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Cross Talk

Cross Talk

Anchor: Asad Ullah Khan
Channel: 92 News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates
Analyst: Irshad Arif

Cross Talk Talk Show Program - All episodes
Cross Talk Sunday
Cross Talk
Will MQM join cabinet again, Sharif family recreation in London
Cross Talk Saturday
Cross Talk
Jehangir Tareen once again on mission to rescue PTI government
Cross Talk Friday
Cross Talk
What are the real objectives behind allies sudden distrust on PTI government
Cross Talk 12-Jan
Cross Talk
Discussion on economic challenges ahead of PTI government
Cross Talk 11-Jan
Cross Talk
Differences in Govt Economic Team, Iran new strategies
Cross Talk 10-Jan
Cross Talk
No one in the national assembly differentiated with Rana Sanaullah stance
Cross Talk 5-Jan
Cross Talk
Hareem Shah turned into big headache for PTI ministers
Cross Talk 4-Jan
Cross Talk
What America wants to Pakistan and drone strike on Iranian military commander
Cross Talk 3-Jan
Cross Talk
What should be Pakistan policy on current tension between Iran & US
Cross Talk 29-Dec-19
Cross Talk
PM adviser on NAB indicating amendment in the laws of FIA
Cross Talk 28-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on NAB ordinance issued by PTI government
Cross Talk 27-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Has PTI government surrendered before bureaucracy?
Cross Talk 22-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Nawaz Sharif bail period is going to end soon
Cross Talk 21-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Sheikh Rashid enjoying liberty of speaking freely
Cross Talk 20-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Exclusive discussion with Orya Maqbool Jan
Cross Talk 15-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Lawyers vs doctors, who is more responsible for violence?
Cross Talk 14-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Who will stop lawyers from doing unjustified?
Cross Talk 13-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Cross Talk 7-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Big huddle of PMLN in London to discuss future strategy
Cross Talk 6-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Should the Students Union restore or not?
Cross Talk 1-Dec-19
Cross Talk
Why PM Khan so impressed from CM Punjab Usman Buzdar?
Cross Talk 30-Nov-19
Cross Talk
CM Punjab performance and Punjab bureaucracy
Cross Talk 29-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Can consensus be created between opposition & government to appoint new Chairman ECP
Cross Talk 24-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Will Bilawal Bhutto participate in all parties conference of Maulana
Cross Talk 23-Nov-19
Cross Talk
America openly questioning CPEC now, What should Pakistan do?
Cross Talk 22-Nov-19
Cross Talk
PM Khan stunning speech against opposition
Cross Talk 17-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Will Asif Ali Zardari also be given a relief like Nawaz Sharif
Cross Talk 16-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on Lahore high court verdict for Nawaz removal from ECL
Cross Talk 15-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Nawaz Sharif appeal for removal from ECL declared hear-able by Lahore High Court
Cross Talk 10-Nov-19
Cross Talk
What will be Maulana Fazal next plan?
Cross Talk 9-Nov-19
Cross Talk
What is state of Medina? Ishq-e-Rasool PBUH & Allama Mohammad Iqbal
Cross Talk 8-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Cross Talk 3-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on Maulana Azadi March in Islamabad
Cross Talk 2-Nov-19
Cross Talk
PPP & PMLN divided on Azadi March next action plan
Cross Talk 1-Nov-19
Cross Talk
Unconstitutional demand of PM resignation by pressurizing him through mass power
Cross Talk 27-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Cross Talk 26-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Big test of government after Islamabad high court approved Nawaz Sharif interim bail.
Cross Talk 25-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on Nawaz Sharif health issues and LHC today verdict.
Cross Talk 20-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan.
Cross Talk 19-Oct-19
Cross Talk
How will PTI government deal with Maulana Azadi March?
Cross Talk 18-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Current political scenario of Pakistan
Cross Talk 13-Oct-19
Cross Talk
What will be happened when if Maulana Fazal-Rehman was arrested!
Cross Talk 12-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Maulana Azadi March in the eyes of analysts
Cross Talk 11-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Maulana Azadi March & sit-in in Islamabad
Cross Talk 6-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Chairman NAB announces the withdrawal of all tax references.
Cross Talk 5-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Maulana announced whole plan of his Azadi March
Cross Talk 4-Oct-19
Cross Talk
Why PPP & PMLN not openly going with JUI Azadi March
Cross Talk 29-Sep-19
Cross Talk
Pakistan mission very perfectly answer to India in UN


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