key Player
Pakistan i going to drop its key player in a warmup match against Australia.
The Review 30-Sep
The Review
5th meeting of Special Investment Facilitation Council
The Review 29-Sep
The Review
China is no longer interested in the CPEC projects in Pakistan.
Kal Tak 27-Sep
Kal Tak
Has Nawaz Sharif taken U-Turn on his demand of accountability of General Bajwa & Faiz?
Kal Tak 26-Sep
Kal Tak
A case of asset beyond means against Ishaq Dar reopened.
Kal Tak 25-Sep
Kal Tak
Nawaz Sharif is ready to mess with the establishment again.
The Review 23-Sep
The Review
Asian Development Bank report about the economic growth in Pakistan.
The Review 22-Sep
The Review
The caretaker PM meets IMF chief in New York, Tension between Canada & India.
Experts 20-Sep
PPP is worried about its political future. Is the election in 90 days only solution for the eco..
Kal Tak 19-Sep
Kal Tak
No chance that PMLN will come into power again, What is going on in the mind of the establishme..
Experts 19-Sep
Tension between Canada & India, Did PMLN really rescue Pakistan from default?
Kal Tak 18-Sep
Kal Tak
Why did CJP Faez Isa form a full court bench on his very first day?
The Review 15-Sep
The Review
IMF is surprised to know that Pakistan is facing shortage of dollars.
Experts 15-Sep
PPP complains about not being provided a level playing field.
Kal Tak 13-Sep
Kal Tak
How ECP will react on the recommendations of President about the election date?
Experts 13-Sep
The President vs the Election Commission of Pakistan


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