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Cross Talk

Cross Talk

Anchor: Asad Ullah Khan
Channel: 92 News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates
Analyst: Irshad Arif

Cross Talk Talk Show Program - All episodes
Cross Talk Friday
Cross Talk
A special program from the cattle market
Cross Talk 26-Jul
Cross Talk
An impact of COVID19 is going down in Pakistan
Cross Talk 25-Jul
Cross Talk
China replaced India in Chabahar project
Cross Talk 24-Jul
Cross Talk
CM Punjab Usman Buzdar met PM Khan thrice in a week
Cross Talk 19-Jul
Cross Talk
Fake Doctors are how many dangers, when will be action against him?
Cross Talk 18-Jul
Cross Talk
PMLN announces to launch Punjab Bachao Tehreek
Cross Talk 17-Jul
Cross Talk
Battle of Power in Karachi, Has the PTI lost its popularity in Karachi?
Cross Talk 12-Jul
Cross Talk
There were secret contacts established between PTI & Uzair Baloch group
Cross Talk 11-Jul
Cross Talk
Why Info Minister KPK dismissed by PM Khan? Habib Jan big revelations
Cross Talk 10-Jul
Cross Talk
Maulana Fazal secret meeting with Zardari and JIT issue
Cross Talk 5-Jul
Cross Talk
Echoes of minus one in politics
Cross Talk 3-Jul
Cross Talk
Should a Hindu Temple be constructed in the capital city of Pakistan?
Cross Talk 28-Jun
Cross Talk
Bilawal Bhutto and the PMLN once again active against the government
Cross Talk 27-Jun
Cross Talk
Should action be taken against Ashraf Jalai over blasphemous remarks?
Cross Talk 26-Jun
Cross Talk
The government badly stuck in the crises of economy, locusts and corona
Cross Talk 21-Jun
Cross Talk
Political manipulation on its best in Pakistan
Cross Talk 20-Jun
Cross Talk
Future of CPEC under China & India tension
Cross Talk 19-Jun
Cross Talk
Supreme Court invalidates president reference against Qazi Faez Isa
Cross Talk 14-Jun
Cross Talk
Is there really a no need of getting panic against corona?
Cross Talk 13-Jun
Cross Talk
The government is playing with the life of the people by not imposing the lockdown
Cross Talk 7-Jun
Cross Talk
The government still confused on the issue of Corona
Cross Talk 6-Jun
Cross Talk
Total number of Corona cases in Pakistan has crossed China
Cross Talk 5-Jun
Cross Talk
PM assigned jobs to Corona Tiger Force, how much effective corona tiger force will be?
Cross Talk 31-May
Cross Talk
Is it going to be locked down again?
Cross Talk 30-May
Cross Talk
is Pakistan have any treatment of Locust?
Cross Talk 29-May
Cross Talk
What is reason behind India, China tension in Ladakh?
Cross Talk 24-May
Cross Talk
Eid special with famous columnists/analysts
Cross Talk 23-May
Cross Talk
How to sight Eid moon? What is an Islamic method of sighting Eid mood?
Cross Talk 22-May
Cross Talk
Both engine of the plane caught by fire before crash
Cross Talk 17-May
Cross Talk
Is NAB going to take decisive action against Sharif family?
Cross Talk 16-May
Cross Talk
Bad time of Shahbaz Sharif is going to start soon as NAB preparing new reference against him.
Cross Talk 15-May
Cross Talk
Accountability is the name of addressing press conferences in PTI government
Cross Talk 10-May
Cross Talk
A record number of corona cases are being reported in Pakistan
Cross Talk 9-May
Cross Talk
The government cancelled all examination, how was the experiment of online learning?
Cross Talk 8-May
Cross Talk
Government going to open markets, businesses from tomorrow
Cross Talk 3-May
Cross Talk
Why Shahbaz Sharif is not cooperating with NAB, 18th amendment
Cross Talk 2-May
Cross Talk
What is the hurdle in the way of national consensus? Firdous Ashiq to defend herself on media.
Cross Talk 1-May
Cross Talk
PTI government signalling for reviewing 18th amendment
Cross Talk 26-Apr-20
Cross Talk
Are doctors intentionally making people afraid of corona?
Cross Talk 25-Apr-20
Cross Talk
How our immunity system reacts during fasting?
Cross Talk 24-Apr-20
Cross Talk
How much petrol prices will be decreased in Pakistan?
Cross Talk 19-Apr-20
Cross Talk
The world could not understand the pain of Kashmiris despite worldwide lockdown.
Cross Talk 18-Apr-20
Cross Talk
The danger of more corona exposure due to relief in the lockdown
Cross Talk 17-Apr-20
Cross Talk
The impact of the COVID19 will remain till the end of this year.
Cross Talk 12-Apr-20
Cross Talk
COVID19 turned out to be a worst-ever challenge for the world.
Cross Talk 11-Apr-20
Cross Talk
How to enforce effective lockdown? What should be the national strategy?
Cross Talk 5-Apr-20
Cross Talk
Pandemic COVID19 & lockdown creating multiple psychological problems among people.
Cross Talk 4-Apr-20
Cross Talk
What gonna happen after 14 days lockdown in Pakistan?


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