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Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan

Date of Birth: 11-Jan-1170 (Age: 854 Years)
Address: Sialkot, Punjab
Profession: Politician
Affiliation: Pakistan Peoples Party
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Firdous-Ashiq-Awan/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aapafirdous

Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Firdous Ashiq Media Talk 12-Feb
Firdous Ashiq Media Talk
Firdous Ashiq Awan media talk about her incident with police man.
Nadeem Malik Live 20-Dec-23
Nadeem Malik Live
PTI candidates are facing problems in getting nomination papers
On The Front 13-Dec-23
On The Front
Supreme Court suspends judgement against military court
Mere Sawal 8-Dec-23
Mere Sawal
Is Nawaz Sharif confused about the party narrative? What is going on between IPP & PMLN?
On The Front 6-Dec-23
On The Front
Legal trouble of PTI chairman and future of PTI election symbol
Power Politics 21-Nov-23
Power Politics
Are PPP & PMLN factually targeting each other? Would IPP be able to perform in the election?
Nadeem Malik Live 20-Nov-23
Nadeem Malik Live
All political parties are demanding level playing field except PMLN
Nadeem Malik Live 18-Oct-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Discussion on the Asjad Majeed statement in the Cypher case.
The Reporters 6-Oct-23
The Reporters
What is the future of Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party?
Nadeem Malik Live 5-Oct-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Usman Dar is not the only person left PTI, Many will follow him
Firdous Ashiq Awan in Light Mood 1-Oct-23
Firdous Ashiq Awan in Light Mood
Firdous Ashiq Awan in light mood with Mansoor Ali Khan
On The Front 27-Sep-23
On The Front
Will the new narrative of Nawaz Sharif bring political stability or increase instability?
Nadeem Malik Live 12-Sep-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Nawaz Sharif is coming back but voters is with Imran Khan
On The Front 7-Sep-23
On The Front
A huge crackdown against the dollarm mafias and electricity thieves.
Nadeem Malik Live 23-Aug-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Important remarks from Chief Justice of Pakistan in Toshakhana case.
Night Edition 18-Aug-23
Night Edition
Could election be postponed for uncertain period of time.
On The Front 17-Aug-23
On The Front
Did the caretaker cabinet form with the consultation of the PDM?
On The Front 2-Aug-23
On The Front
Imran Khan cannot survive in the Toshakhana case.
On The Front 17-Jul-23
On The Front
Imran Khan was offered election 3 to 4 times after the vote of no-confidence.
Nadeem Malik Live 13-Jul-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Will election be held on time after the dissolution of the assembly?
G For Gharida 12-Jul-23
G For Gharida
The government big claim about PTI and Israel nexus
Siasat 12-Jul-23
Is the Government & the ECP serious to conduct election on time?
Kal Tak 11-Jul-23
Kal Tak
Israeli support for PTI chairman Imran Khan, Toshakhana case.
Capital Talk 10-Jul-23
Capital Talk
PTI chairman got bail in all cases, Pervez Elahi bail plea has been rejected
Power Politics 10-Jul-23
Power Politics
What would be the political strategy of the PDM parties before the general election?
Nadeem Malik Live 5-Jul-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Dissent notes of 3 senior judges of Supreme Court in military courts case
Nadeem Malik Live 27-Jun-23
Nadeem Malik Live
What gonna happen with PTI Chairman after this EID?
Night Edition 11-Jun-23
Night Edition
This budget wll become the first trouble for the new government after the election.
Capital Talk 8-Jun-23
Capital Talk
What would be the political impact of Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party?
Nadeem Malik Live 8-Jun-23
Nadeem Malik Live
Jehangir Tareen announced a new political party, Budget 2023-24
On The Front 5-Jun-23
On The Front
Bushra Bibi was the final authority in PTI. She was real Murshid of Imran Khan
Power Politics 30-May-23
Power Politics
Could PTI be declared a banned outfit? Stunning revelations of Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan
Mere Sawal 27-May-23
Mere Sawal
Who are PTI leaders ready to become witness of Imran Khan crime
Naya Pakistan 6-Aug-21
Naya Pakistan
The Tareen group vs the PTI government
11th Hour 4-Aug-21
11th Hour
Software of Nazeer Chohan updated after spending few days in the jail.
On The Front 4-Aug-21
On The Front
Is the UK government going to cancel visa of Nawaz Sharif?
Aitraaz Hai 23-Jul-21
Aitraaz Hai
Discussion on the Azad Kashmir election
Awaz 21-Jun-21
Has PTI really overcome the poverty in the country?
Firdous Video Statement After Fight 10-Jun-21
Firdous Video Statement After Fight
Video statement of Firdous Ashiq Awan after fight
Kal Tak 9-Jun-21
Kal Tak
What are the reasons behind the recent energy crises?
11th Hour 2-Jun-21
11th Hour
War narratives in PMLN, Maulana is trying to keep PDM intact.
On The Front 20-May-21
On The Front
What possible action PTI government could take against the Tareen group?
Hamare Mehman 9-May-21
Hamare Mehman
Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan is an exclusive guest
Firdous Ashiq Funny Comments 8-May-21
Firdous Ashiq Funny Comments
Firdous Ashiq Awan funny comments about EID celebration.
Aitraaz Hai 7-May-21
Aitraaz Hai
The opposition is in no mood to sit together with the government for electoral reforms.
On The Front 27-Apr-21
On The Front
Has PM Khan decided to compromise on the issue of Tareen?
Aitraaz Hai 23-Apr-21
Aitraaz Hai
Shahbaz Sharif released, What will be the narrative of PMLN now?
Sawal 16-Apr-21
Replacing of the Fawad Chaudhry in the information ministry


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