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Dua Kanwal Programs & Videos
Experts Yesterday
How much justified government reaction on opposition announcement of APC
Experts 19-Jun
Discussion on today proceeding of national assembly
Experts 18-Jun
Opposition leaders holding meetings to stop budget approval
Experts 17-Jun
India once again defeated Pakistan in a World Cup match
Experts 12-Jun
PM Imran Khan furious speech at midnight
Experts 11-Jun
Budget 2019-20 and arrest of Hamza & Altaf Hussain
Experts 10-Jun
NAB arrested Asif Ali Zardari after IHC rejected his bail extension plea
Experts 5-Jun
Eid first day special program
Experts 4-Jun
Multiple EIDs even in New Pakistan
Experts 3-Jun
NAB Chairman vows for across the board accountability
Experts 29-May
Today clash between PPP workers & Islamabad police while Bilawal appearance in NAB
Experts 28-May
Pakistan is facing severe internal & external challenges
Experts 27-May
NAB Chairman video scandal, Violence in North Waziristan
Experts 23-May
Modi BJP won general election in India with even more majority than in previous polls
Experts 22-May
Maryam Nawaz Speech in Bahawalpur, Dollar rise and high rate of inflation
Experts 21-May
Did Chairman NAB interview made NAB process controversial?
Experts 20-May
Grand alliance of opposition parties and future of PTI government
Subh Savaray Pakistan 15-May
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How to fulfill remaining religious duties of died person
Experts 14-May
Finally PTI government announced tax amnesty scheme
Subh Savaray Pakistan 14-May
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How to keep balancing relation between Wife & Parent
Experts 13-May
Government should bring IMF deal in the parliament, demanded by PMLN
Subh Savaray Pakistan 13-May
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Mother day special show
Subh Savaray Pakistan 10-May
Subh Savaray Pakistan
What are men rights? How to fulfill men right described by Almighty Allah
Experts 8-May
Suicide blast near Data Darbar in Lahore
Experts 6-May
Did PMLN rightly give Maryam Nawaz political designation?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 6-May
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How to welcome the Holy month of Ramadan?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 4-May
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Patience & sense of responsibility are key for success in any field of life.
Subh Savaray Pakistan 3-May
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Can happiness & comfort be bought with money?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 2-May
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How to maintain fitness in Ramadan
Experts 1-May
Discussion on PTI government performance after coming into power
Experts 30-Apr
Government agreed for imposing new taxes of Rs 600b on the demand of IMF
Experts 29-Apr
DG ISPR press conference, PM Khan visit of China
Subh Savaray Pakistan 27-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Weakness of eyesight and its causes
Experts 24-Apr
PM Khan personal attacks on Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in Wana
Experts 23-Apr
PM Khan controversial statement in Iran and Bilawal blasting speech in assembly
Experts 22-Apr
Can new team of Imran Khan fulfill all expectations?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 22-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Today show is dedicated to teacher respect
Subh Savaray Pakistan 20-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Side effect of high uric acid and its treatment.
Subh Savaray Pakistan 19-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Symptoms of depression and its causes.
Subh Savaray Pakistan 18-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Today show topic is skin beauty & treatment
Experts 17-Apr
Current economic crises and false cl;aims of PTI government
Subh Savaray Pakistan 17-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Advantage & disadvantage of joint family system
Experts 16-Apr
Federal cabinet did not approve new amnesty scheme
Subh Savaray Pakistan 16-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Heath issues of newborn babies is the topic of today show.
Experts 15-Apr
Rumor about big changes in cabinet, IG Punjab & Chief Secretary changed.
Subh Savaray Pakistan 15-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How much breakfast necessary for our health?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 12-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Imran Khan taking new steps to improve performance in government
Subh Savaray Pakistan 11-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How to protect skin in summer? What are the drinks can help in skin protection
Experts 10-Apr
PTI government inaugurating projects of previous government rather announcing new
Subh Savaray Pakistan 10-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Students education problems and their solution
Experts 8-Apr
What temporary relief for PMLN from court impact will out on NAB performance
Subh Savaray Pakistan 8-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Role of maid in our society and their problems
Subh Savaray Pakistan 6-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How tumors created in brain, What are the treatment of brain tumor?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 5-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
What astrologists say about future of Pakistan & Pakistani politics
Experts 3-Apr
Unprecedented corruption in Peshawar BRT project
Subh Savaray Pakistan 3-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Drugs addiction destroying young generation
Experts 2-Apr
I am the authority to decide who will participate in cabinet meeting. PM Khan
Subh Savaray Pakistan 1-Apr
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Federal Ministers are divided on the issue of economic crises
Subh Savaray Pakistan 30-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How to stop violence against women in Pakistan?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 29-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
What is real method of Istekhara described by Islam.
Subh Savaray Pakistan 28-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
How much necessary knowing about after marriage life for boy & girl before wedding
Experts 27-Mar
Opposition refused to take briefing on national action plan in foreign office
Subh Savaray Pakistan 27-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Habit of spending money needlessly is topic of today show.
Experts 26-Mar
Supreme Court granted 6 weeks bail to Nawaz on medical grounds
Subh Savaray Pakistan 26-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Health benefits of getting up early morning
Experts 25-Mar
Political future of CM Punjab Usman Buzdar, PM meeting with serious journalists
Subh Savaray Pakistan 25-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Today show topic is event management
Subh Savaray Pakistan 22-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Whom will be next target of NAB? Malaysian PM visit of Pakistan
Subh Savaray Pakistan 21-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
World forest day, Importance of mother health
Experts 20-Mar
Discussion on Bilawal Bhutto appearance before NAB followed by press conference
Subh Savaray Pakistan 20-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Exclusive show on world oral health day.
Experts 19-Mar
Politics on Nawaz health, Is Bilawal really giving anti state statement?
Subh Savaray Pakistan 19-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Feeling, taking care of others & various other issues will be discussed in today show.
Experts 18-Mar
Shahbaz Sharif is still demanding NRO. Revealed by Sheikh Rashid
Subh Savaray Pakistan 18-Mar
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Today topic is homeopathic treatment of various diseases
Subh Savaray Pakistan 16-Mar-19
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Pakistan Super League 2019 final special
Subh Savaray Pakistan 15-Mar-19
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Importance of gemstones is topic of today show.
Subh Savaray Pakistan 14-Mar-19
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Reasons & symptoms of dehydration and its solution
Experts 13-Mar-19
Reservations & allegations of Bilawal and its reality
Experts 12-Mar-19
Nexus of PMLN & PPP and future of PTI government
Subh Savaray Pakistan 12-Mar-19
Subh Savaray Pakistan
Today show is dedicated to childhood memories.
Experts 11-Mar-19
What political agenda set during Nawaz & Bilawal Bhutto meeting?
Experts 6-Mar-19
Opposition protest and hot speeches in national assembly
Experts 5-Mar-19
Controversial statement regarding Hindu community deprived Faiz Chohan from Ministry
Experts 27-Feb-19
Today action of Pakistan air force should be enough to open eyes of India
Experts 26-Feb-19
Pakistan will decided time & target to hit inside India
Experts 20-Feb-19
Is PPP rightly reacting after arrest of Agha Siraj Durrani
Experts 19-Feb-19
PM address to nation on Indian threats, political scenario of Pakistan
Experts 12-Feb-19
Saudi crown prince visit of Pakistan is big success of PM Imran Khan
Experts 4-Feb-19
Nawaz latest medical reports suggest no cardiac problem
Experts 30-Jan-19
New threats to PTi government in center after Bilawal statement
Experts 29-Jan-19
Bilawal Bhutto threat of long march to PTI government
Experts 28-Jan-19
PM Imran Khan praising CM Punjab whereas opposition criticizing.
Experts 23-Jan-19
PTI government focusing on economic revival rather giving temporary relief to laymen
Experts 22-Jan-19
PTI government took an aggressive U Turn on the issue of Sahiwal incident
Experts 21-Jan-19
Opposition rejected Punjab government JIT over Sahiwal incident
Experts 16-Jan-19
Even PTI allies are now leaving them
Experts 15-Jan-19
What is main objective of opposition fresh alliance?
Experts 14-Jan-19
Shahbaz Sharif stunning speech in national assembly


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