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Bottom Line

Bottom Line

Anchor: Absar Alam
Channel: AAJ TV
Duration: 35 m
Type: Debates

Bottom Line is a current affairs based talk show which broadcasts on Aaj TV. The show is about to discuss the latest news, day's top story, most hot topic of the day in country politics and various other regional and national issues. Bottom Line is hosted by famous journalist and anchor person Absar Alam who has long association with Aaj News. The show is also known as Bottom Line With Absar Alam. It telecasts from Friday to Sunday at 08:05pm with repeat telecasts on next day at 11:05am. In the show, Absar Alam has invited many political personalities from different to parties to make a thoughtful discussion on latest social or political issue. Aaj News is known for its unbiased and natural reporting and it has also maintained the same standard of reporting and sharing information in its all discussion based talk shows. During conducting the show, Absar Alam had to faced uncomfortable situations several time. One which highlighted on media much then others was the time when PTI young member National Assembly Murad Saeed and son of Former Chief Justice of Pakistan Arsalaan  Iftikhar shouted each other in his show which was on aired live. In the show, Absar Alam has exposed many faces who were working against Pak Sar Zameen.

Aaj tv exclusively broadcasts Bottom Line With Absar Alam in its prime time transmission from Friday to Sunday. Aaj news is a 24 hour Urdu news channel from Pakistan.  It was launched on March 23, 2005 by Business Recorder Group which is most prominent media conglomerates in Pakistan. The channel is known for its news bulletin, talk shows, morning shows and other infotainment based programs. AaJ News also presents various others talk shows in its prime time transmission including AaJ Rana Mubashir Ke Sath, Spot Light, Aaj With Saadia Afzaal, Pakistan At 7, Sawal Hai Pakistan Ka, Islamabad Tonight and 4 in Focus in its 24 hour a day broadcasting. Bottom Line has competition with Naya Pakistan, Ikhtilafi Note, Sawal Yeh Hai, G For Ghareeda and Khabar Se Khabar from other Live TV chaanels. Geo News, ARY News, Express News, Samaa News, Dunya News and Dawn News are the other news channel with same genres to Aaj TV.

Bottom Line Talk Show Program - All episodes
Bottom Line 16-Oct-15
Bottom Line
Thoughtful discussion on Pakistan India relationship.
Bottom Line 15-Oct-15
Bottom Line
NA-122 by election and sounds of rigging from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf
Bottom Line 8-Oct-15
Bottom Line
How to overcome terrorism completely from Pakistan.
Bottom Line 2-Oct-15
Bottom Line
How can Govt. control over Human trafficking? Which effective measures should be made to stop t..
Bottom Line 1-Oct-15
Bottom Line
Everyone accountable then why only politicians suffering with it.
Bottom Line 24-Sep-15
Bottom Line
Is Imran Khan going to be a part of another conspiracy against government?
Bottom Line 18-Sep-15
Bottom Line
Our morale is high even after brutal attempt from coward terrorists.
Bottom Line 17-Sep-15
Bottom Line
What is going to be happened in Pakistan?
Bottom Line 11-Sep-15
Bottom Line
Rangers explained MQM is propagandizing on the killing of 4 target killers.
Bottom Line 10-Sep-15
Bottom Line
Another important meeting in Islamabad on implementation of National Action Plan.
Bottom Line 4-Sep-15
Bottom Line
Imran Khan visit to Karachi, Upcoming local government election in Sindh and Karachi Operation.
Bottom Line 3-Sep-15
Bottom Line
When will politicians from Pakistan better their performances?
Bottom Line 28-Aug-15
Bottom Line
When ever Pakistan feel its internal security getting better Indian start violating on Border t..
Bottom Line 27-Aug-15
Bottom Line
If anyone looks towards Asif Ali Zardari we will take it as a war against PPP. Khursheed Shah
Bottom Line 21-Aug-15
Bottom Line
Rumors coming from India that it cancelled dialogue with Pakistan.
Bottom Line 20-Aug-15
Bottom Line
Karachi situation has impact in all over country. PM visit to Karachi and its impact.
Bottom Line 14-Aug-15
Bottom Line
special program on independence day and discussion with panel on historical prospectus
Bottom Line 13-Aug-15
Bottom Line
On what price MQM will come back in Parliament? Negotiation started with Federal Government.
Bottom Line 7-Aug-15
Bottom Line
Good news start coming from Baluchistan. Lot of development announced in last visit of PM.
Bottom Line 6-Aug-15
Bottom Line
Laymen problems is not getting attention from media and officials.
Bottom Line 31-Jul-15
Bottom Line
MQM and JUI after PTI but PMLN favoring PTI.
Bottom Line 30-Jul-15
Bottom Line
Political crises ahead after JC report.
Bottom Line 24-Jul-15
Bottom Line
Question mark on two former ISI chiefs after JC report.
Bottom Line 23-Jul-15
Bottom Line
Flood situation and Judicial Commission report.
Bottom Line 10-Jul-15
Bottom Line
Nawaz Modi meeting is good for the region.
Bottom Line 9-Jul-15
Bottom Line
Rangers appointment in Sindh and Karachi.
Bottom Line 2-Jul-15
Bottom Line
Statement of 35 punctures was mere political statement. Imran Khan
Bottom Line 26-Jun-15
Bottom Line
Will MQM go to Court against BBC?
Bottom Line 25-Jun-15
Bottom Line
Is BBC report another drama against MQM or some thing very serious to take immediate action.
Bottom Line 19-Jun-15
Bottom Line
Lot of arrests in Sindh. Is this proceeding of National Action Plan?
Bottom Line 18-Jun-15
Bottom Line
When Army is involved in too many operation to restore peace in Pakistan then harsh statement o..
Bottom Line 5-Jun-15
Bottom Line
Government promised unrealistically in budget 2015.
Bottom Line 4-Jun-15
Bottom Line
If Nawaz Shaif can be forced to resignation if rigging proved then why not KPK Chief Minister a..
Bottom Line 29-May-15
Bottom Line
Women are once again disallowed for using their right of vote in KPK before local government el..
Bottom Line 28-May-15
Bottom Line
There is complete consensus between civil and military leadership on all issue.
Bottom Line 21-May-15
Bottom Line
Karachi is crying for drinking water. What Sindh government is doing?
Bottom Line 15-May-15
Bottom Line
This is time to get united and support our brave military for Karachi operation.
Bottom Line 14-May-15
Bottom Line
Karachi incident demands bigger and reality based steps taken in no time.
Bottom Line 8-May-15
Bottom Line
Khawaja Muhammad Asif Exclusive Talk on Niltar Accident, Dharna Call by CM KPK
Bottom Line 7-May-15
Bottom Line
Women were not allowed to Vote in PK-95 KPK; Should Election be Null & Wide?
Bottom Line 1-May-15
Bottom Line
Who planned rigging to get results in their favor.
Bottom Line 30-Apr-15
Bottom Line
Relationship with China: What Pakistan Can Get? Exclusive Talk with Ahsan Iqbal
Bottom Line 24-Apr-15
Bottom Line
Who will constitute Code of Conduct for Media?
Bottom Line 16-Apr-15
Bottom Line
Proceedings of Judicial Commission started; Where are the evidences?
Bottom Line 10-Apr-15
Bottom Line
Pakistani foreign office itself creating confusion over Yemen Crises.
Bottom Line 9-Apr-15
Bottom Line
NA-246 is most important Or just drama?
Bottom Line 4-Apr-15
Bottom Line
Conspiracies between PTI, MQM and PMLN.
Bottom Line 3-Apr-15
Bottom Line
Regarding Yemen, there will be no One-man show in decision making; Khawaja Asif


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