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Cross Talk

Cross Talk

Anchor: Asad Ullah Khan
Channel: 92 News
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates
Analyst: Irshad Arif

Cross Talk Talk Show Program - All episodes
Cross Talk 20-Nov-23
Cross Talk
There is a message for Pakistan in the defeat of India in the ICC World Cup.
Cross Talk 21-Nov-22
Cross Talk
Is there any deadlock in the appointment of a new army chief?
Cross Talk 31-Oct-22
Cross Talk
Exclusive discussion with husband of late journalist Sadaf Naeem.
Cross Talk 24-Oct-22
Cross Talk
Early election is not possible now, Murder of Arshad Sharif
Cross Talk 15-Oct-22
Cross Talk
The US declared Pakistan one of the most dangerous country.
Cross Talk 14-Oct-22
Cross Talk
What will be the scenario after the by-poll results?
Cross Talk 9-Oct-22
Cross Talk
Nawaz Sharif back in the politics, ANP is threatening to quit from the coalition
Cross Talk 8-Oct-22
Cross Talk
The federal government and the Punjab government are challenging each other.
Cross Talk 2-Oct-22
Cross Talk
Farmers protest in Islamabad, What is food security of Pakistan.
Cross Talk 1-Oct-22
Cross Talk
Arrest warrant of Imran Khan, Cipher disappeared from PM House
Cross Talk 25-Sep-22
Cross Talk
Would Ishaq Dar be able to bring the economy on track?
Cross Talk 24-Sep-22
Cross Talk
Ishaq Dar would be a next Finance Minister of Pakistan
Cross Talk 23-Sep-22
Cross Talk
The possible return of Ishaq Dar and future political scenario.
Cross Talk 18-Sep-22
Cross Talk
The unconditional apology of Rana Shamim is a big blow to the PMLN narrative.
Cross Talk 17-Sep-22
Cross Talk
PM Shahbaz Sharif will stay in London before attending UNGA session.
Cross Talk 16-Sep-22
Cross Talk
Is Pakistan heading toward more political instability?
Cross Talk 11-Sep-22
Cross Talk
Flour prices touching the sky. so called experienced government failed too.
Cross Talk 10-Sep-22
Cross Talk
What would be the next strategy of Imran Khan?
Cross Talk 4-Sep-22
Cross Talk
Exclusive show from Chaman, Baluchistan
Cross Talk 3-Sep-22
Cross Talk
Exclusive show with flood victims in Baluchistan.
Cross Talk 28-Aug-22
Cross Talk
Destruction of flood everywhere in Pakistan.
Cross Talk 27-Aug-22
Cross Talk
Baluchistan, Sindh, KPK and South Punjab are under water.
Cross Talk 26-Aug-22
Cross Talk
The destructive flood destroyed life across Pakistan.
Cross Talk 21-Aug-22
Cross Talk
Flood destruction in all over Pakistan.
Cross Talk 19-Aug-22
Cross Talk
Troubles of Shahbaz Gill increased, and FIA rejected Imran Khan perspective.
Cross Talk 13-Aug-22
Cross Talk
Police raid at PMLN leaders residence in Punjab
Cross Talk 12-Aug-22
Cross Talk
Good news for Pakistan from IMF, Possible ban on PTI
Cross Talk 7-Aug-22
Cross Talk
Who is running away from a fresh mandate, PMLN or PTI?
Cross Talk 6-Aug-22
Cross Talk
PTI announced power show in Islamabad on August 13
Cross Talk 5-Aug-22
Cross Talk
Could Imran Khan be disqualified after the ECP judgment?
Cross Talk 31-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Flood destruction in Baluchistan.
Cross Talk 30-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Why there is delay in the verdict of PTI foreign funding case?
Cross Talk 29-Jul-22
Cross Talk
The coalition government accepted resignations of 11 PTI MNAs
Cross Talk 24-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Why local body election in Karachi postponed?
Cross Talk 23-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Political issues are again in the court.
Cross Talk 16-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Exclusive show from PP-125, Jhang
Cross Talk 15-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Exclusive show from PP-282 Lahore
Cross Talk 9-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Exclusive show from PP-158, Lahore
Cross Talk 8-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Political activity in PP-167
Cross Talk 3-Jul-22
Cross Talk
Special show from PP-82, Khushab
Cross Talk 2-Jul-22
Cross Talk
By-election in Punjab, PTI power show in Islamabad
Cross Talk 1-Jul-22
Cross Talk
How did Pervez Elahi convince Imran Khan?
Cross Talk 26-Jun-22
Cross Talk
Who will win by-poll in Punjab?
Cross Talk 25-Jun-22
Cross Talk
Discussion on the possible results of by-poll in Punjab.
Cross Talk 24-Jun-22
Cross Talk
Has the government left any option than to take tough decisions?
Cross Talk 19-Jun-22
Cross Talk
Exclusive show with people of Pakistan
Cross Talk 18-Jun-22
Cross Talk
Punjab government follows the decision of Sindh of closing markets at 9PM
Cross Talk 17-Jun-22
Cross Talk
Did this coalition government fail to get control over inflation?


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