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Amir Mateen

Address: Lahore, Punjab
Profession: Analyst
Affiliation: 92 News
Twitter: @AmirMateen2

Amir Mateen's Talk Shows, Programs and Videos
Muqabil Tuesday
Suo moto of Supreme Court, The dissolution of the Punjab assembly.
Muqabil Monday
Will Chaudhry Pervez Elahi dissolve Punjab assembly whenever Imran Khan will ask him?
Muqabil 1-Dec
What was decided in the meeting between Imran Khan and Chaudhry Pervez Elahi?
Muqabil 30-Nov
Political temperature is high in Punjab, all eyes are on Imran Khan
Muqabil 29-Nov
The future of Punjab assembly and a new trouble of PMLN
Mad e Muqabil 28-Nov
Mad e Muqabil
Getting out of the all assemblies is not that easy as Imran Khan is taking it
Muqabil 24-Nov
President Alvi consulted Imran Khan before signing a summary
Muqabil 23-Nov
Discussion on the last speech of army chief
Muqabil 22-Nov
Where has the issue of a new army chief stuck?
Muqabil 21-Nov
Is the Shahbaz government under pressue on the issue of a new army chief appointment?
Muqabil 17-Nov
Which ruler sold how many gifts from Toshakhana?
Muqabil 16-Nov
PTI long march and Toshakhana case
Muqabil 15-Nov
Have the government and GHQ agreed on the issue of a new army chief?
Muqabil 14-Nov
Discussion on the issues of Arshad Sharif case and PTI long march
Muqabil 10-Nov
Arshad Sharif was badly tortured before assassination, PTI long march
Muqabil 9-Nov
What Shahbaz Sharif is doing in London? PTI long march will be restored from tomorrow
Muqabil 8-Nov
Imran Khan meets senior journalists today, PTI protest across Pakistan
Muqabil 7-Nov
Country-wide protest after an attack on Imran Khan.
Muqabil 3-Nov
An attack on Imran Khan and follow-up investigation
Muqabil 2-Nov
Supreme Court asked Imran Khan to submit clarification on May 25th violence with his own signat..
Muqabil 1-Nov
Discussion on the Maryam Nawaz press conference and PTI long march
Muqabil 31-Oct
Discussion on the Imran Khan narrative against the establishment.
Muqabil 26-Oct
Discussion on the press conference of Faisal Wavda
Muqabil 25-Oct
Discussion on the PTI long march toward Islamabad
Breaking Point with Malick 24-Oct
Breaking Point with Malick
The assassination of Arshad Sharif in Nairobi, Kenya
Off The Record 24-Oct
Off The Record
Senior anchor Arshad Sharif is no more among us.
Muqabil 20-Oct
Who are the candidates for PCB chairman? Toshakhana verdict
Muqabil 19-Oct
Discussion on the commercial projects of the Shahbaz government.
Muqabil 18-Oct
Acquittal of Shah Rukh Jatoi and PTI long march
Muqabil 17-Oct
Landslide victory of Imran Khan in the by-polls
Muqabil 13-Oct
Electricity and gas crisis in Pakistan, by-election on October 16
Muqabil 12-Oct
Discussion on the scquittal of PM Shahbaz & Hamza Shahbaz
Muqabil 11-Oct
By-election in 9 constituencies of the national assembly
Muqabil 10-Oct
Exclusive discussion with federal interior minister Rana Sanaullah
Muqabil 6-Oct
Discussion on Faisal Wavda case and PTI long march
Muqabil 4-Oct
Important remarks by CJP in Faisal Wavda case.
Muqabil 3-Oct
Discussion on the current political scenario of Pakistan.
Mad e Muqabil 28-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
What is going to come next?
Mad e Muqabil 27-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Who did make a recording of PM House?
Mad e Muqabil 26-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Ishaq Dar in & Miftah Ismail out, Leaked audio of PM House
Mad e Muqabil 22-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Interior minister Rana Sanaullah says the government is fully ready to deal with a long march
Mad e Muqabil 21-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Banks taking additional charges for opening LC
Mad e Muqabil 20-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Take the name of Mr X & Mr Y if you are dare enough. Maryam Nawaz challenged Khan
Mad e Muqabil 19-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Imran Khan new threat to the establishment
Mad e Muqabil 15-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Exclusive talk with PMLN leader Mohammad Zubair
Mad e Muqabil 14-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Another threat from Imran Khan, Possible return of Nawaz Sharif.
Mad e Muqabil 13-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
Cracks in PTI are obvious now. Imran Khan clarification
Mad e Muqabil 12-Sep
Mad e Muqabil
New political strategy of Imran Khan and its possible outcome.


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