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Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain Programs & Videos
Bebaak Yesterday
Why federal cabinet did not approve tax amnesty scheme?
Bebaak 15-Apr
Has PM Khan really decided change in the cabinet?
Bebaak 11-Apr
Why Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman too active these days?
Bebaak 10-Apr
How much dangerous nexus of opposition parties for PTI
Bebaak 9-Apr
When will black money of corrupt politicians be brought back in Pakistan?
Bebaak 8-Apr
Relief for Hamza Shahbaz after two days episode of NAB failed attempt to arrest him.
2 Tok 29-Mar
2 Tok
How much more relief might have given to Nawaz in April
2 Tok 28-Mar
2 Tok
Will Nawaz be given an extension in bail, Who is going to be arrested soon in fake accounts cas..
2 Tok 27-Mar
2 Tok
Islamabad will be last destination of Bilawal train march, Nawaz release result of any deal or ..
2 Tok 26-Mar
2 Tok
Will Doctors come from abroad to treat Nawaz Sharif?
2 Tok 25-Mar
2 Tok
Bilawal train march can turn into sit-in? How much change of Nawaz Bail?
2 Tok 22-Mar
2 Tok
Is PM Khan being blackmailed by bureaucracy?
2 Tok 21-Mar
2 Tok
What surprise Imran Khan going to give in few days time, Moulana Fazal on mission to unite Nawa..
2 Tok 20-Mar
2 Tok
Million march of Zardari & Bilawal and its reality
2 Tok 19-Mar
2 Tok
Facts of Nawaz bail plea, Why Bilawal agreed to appear before NAB
2 Tok 18-Mar
2 Tok
Who is the master mind of 3 times increase in the salaries of members Punjab assembly
2 Tok 15-Mar
2 Tok
Possible arrest of Asif Ali Zardari & CM Sindh and new setup
2 Tok 14-Mar
2 Tok
Who is else being removed from Punjab cabinet including CM itself?
2 Tok 13-Mar
2 Tok
Alliance of PPP & PMLN vs PTI government, will Nawaz be in London in April
2 Tok 12-Mar
2 Tok
More important arrests possible in Sindh, Is there new London plan being prepared
Reality of Nawaz Sharif Illness 12-Mar
Reality of Nawaz Sharif Illness
Senior journalist Chaudhry Ghulam revealed reality of Nawaz Sharif illness.
2 Tok 11-Mar
2 Tok
Nawaz, Bilawal meeting is a success of Moulana Fazal Ur Rehman
2 Tok 8-Mar
2 Tok
Indian judiciary is helpless before extremists Hindu, Fight between Bilawal & PM Khan
2 Tok 7-Mar
2 Tok
Saudi foreign minister in Pakistan, Sheikh Rashid in Iran
2 Tok 6-Mar
2 Tok
Why does not Nawaz have trust on Pakistani doctors?
2 Tok 5-Mar
2 Tok
Who will be next after Faiz Ul Hassan Chohan resignation
2 Tok 4-Mar
2 Tok
Why Indian repeatedly claiming about PAK F16 crash?
2 Tok 28-Feb
2 Tok
Indian media claiming victory on Pakistan decision to send Indian pilot back
2 Tok 27-Feb
2 Tok
Pakistan air force perfect reply to Indian air force
2 Tok 26-Feb
2 Tok
Billions of people will be in danger if full war initiated between India & Pakistan?
2 Tok 25-Feb
2 Tok
Why politicians cannot be treated in the country, Modi facing reaction from own community
Shahid Gives Breaking About AAZ 23-Feb
Shahid Gives Breaking About AAZ
Dr. Shahid Masood gives big breaking news about Asif Ali Zardari
2 Tok 22-Feb
2 Tok
Exclusive discussion with Dr. Shahid Masood on current scenario of Pakistani politics
2 Tok 21-Feb
2 Tok
Why India unhappy on Saudi Arab? NAB actions
2 Tok 20-Feb
2 Tok
Will NAB arrest speaker Punjab Assembly also?
2 Tok 19-Feb
2 Tok
Bilawal & Zardari to address important press conference tomorrow
2 Tok 18-Feb
2 Tok
How laymen will be benefited with Saudi investment?
2 Tok 15-Feb
2 Tok
Modi taking Pulwama attack as an opportunity to win election by spitting venom on Pakistan
2 Tok 14-Feb
2 Tok
any chance of Shahbaz meeting with crown prince, NAB inquiry against Chaudhry brothers
2 Tok 13-Feb
2 Tok
Will Sharif family also meet crown prince? PAC issues and crackdown on social media
2 Tok 12-Feb
2 Tok
Saudi crown prince visit, Nawaz bail plea & PAC issues
2 Tok 11-Feb
2 Tok
What conditions of IMF we accepted, PTI internal differences on Shahbaz removal issue
2 Tok 9-Feb
2 Tok
How will be year 2019 for Pakistan & Pakistani politics
2 Tok 8-Feb
2 Tok
What important change gonna happen in NAB Law?
2 Tok 7-Feb
2 Tok
Has it been decided that Shahbaz will no more be chairman PAC?
2 Tok 6-Feb
2 Tok
Aleem Khan arrest, Turkish president role in Nawaz deal
2 Tok 4-Feb
2 Tok
Increased prices of electricity & gas, Possible deal of Nawaz Sharif
2 Tok 1-Feb
2 Tok
Exclusive discussion with Sheikh Rashid Ahmed
What PMLN Offered to PMLQ? 1-Feb
What PMLN Offered to PMLQ?
Senior journalist Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain revealed an offered sent by PMLN to PMLQ
2 Tok 31-Jan
2 Tok
Rana Sanaullah will replace Khawaja Saad in PAC
Hamza, Moonis Secret Meeting 31-Jan
Hamza, Moonis  Secret Meeting
Hamza Shahbaz & Moonis Elahi secret meeting revealed by Chaudhry Ghulam
2 Tok 30-Jan
2 Tok
PTI government preparing for taking new loans, How people run away despite on ECL?
2 Tok 29-Jan
2 Tok
Zardari hopeful for relief after retirement of Saqib Nisar
2 Tok 28-Jan
2 Tok
Health facilities for Nawaz Sharif, South Punjab province
What Offer Made by Hanif Abbasi? 26-Jan
What Offer Made by Hanif Abbasi?
What offer made by Hanif Abbasi in jail for his release?
2 Tok 25-Jan
2 Tok
Who is the champion of democracy but does not come in the house?
2 Tok 24-Jan
2 Tok
Who is responsible for destruction of Karachi, Nawaz illness
2 Tok 23-Jan
2 Tok
No relief for laymen in mini budget, Sahiwal incident in camera briefing
2 Tok 22-Jan
2 Tok
No difference between old & New Pakistan after Sahiwal incident
2 Tok 21-Jan
2 Tok
Is this new Pakistan promised by Imran Khan before election?
2 Tok 18-Jan
2 Tok
Why politicians running away from military courts
2 Tok 17-Jan
2 Tok
Mian Saqib Nisar left big challenge for Justice Asif Saeed Khosa
What Kashif Suggested PM Imran? 17-Jan
What Kashif Suggested PM Imran?
What Kashif Abbasi suggested to PM Imran Khan in a meeting.
Mubashir Luqman Admiring PTI Govt 17-Jan
Mubashir Luqman Admiring PTI Govt
Mubashir Luqman Admiring PTI Government
2 Tok 16-Jan
2 Tok
Opposition wants to escape from accountability with fresh alliance
End of PPP Government is Nearing 16-Jan
End of PPP Government is Nearing
Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain revealed that PPP government is going to end in Sindh
2 Tok 15-Jan
2 Tok
From which province opposition will start joint campaign? What is Fawad Chaudhry mission in Sin..
2 Tok 14-Jan
2 Tok
Did NAB intentionally made weak references against Nawaz?
Ch Ghulam Breaks Big About COAS 12-Jan
Ch Ghulam Breaks Big About COAS
Chaudhry Ghulam Hussain breaks big news about Chief of Army Staff
2 Tok 11-Jan
2 Tok
Is dragging daughters, sisters in the politics right strategy?
2 Tok 10-Jan
2 Tok
Why Chairman NAB talked about NRO?
2 Tok 9-Jan
2 Tok
Change of PTI destroyed Pakistan economy
2 Tok 8-Jan
2 Tok
Who will be next after Azam Swati disqualification?
2 Tok 7-Jan-19
2 Tok
Punjab leading in incompetency, Is Bilawal being given clean chit?
2 Tok 4-Jan-19
2 Tok
Which female director of NAB involved in blackmailing people?
2 Tok 3-Jan-19
2 Tok
Politics on Mohmand DAM contract, MQM Pakistan under accountability
2 Tok 2-Jan-19
2 Tok
Hash language of Faisal Wada & PTI ambition in Sindh
2 Tok 1-Jan-19
2 Tok
Asghar Khan case, Zardari trust on Murad Ali Shah & Orange line train project
2 Tok 31-Dec-18
2 Tok
Who will be next Chief Minister of Sindh? Zardari imprisonment is on the wall now
2 Tok 28-Dec-18
2 Tok
Sindh government facilitated money laundering. Revealed in JIT
2 Tok 27-Dec-18
2 Tok
Possibilities of Zardari arrest & governor rule in Sindh
2 Tok 26-Dec-18
2 Tok
Is current PTI government losing grip on Karachi?
2 Tok 25-Dec-18
2 Tok
Exclusive discussion with governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar
Amir Breaks Big About Sharifs 25-Dec-18
Amir Breaks Big About Sharifs
Dr. Amir Liaquat breaks big news about Sharif family
How Faryal Made Billions? 25-Dec-18
How Faryal Made Billions?
How Faryal Talpor made billions during Zardari rule?
2 Tok 24-Dec-18
2 Tok
Will Maryam Nawaz run campaign for release of his father
2 Tok 21-Dec-18
2 Tok
Opposition & Government are on one page to change laws
2 Tok 20-Dec-18
2 Tok
Joint challenge of PPP & PMLN for PTI, South Punjab province
2 Tok 19-Dec-18
2 Tok
Who else will be in jail before new year?
2 Tok 18-Dec-18
2 Tok
Are Nawaz & Zardari going to launch campaign against PTI government?
2 Tok 14-Dec-18
2 Tok
Can opposition & government change NAB laws?
2 Tok 13-Dec-18
2 Tok
Saad Rafique in Jail, Fake degree of DG NAB Lahore.
2 Tok 12-Dec-18
2 Tok
Why PTI not taking names of those asking for NRO?
2 Tok 11-Dec-18
2 Tok
Was Hamza Shahbaz escaping? Amendment in NAB laws
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim 11-Dec-18
Tajzia With Sami Ibrahim
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
NS Seeking Help From Arab Country 11-Dec-18
NS Seeking Help From Arab Country
Nawaz Sharif seeking help from one of brotherly Arab country for NRO
2 Tok 10-Dec-18
2 Tok
Why both opposition & government are unhappy over NAB performance?
2 Tok 7-Dec-18
2 Tok
NAB Court to announced verdict of Sharif references on December 24
2 Tok 6-Dec-18
2 Tok
Who will resign after Azam Swati resignation?


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