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Ayaz Amir

Ayaz Amir

Address: Chakwal, Punjab
Profession: Columnist
Affiliation: Jang Group
Twitter: @ayazamir

Ayaz Amir's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
Corona exposure could not be controlled in Pakistan
Think Tank Saturday
Think Tank
We cannot afford to take COVID19 lightly. It could hurt us beyond our expectation
Think Tank Friday
Think Tank
Who worlds in the fight against COVID19, When will corona danger be averted from the world?
Think Tank 29-Mar
Think Tank
Fight against corona, PM Khan government made another big decision.
Think Tank 28-Mar
Think Tank
Staying at home & social distancing are the only way of protection from COVID19
Think Tank 27-Mar
Think Tank
Federal and provincial governments are doing their best against corona
Think Tank 22-Mar
Think Tank
Coronavirus is out of control in Pakistan, fear everywhere
Think Tank 21-Mar
Think Tank
Steps have taken by the government enough to deal corona challenge?
Think Tank 20-Mar
Think Tank
Federal government fully in action against corona
Think Tank 15-Mar
Think Tank
The economy of Pakistan on the verge of destruction due to corona issue
Think Tank 14-Mar
Think Tank
Whatever steps taken by the PTI government regarding corona issue are enough or not?
Think Tank 13-Mar
Think Tank
PTI government has taken big steps after important hurdle on corona issue.
Think Tank 8-Mar
Think Tank
Pakistan Peoples Party trying again to strengthen its footsteps in Punjab.
Think Tank 7-Mar
Think Tank
PM Khan once again makes big announcement regarding action against mafias
Think Tank 6-Mar
Think Tank
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan.
Think Tank 1-Mar
Think Tank
No real relief for people of Pakistan, Sharif family will be brought back
Think Tank 29-Feb
Think Tank
A peace agreement between the US & Afghan Taliban is a great success of Pakistan.
Think Tank 28-Feb
Think Tank
Nawaz Sharif will have to come back from London.
Think Tank 23-Feb
Think Tank
Bilawal Bhutto statement about Nawaz Sharif put PPP & PMLN face to face.
Think Tank 22-Feb
Think Tank
Parliament is not playing its part to provide relief to people of Pakistan
Think Tank 21-Feb
Think Tank
Attorney General resignation, high inflation rate
Think Tank 16-Feb
Think Tank
Why PM Khan too annoyed on national and social media?
Think Tank 15-Feb
Think Tank
Sugar & flour crises created due to our incompetence. PM Khan
Think Tank 14-Feb
Think Tank
Why PM Khan helpless before mafias he talks about a lot?
Think Tank 9-Feb
Think Tank
PM abbounced rapid action to give Public big relief
Think Tank 8-Feb
Think Tank
An element within PTI & its allies also want inhouse change
Think Tank 7-Feb
Think Tank
Maryam Nawaz departure to London and reaction from PTI government
Think Tank 2-Feb
Think Tank
Multiple challenges for PM Imran Khan and mafias within PTI
Think Tank 1-Feb
Think Tank
PM headed an emergency meeting of committees formed to talk with allies.
Think Tank 31-Jan
Think Tank
Why PM Khan unable to satisfy his allies? Coronavirus in China
Think Tank 26-Jan
Think Tank
CM Buzdar will not be removed. PM Khan cleared again
Think Tank 25-Jan
Think Tank
PM Khan is coming Lahore tomorrow. Is there a possibility of change in Punjab?
Think Tank 24-Jan
Think Tank
Big change possible in Punjab after rift within PTI government.
Think Tank 19-Jan
Think Tank
l Internarift in PMLN and future of Sharif family in the politics of Pakistan
Think Tank 18-Jan
Think Tank
How many time PTI government left to perform in the center & Punjab?
Think Tank 17-Jan
Think Tank
Strong conspiracy is being developed against PM Khan
Think Tank 12-Jan
Think Tank
PTI governmentin deep trouble as MQM decided to leave cabinet
Think Tank 11-Jan
Think Tank
PMLN, PPP Lost Credibility? after support to new army act
Think Tank 10-Jan
Think Tank
PM Khan defeated opposition on all political ends
Think Tank 5-Jan
Think Tank
Army act bill and opposition position, Iran & America tension
Think Tank 4-Jan
Think Tank
Big turn around in the narrative of PMLN
Think Tank 3-Jan
Think Tank
Tension between America & Iran, An amendment in the army act.
Think Tank 29-Dec-19
Think Tank
NAB laws amendment ordinance and its political impact
Think Tank 28-Dec-19
Think Tank
Good news for bureaucrats & business community
Think Tank 27-Dec-19
Think Tank
PPP big show in Rawalpindi on 12th death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto
Think Tank 22-Dec-19
Think Tank
Modi preparing for limited war on LOC, Pakistan also ready to give mouth breaking response
Think Tank 21-Dec-19
Think Tank
What Pakistan achieved by not participating in Malaysian summit
Think Tank 20-Dec-19
Think Tank
Rift between institutions after special court verdict against Musharraf


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