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News Plus 13-Aug
News Plus
EID Special show with special guests
Capital Live 13-Aug
Capital Live
EID 2nd day special show
Awaam 11-Aug
Live show from animals market
Awaam 9-Aug
Will opposition still cooperate with government on Kashmir issue despite arrests
News Plus 8-Aug
News Plus
Almost whole leadership of PMLN are behind the bars now
Capital Live 8-Aug
Capital Live
From 3 days whole valley of occupied Kashmir is cut off from rest of the world
News Plus 7-Aug
News Plus
Political differences and issues of national interest
Capital Live 7-Aug
Capital Live
Indian act increased tension between Pakistan & India
News Plus 6-Aug
News Plus
Will Pakistan only take diplomatic steps to put pressure on India
Capital Live 6-Aug
Capital Live
India taking our efforts for peace as our weakness
News Plus 5-Aug
News Plus
What is an article 370 & 35A? Watch what actually happened in IOK
Capital Live 5-Aug
Capital Live
Indian dirty face exposed before whole world
Awaam 3-Aug
Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir
Awaam 2-Aug
Mir Hasir Bizenjo baseless allegation on ISI Chief
News Plus 1-Aug
News Plus
Motions against chairman, deputy chairman senate rejected
Capital Live 1-Aug
Capital Live
Exclusive discussion with PSP Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal
News Plus 31-Jul
News Plus
No confidence move against chairman senate, what will happen tomorrow?
Capital Live 31-Jul
Capital Live
What opposition wants removal of current chairman senate?
Awaam 28-Jul
Attack on Pakistan Army from across the border is an attempt to sabotage Afghan peace process
Awaam 27-Jul
What will be scenario after removal of Senate chairman?
Awaam 26-Jul
Big rallies from opposition after completion of one year to PTI government
News Plus 25-Jul
News Plus
Why opposition observing black day & government celebrating thanking day?
Capital Live 25-Jul
Capital Live
Exclusive discussion with Mushahid Ullah Khan
News Plus 24-Jul
News Plus
What is counter strategy of Pakistan against strong Indian lobby in US
Capital Live 24-Jul
Capital Live
Trump statement on Kashmir dispute and reaction from India
Capital Live 23-Jul
Capital Live
Discussion on PM Khan engagement with president Trump
News Plus 23-Jul
News Plus
Discussion on PM Khan successful visit of America
News Plus 22-Jul
News Plus
Trump ready to mediate between India & Pakistan
Capital Live 22-Jul
Capital Live
Positive development possible in PM Khan & Trump meeting regarding Afghanistan
Awaam 21-Jul
Economy of Pakistan is being run by IMF
Awaam 20-Jul
INDO-PAK relationship in the eye of US
Awaam 19-Jul
How long PMLN go with politics of resistance?
News Plus 18-Jul
News Plus
Economy of Pakistan is being run on IMF formula
Capital Live 18-Jul
Capital Live
Kulboshan verdict by ICJ & Shahid Khaqan arrest by NAB
News Plus 17-Jul
News Plus
Kulboshan Jadav case verdict by ICJ
Capital Live 17-Jul
Capital Live
War of nerve between opposition & government
News Plus 16-Jul
News Plus
Another day proceeding of national assembly ended without discussing pubic issues
Capital Live 16-Jul
Capital Live
What are the priorities of PTI government?
News Plus 15-Jul
News Plus
Real facts behind Daily Mail story
Capital Live 15-Jul
Capital Live
What direction PMLN politics is heading for?
News Plus 11-Jul
News Plus
ISI & MI clearance suggested on new passport approval
Capital Live 11-Jul
Capital Live
Current economic crises of Pakistan
PM Khan Media Talk in Karachi 10-Jul
PM Khan Media Talk in Karachi
PM Imran Khan Media Talk in Karachi
News Plus 10-Jul
News Plus
Active chief justice of IHC meets Chief Justice of Pakistan
Capital Live 10-Jul
Capital Live
Hamad Azhar first appointed as Federal minister, today he is asked to leave the ministry by PM
News Plus 9-Jul
News Plus
How can chairman senate survive from no confidence move of opposition
Capital Live 9-Jul
Capital Live
NAB Court summoned Maryam Nawaz on fake trust deed
AAZ Predicts Dissolution of IK Govt 9-Jul
AAZ Predicts Dissolution of IK Govt
Asif Ali Zardari predicted that Imran Khan government will be dissolved in few months of time.


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