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Amir Mateen Programs & Videos
Having FC IK Need on Other Enemy 19-Jun
Having FC IK Need on Other Enemy
Having Fawad Chaudhry PM Khan need no other enemy. Rauf Klasra
Aap Kay Muqabil 18-Jun
Aap Kay Muqabil
Controversy after Pakistan loss against India in a world cup match
Aap Kay Muqabil 17-Jun
Aap Kay Muqabil
Discussion on current political scenario of Pakistan
Aap Kay Muqabil 12-Jun
Aap Kay Muqabil
Did budget 2019-20 fulfilled expectation of people of Pakistan
Aap Kay Muqabil 11-Jun
Aap Kay Muqabil
Hamza, Altaf Hussain arrest, budget 2019-20
AAZ Will Be Severe Sick Soon 11-Jun
AAZ Will Be Severe Sick Soon
Asif Ali Zardari will be severe sick in few days. Amir Mateen
Aap Kay Muqabil 10-Jun
Aap Kay Muqabil
Zardari arrest followed by protest in national assembly by PPP
Muqabil 25-Apr
Immoral statements are must part of our political system
RK Analyses on AU Speech in NA 25-Apr
RK Analyses on AU Speech in NA
Rauf Klasra analyzed Asad Umar speech in national assembly
Muqabil 24-Apr
Faiz Chohan might be given new ministry, PPP vs PTI in national assembly
Muqabil 23-Apr
Controversy after PM Khan statement regarding terrorists using Pakistani soil against Iran.
Muqabil 22-Apr
Today proceeding of national assembly and PM visit of Iran.
Real Story of Asad Umar Removal 19-Apr
Real Story of Asad Umar Removal
Rauf Klasra unfolds real story of Asad Umar removal and induction of Abdul Hafeez Sheikh as new..
Muqabil 18-Apr
What actually happened with Asad Umar? Why he was removed?
Muqabil 17-Apr
After Shahbaz Ashiyana Scheme here comes new Pakistan housing scheme
Muqabil 16-Apr
Explanation first from Salman Shahbaz and today from Hamza Shahbaz
Muqabil 15-Apr
From Sahiwal incident to Quetta incident PM Khan did not visit victim families
Muqabil 11-Apr
PM Khan always admits mistake which is good sign for him
Muqabil 10-Apr
PM Khan tweet being used against BJP in India
IK Mianwali Constituency in Danger 10-Apr
IK Mianwali Constituency in Danger
PM Khan home constituency in Mianwali is in danger, People are on roads to protest. Rauf Klasra..
Muqabil 9-Apr
Who is responsible for poor quality of education in government schools
Muqabil 9-Apr
Who is responsible for poor quality of education in government schools
Muqabil 8-Apr
Finance Minister Asad Umar alone cannot complete with tough situation of Pakistan economy.
Muqabil 4-Apr
40th death anniversary of Bhutto, Zardari threatened PTI government
PM Wants to Change Ministry of GSK 4-Apr
PM Wants to Change Ministry of GSK
PM sent Tareen to Ghulam Sarwar Khan to ask him to resign from petroleum ministry
Muqabil 3-Apr
Various ministers are fighting on the issue of renewal of Mobile companies license
Which Minister Likely to be Remove 3-Apr
Which Minister Likely to be Remove
Which federal minister likely to be remove soon. Name revealed by Klasra
Muqabil 2-Apr
Jehangir Tareen is looking agricultural affairs these days
Muqabil 1-Apr
PTI government filling vacancies of national institutions with own peoples
Muqabil 28-Mar
State life workers staged sit-in at D-Chowk, Nawaz Sharif in Sharif medical city
Muqabil 27-Mar
PM Khan launched new project to overcome poverty in Pakistan
Muqabil 26-Mar
Supreme Court suspended Nawaz imprisonment for 6 weeks
Muqabil 25-Mar
PM Meeting with senior reporters, Hindu girls issue
Breaking Point with Malick 23-Mar
Breaking Point with Malick
Discussion on current political & regional scenario of Pakistan
Muqabil 21-Mar
Bahria Town case proceeding in supreme court
Muqabil 20-Mar
Corruption scandals of hundreds of billion rupeesin Sindh
Muqabil 19-Mar
Imran Khan asked ministers & bureaucrats to control foreign tours
Muqabil 18-Mar
New Zealand incident shattered whole world
Breaking Views with Malick 17-Mar
Breaking Views with Malick
Pakistan Peoples Party vs Minister for Railway Sheikh Rashid
Muqabil 14-Mar-19
An increase in the salaries of Punjab MPAs is needless. PM Khan
Muqabil 13-Mar-19
Huge increase in the salaries of members Punjab assembly, Bilawal Bhutto press conference
Muqabil 12-Mar-19
Grand Hayat hotel corruption case hearing in Islamabad High Court
Muqabil 11-Mar-19
Nawaz stood on his ideological stance. Bilawal Bhutto
Breaking Views with Malick 10-Mar-19
Breaking Views with Malick
Hamza Shahbaz did not speak about Nawaz health during today address
Muqabil 7-Mar-19
Nawaz Sharif still looking for relief despite poor health condition
Muqabil 6-Mar-19
Tension between India & Pakistan and today proceeding of national assembly
Muqabil 5-Mar-19
From day one Faiz Chohan was giving controversial statements
Muqabil 4-Mar-19
PM Khan interaction with journalists on current tension between Pakistan & India
Breaking Views with Malick 3-Mar-19
Breaking Views with Malick
Has threat of war gone or still in the air?
Muqabil 28-Feb-19
Discussion on today joint session of the parliament
Muqabil 27-Feb-19
PM handled situation with great wisdom. Amir Mateen
Muqabil 26-Feb-19
Indian attacked inside Pakistan not in AJ&k
Muqabil 25-Feb-19
Dispute between Fawad Ch & Naeem Ul Haq, IHC verdict about Nawaz bail plea
Breaking Views with Malick 24-Feb-19
Breaking Views with Malick
Will Nawaz Sharif reactive in politics again after bail?
What Recovered from Siraj Home 22-Feb-19
What Recovered from Siraj Home
What NAB & Rangers recovered from Agha Siraj Durrani home.
Muqabil 21-Feb-19
Discussion on national security meeting & national assembly today session.
Muqabil 20-Feb-19
Zardari finds democracy in danger every time after any arrest from Sindh
Muqabil 19-Feb-19
Pakistan & Indian are not historically friendly country
Klasra Analyzing Crown Prince Visit 19-Feb-19
Klasra Analyzing Crown Prince Visit
Senior Journalist Rauf Klasra analyzing Crown Prince visit of Pakistan
Muqabil 18-Feb-19
Billions of dollar investment announced by Saudi Arab in Pakistan
Fawad Ch vs PTV Administration 17-Feb-19
Fawad Ch vs PTV Administration
Fawad Chaudhry vs PTV administration, What is going on there
Muqabil 14-Feb-19
Discussion on today political development, Shahbaz Release
What PM IK Decided About Shahbaz 14-Feb-19
What PM IK Decided About Shahbaz
What PM decided about Shahbaz Sharif in cabinet meeting held on Feb 07
Muqabil 13-Feb-19
Why PTI announced crackdown against social media activists
Muqabil 12-Feb-19
Islamabad administration failed to restore capital to its real plan
Muqabil 11-Feb-19
Did PM Imran deal IMF better than financial minister Asad Umar?
Breaking Views with Malick 10-Feb-19
Breaking Views with Malick
Malik Riaz facing 7 years old contempt of court case
Muqabil 7-Feb-19
Story of today meeting of public account committee
Muqabil 6-Feb-19
Chairman NAB delayed issuing of arrest warrant of Aleem Khan
Muqabil 5-Feb-19
Unfortunately Kashmir committee is used for political benefits in Pakistan
Muqabil 4-Feb-19
Is Imran Khan trying overcome differences among his party leaders
Malick Breaking About NAWAZ Deal 4-Feb-19
Malick Breaking About NAWAZ Deal
Mohammad Malick breaks big about possible Nawaz Sharif deal
Breaking Views with Malick 3-Feb-19
Breaking Views with Malick
CM Usman Buzdar performance, Deal or relief for Sharif family?
Muqabil 31-Jan-19
Federal cabinet meeting finished subsidy in government Hajj
What PAK Army Decided to Do? 31-Jan-19
What PAK Army Decided to Do?
What Pakistan Army decided to do? revealed by Rauf Klasra
Muqabil 30-Jan-19
Relaxing visa conditions is good step of PTI government
Muqabil 29-Jan-19
Royal protocol of CM Punjab Buzdar, New reform committee for Police
Rauf Klasra Praising PM Khan 29-Jan-19
Rauf Klasra Praising PM Khan
Rauf Klasra praising Imran Khan political struggle
Muqabil 28-Jan-19
PTI to dissolve regulatory authority of print media.
Breaking Views with Malick 27-Jan-19
Breaking Views with Malick
CM Punjab Usman Buzdar could not impress people of Punjab
What Bgd (r) EJaz Told to PM IK 25-Jan-19
What Bgd (r) EJaz Told to PM IK
What Bgd (R) Ijaz Shah told to PM Imran Khan about Saniha Sahiwal.
Muqabil 24-Jan-19
PMLN & PTI coming closer, Post budget press conference of Finance Minister.
IK Gonna Fulfill Another Promise 24-Jan-19
IK Gonna Fulfill Another Promise
What promise PM Imran Khan gonna fulfill soon. Klasra told
Muqabil 23-Jan-19
Handling of PTI government in many issues exposed them badly.
Rauf Praisng Man Who Made Video 23-Jan-19
Rauf Praisng Man Who Made Video
Rauf Klasra praising man who made video of Sahiwal incident , also showing concern about his se..
Muqabil 22-Jan-19
Punjab government decided to register case under terrorism charges against CTD men.
Muqabil 21-Jan-19
Shahbaz tried to put all responsibility of Sahiwal incident on PM Imran
Breaking Views with Malick 20-Jan-19
Breaking Views with Malick
Sahiwal brutal incident and Police reforms
Muqabil 17-Jan-19
Next Chief Justice talked about military courts while addressing full court reference
Muqabil 16-Jan-19
Supreme Court harsh remarks about Islamabad high court judgement for Nawaz bail.
Possible Arrest of Malik Riaz Son 16-Jan-19
Possible Arrest of Malik Riaz Son
Malik Riaz son might be arrested in murder case.
Muqabil 15-Jan-19
Couple of government allies also participated in opposition meeting
Muqabil 14-Jan-19
Shahbaz Sharif lectured on transparency in today session of national assembly
Breaking Views with Malick 13-Jan-19
Breaking Views with Malick
Supreme Court bench to hear NAB appeal against NAWAZ bail
Breaking Views with Malick 12-Jan-19
Breaking Views with Malick
Razzaq Dawood issue still there and now Arif Naqvi inducted in the government
What Happened in Asad Presser 11-Jan-19
What Happened in Asad Presser
What journalists did in Asad Umar press conference that made Rauf Klasra angry
Muqabil 10-Jan-19
Finance Minister talk to senior anchors & journalists
Who is Annoyed to Dr. Shahid? 10-Jan-19
Who is Annoyed to Dr. Shahid?
Whose to Dr. Shahid Masood made angry? Rauf Klasra revealed
Muqabil 9-Jan-19
PPP, PMLN & now PTI leaders threatening NAB


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