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Ayaz Amir

Ayaz Amir

Address: Chakwal, Punjab
Profession: Columnist
Affiliation: Jang Group
Twitter: @ayazamir

Ayaz Amir's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Think Tank Sunday
Think Tank
Why there is a difference of approach between the federal govt & the Sindh Govt.
Think Tank Saturday
Think Tank
Is PMLN losing popularity in Punjab?
Think Tank 30-Jul
Think Tank
Did Shahbaz Sharif resign from the designation of party president?
Think Tank 25-Jul
Think Tank
Why did the AJK people prefer PTI on the other parties?
Think Tank 24-Jul
Think Tank
Why did Nawaz Sharif meet with the Afghan national security advisor?
Think Tank 23-Jul
Think Tank
Future of PAK-China relation and regional security.
Think Tank 18-Jul
Think Tank
Why did India worry over Afghan Taliban success?
Think Tank 16-Jul
Think Tank
Confrontation in Azad Jammu & Kashmir
Think Tank 16-Jul
Think Tank
This government has no feel of the poor.
Think Tank 11-Jul
Think Tank
Which are the elements destabilizing politics in Pakistan.
Think Tank 10-Jul
Think Tank
After NAB now FIA has become new trouble for Shahbaz Sharif.
Think Tank 9-Jul
Think Tank
Bilawal Bhutto equally targeting PMLN & PTI in Kashmir
Think Tank 4-Jul
Think Tank
Is the world community in a position to take action against India?
Think Tank 3-Jul
Think Tank
Why is the US in hurry to leave Afghanistan?
Think Tank 2-Jul
Think Tank
Can a unity be created between the political parties on the issue of national security?
Think Tank 27-Jun
Think Tank
Is the economy of Pakistan really progressing?
Think Tank 26-Jun
Think Tank
Discussion on the situation in Afghanistan.
Think Tank 25-Jun
Think Tank
IHC dismissed Nawaz appeals, FATF keeps Pakistan in the Greylist.
Think Tank 20-Jun
Think Tank
Why do not the Govt & the opposition sit together to make new laws?
Think Tank 19-Jun
Think Tank
A possible outcome of refusing the US, Proceeding in the national assembly.
Think Tank 18-Jun
Think Tank
ceasefire in the national assembly after few days violence
Think Tank 13-Jun
Think Tank
What is the real reason for a deadlock between the Govt & the opposition?
Think Tank 12-Jun
Think Tank
How justified the opposition criticism on the budget is?
Think Tank 11-Jun
Think Tank
Discussion on the budget 2021-22
Think Tank 6-Jun
Think Tank
Discussion on the current economic scenario of Pakistan.
Think Tank 5-Jun
Think Tank
Did the Government surrender before PMLN?
Think Tank 4-Jun
Think Tank
Is Bilawal Bhutto ready to shake hands with Shahbaz Sharif?
Think Tank 30-May
Think Tank
Maryam Nawaz & Nawaz Sharif destroyed their own politics
Think Tank 29-May
Think Tank
Shahbaz Sharif has changed the politics of Pakistan.
Think Tank 28-May
Think Tank
Shahbaz & Maryam speaking against each other
Think Tank 23-May
Think Tank
On whose instruction Shahbaz Sharif is uniting the PDM again?
Think Tank 22-May
Think Tank
Ring Road scandal stuck in the throat of PM Khan.
Think Tank 21-May
Think Tank
Chaudhry Nisar has changed the scenario of the current politics
Think Tank 21-May
Think Tank
Chaudhry Nisar has changed the scenario of the current politics
Think Tank 16-May
Think Tank
Could Shahbaz Sharif become a game-changer for the PDM?
Think Tank 15-May
Think Tank
A criminal silence from the world on Palestine issue.
Think Tank 9-May
Think Tank
Will the PDM get unite again after Shahbaz Sharif bail?
Think Tank 8-May
Think Tank
Did the government commit contempt of court by stopping Shahbaz Sharif?
Think Tank 7-May
Think Tank
New Finance Minister criticizing own government.
Think Tank 2-May
Think Tank
What impact the European resolution will put on Pakistan?
Think Tank 1-May
Think Tank
The Election Commission of Pakistan holds notification of PPP win in NA-249 on PMLN appeal.
Think Tank 30-Apr
Think Tank
Banned TLP got more votes than the PTI in NA-249
Think Tank 25-Apr-21
Think Tank
Ice has melted between India & Pakistan.
Think Tank 24-Apr-21
Think Tank
The third wave of the Corona is out of control in India & Pakistan.
Think Tank 23-Apr-21
Think Tank
Has any contact established between Shahbaz & Tareen?
Think Tank 18-Apr-21
Think Tank
The PTI government could not understand the economy of Pakistan in 2 & a half years.
Think Tank 17-Apr-21
Think Tank
Jehangir Khan Tareen is turning out to be a big threat to the PTI government.
Think Tank 16-Apr-21
Think Tank
The helplessness of the government exposed during TLP protest?


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